Your energy efficiency versus your neighbors... (annoying letters)

Your energy efficiency versus your neighbors... (annoying letters)

I just got a letter from my utility company telling me what a horrible person I am.

I ranted #95 out of 100 neighbors.
#1 was the most efficient.

And they are saying that was an improvement. In October it looks like I was #98 out of 100.

I am aiming for the #100 spot (worst in the neighborhood) when I add the Model X to my garage also.

kostarae | 2 januari 2015

If you are #98 BEFORE adding an electric vehicle, you are pretty lousy at efficiency. Maybe it's time you change out those incandescent bulbs to LED, turn lights off when you aren't using them, use only light that is necessary, and adjust your heating/cooling habits.

Why would you look at being the worst as some type of achievement? It's like those rednecks who think it's cool to "roll coal". You think its cool to waste energy.

stevej119 | 2 januari 2015

@kostarae I think you're missing the sarcasm. The way I read PapaSmurf's post is that his electric bill is high because he already has one Tesla in the garage and a second Tesla will take him to #100. Not a bad thing if you have the highest electric bill if it's offsetting a much higher monthly gasoline bill.

tes-s | 3 januari 2015

Mine shows me in relation to my neighbors as well, but does not rank.

It shows my usage, average usage of the 20% most efficient in the group, and the overall average.

I am below the average of the 20% most efficient.

AmpedUP | 3 januari 2015

#100 is operating a grow house and will be visited by a SWAT team soon. You're next.

Chunky Jr. | 3 januari 2015

I'm below average in everything (according to my wife and kids).

jjs | 3 januari 2015

All homes in Lake Wobegon are above average in their electrical usage.

AmpedRealtor | 3 januari 2015

Shame on you! lol

eye.surgeon | 4 januari 2015

These comparisons are ridiculous. They make no account for how many people are living in the home. So they are comparing grandma living alone with her neighbor who has 5 kids. Give me a break.

Rolling Stone | 4 januari 2015

My vote is on the grow house concept. That is why they monitor you and compare you to your neighbors. Outliers are the ones the NARCS focus on. I guess we Teslarites fall into the same category.

skymaster | 4 januari 2015

I get the same letters and laugh. We have a Model S and a Volt in our garage.

We should have installed solar two years ago!

Panoz | 4 januari 2015

Welcome to the Energy Police

trixiew | 4 januari 2015

Hahaha. I thought it was just me. We live in a vacation rental area and are surrounded by rentals that pretty much are only occupied about 12 days out of a month (weekends). The graph is absurd but yet still makes me feel like a turd.

rodhoffman | 4 januari 2015

I have 100% solar PV and expanded a year after I bought my S85. Now we are running the meter backwards and they pay me 7 cents a kWh just to produce it. Solar in Colorado is the best - 30% federal tax rebate and sun 330 days a year in Evergreen. This is a no brainer that pays 7% to 14% return with zero risk. Where can you get a better ROI?

Rod in Evergreen, CO

bonaire | 4 januari 2015

Businesses are in the market to sell product. Electric companies trying to shame people into using less seems weird. I know a guy on HR at my local Power Co. He says electric companies like to sell power and don't mind if you buy more but have to be agnostic. They want to ward against grid overload on those few summer afternoons of excess demand.

Captain_Zap | 4 januari 2015

They probably think you have a grow-op. If those cars with dark windows start parking out front, you'll know why.

Brian H | 4 januari 2015

Next, install a big exhaust fan in the roof and buy a pit bull! Later, you can sue for false arrest.

diegoPasadena | 4 januari 2015

Hi PapaSmurf. Big Brother here. Could you please post more concisely? Your neighbors would have used Newspeak and would have said it in fewer words which would have allowed them to turn the telescreen off sooner, thus saving more energy. Or better yet: I encourage you to use Goodthink and not post at all. This will make it a 100% saving experience and save the Ministry Of Truth much work.

(For those missing the reference: Read George Orwell's 1984. He was a true visionary.)

And, PapaSmurf: More power to you - literally! Go for #100!

KL | 4 januari 2015

In California, we have decoupled utilities--meaning, the profit of a utility company is decoupled from how much electricity it sells. Utilities don't earn more money the more power they sell actually. They are incentivized to operate efficiently and earn an authorized return on assets invested. This has resulted in a flat per-capita use of electricity in CA over the past couple decades compared to the rest of the U.S.

That's why efficiency compared to neighbors is even a thing ... CA utility companies want their own customers to use less because it's more profitable. Counterintuitive right?

Of course, in the age of BEVs, it seems those calculators need to be tweaked. Perhaps you need a gold star (or a green star!) on the ranking for having a Tesla.

- K

jjs | 4 januari 2015

@KL Ya know we were all having a lot of fun here until you threw in logic and sanity. I'll bet you don't get invited to many parties! ;)

TwoBit | 4 januari 2015

@KL is there somewhere I could read more about California utility providers?

Brian H | 5 januari 2015

AKA rationed supply, steady per capita profit. Such a deal!

Google "rent seekers".

hsadler | 5 januari 2015

Not sure a certificate of 'shame' so much as a trophy!

C'mon - bring on the batteries for storage. Go from 100% to 0 in 3.2 seconds.