Your questions answered by a needlessly defensive anus

Your questions answered by a needlessly defensive anus

Does this remind you of anyone?

Dear A Total Prick From A Tesla Forum,
My Model X is one year old and I’ve noticed several stone chips on the front clip which have actually taken off a lot of paint and to be honest my car looks kind of bad up close. I’ve contacted Tesla and they say this is natural wear and tear but my previous car, a BMW, did not suffer this issue even after five years. Should I keep complaining?
Gary, NY

A Total Prick From A Tesla Forum replies…
Hi Gary. Welcome to the forum. Let me ask you once thing; do you even understand what a Tesla is? It’s clear to me you have no idea how to use this vehicle and these claimed “stone chips” are as a result of your failure to appreciate the sophistication and intelligence of Tesla engineering. Have you considered that you may be more suited to BMW ownership. You seem like that kind of guy and your failure to comprehend the unique nature of your Tesla is highly indicative of that. Peace out!

Dear A Total Prick From A Tesla Forum,
I’ve had my Model S for four months now and I have a few issues. The A/C has never worked right and won’t blow cold even on the lowest setting, one of the rear doors won’t open from the outside, and the Autopilot sometimes doesn’t engage unless I stop and do a reset. Are these common problems?
Anna, NJ

A Total Prick From A Tesla Forum replies…
Hey Anna. So I’ve read your list of complaints and I can tell you with absolute certainty that the thing that is not working properly is your brain. Do you even understand how a Tesla functions? These are design features and you should spend more time being thankful that you have them and less time creating negativity about the Tesla experience. In honesty, we do not want people like you causing trouble in the community and I would thank you to keep your appalling, ungrateful attitude to yourself in future. Smooth runnings!

Dear A Total Prick From A Tesla Forum,
Last month I was driving our Model S on Autopilot when the system was briefly confused by bright sunlight, causing me to collide with a semi-truck which then caused another semi to side swipe our vehicle sending it into a ravine and I guess I just can’t believe that this could happen to me and my family. We’re all still in shock that will take a long time to get over and I don’t think we will ever be the same again.
Jacob, CA

A Total Prick From A Tesla Forum replies…
This is a TYPICAL problem caused by people who do not understand how to use Autopilot correctly and fail to comprehend the full potential of a completely autonomous driving system which, it has always been made TOTALLY clear, is not completely autonomous. I recently completed a 500 mile journey on Autopilot without ONCE touching the controls apart from the normal corrections, interventions and resets, and this is the experience Tesla meant for us but which clearly is not good enough for YOU. Instead we have to put up with knuckleheads like you and your “family” coming here with your negativity and blame and in future it would behove you to cease with the PETTY complaints that poison our righteous community. The system is GOOD. There is NO PROBLEM with the system. Do NOT question the system. Elon’s LOVE is pure. Message ends.

Mathew98 | 8 mei 2018

How come 2 of 3 pricks are from NY/NJ area? One would expect at least half the pricks coming from CA to correlate to the percentage of ownership from the United States of California...


SamO | 8 mei 2018

lol. At least 90% of the pricks are from California. the NYC owners are too busy walkin' here. we're walkin' here.

redacted | 8 mei 2018

it doesn't remind me of anyone except maybe one of those obnoxious comedians who aren't actually funny.

TranzNDance | 8 mei 2018

The locations were for the asker, not the responding prick.

Mathew98 | 8 mei 2018


Of course the responding prick is from NY. Don't you recognize the writing style???

revrev4ruach | 8 mei 2018

Of course the responding prick is from NY. It's clear.

mcIary | 8 mei 2018


Darthamerica | 8 mei 2018

Forum thought police trolls are the worse!

Madatgascar | 9 mei 2018

These are made up posts and responses, obvious from the consistent and over the top writing style. The sad thing is they do sound like some of the stuff I have seen in this forum. But it’s the Internet, what do we expect?

akikiki | 9 mei 2018

mclary, we have missed you. Welcome back.

SamO | 9 mei 2018

fake mclary

Mathew98 | 9 mei 2018

He would have started and ended with "You're a forking idiot!" | 9 mei 2018

Is it prickly to be a Tesla apologist no matter what? Or just sickly?

SamO | 10 mei 2018

It's good to fight for Tesla and their goals. It's bad to attack owners who need help with their cars.