Why do I have toasty USB sticks?

Why do I have toasty USB sticks?

I happened to remove my two 32 GB USB sticks from the middle console to add more songs and they were almost too hot to touch. This *after* the car had been sitting for a couple hours. The 12v supply metal was cool to the touch however.

Does anybody know if this is a safety issue? I've never pulled out a USB stick from a port and found they were almost too hot to handle!

jonesxander | 28 juni 2013

Hm. This could be a bad thing, if nothing else it could fry your data/music/usb stick, etc. Then again, maybe you got cheap USB sticks?

Even in my ICE I freak out at leaving my USB sticks in or my phone's cig lighter charger plugged in overnight because they both have these little blue lights that are always on. Sometimes I think man I hope these aren't draining my battery, or worse. But they are never hot.

In conclusion, you should probably have it looked it at and report back here soldier!

TFMethane | 28 juni 2013

It sounds like it is the chip itself that is heating up, and not transmitted heat from the car-side of the USB connection... if it were coming from the car, you would expect the metal connector of the USB stick to be hot.

I wonder if anyone has tried using a USB stick with an LED that flashes when the file system is being accessed. There could be a glitch in Tesla software that continuously accesses the file system, even when not in use (being played).

With an 85kWh battery, you wouldn't notice any battery drain from this. The only way I could think to figure it out is using an LED-equipped USB stick, as I mentioned.

BTW, I think USB is only 5.5V, 550mA max or something like that... not 12V.

dkuzman9 | 28 juni 2013

USB port is not working for 5 months. Any fix yet.

jdonovan | 28 juni 2013

OK, never mind.

The USB chips (HP 32GB and no LED lights by the way), heat up similarly in my desktop computer!

I would have thought HP brand wouldn't be so inefficient!

J.T. | 28 juni 2013

Original poster can delete the thread. Good idea for this one.

jonesxander | 28 juni 2013

Yep. You got the cheapest brand name 32gb stick you could find huh?

It's ok, we've all done it.

jonesxander | 28 juni 2013

Edit: Or worse you paid way too much cause it said HP on it lol.

jdonovan | 28 juni 2013

Yeah- I try to buy "American" and this is what I get.

How do I delete the original post? I only see "flag as inappropriate".

Brian H | 28 juni 2013

Select "None Selected" for the forum. Gone to nowhereland.