Solar roof

Solar roof

Can anyone give me any difinative information on the status of the tesla solar roof program. I live in Washington and have put down $1000 but get the response we do not know when we will be in Washington. I’m kind of between a rock and hard place as the federal tax credit as well as Washington state incentive are set to expire in 2021. In addition my current roof needs to be replaced in2-3 years. I’m looking for any information

Lorenzryanc | 11 mei 2018

/bump and I'm wondering the same thing, as well as more info regarding the roof vs. replacing my roof and adding plain solar. I'm in DE about to buy a new (used) home whose roof is at the end of its life. The forums aren't making me feel good about the roof though, lots of negativity about powerwall/app. Anyone have positive stories and/or timeline before I too add my $1000 deposit and hop in line? | 11 mei 2018

@Lorenzryanc - the Tesla roof and the Tesla Powerwall2 are two different products. They should not be lumped together when discussing qualification or operation. They can be installed independently of each other.

When I put down my deposit for a Tesla roof and two Powerwalls in August 2017 I was told that the roof would not be available in Virginia until 2019. This coming August, I will contact the Tyson Corner, VA Tesla office and obtain an update. I will post what I learn.

Contact your closest Tesla store and talk to the "energy" person. I am sure you will be given a rough estimate of probable roof delivery. Good luck.

Tesla-David | 11 mei 2018

I can't comment on the Tesla tile solar roof, but can comment on the Powerwall-2, as someone who has been trying to get two PW2's installed for almost 3 years now in Edmonds, WA, as I already have a 13.2 kWh solar system installed in 2012. Tesla-Energy is now only starting to get things going in Washington State, and I just signed the contract for my PW2 installation last week, and hope to get the installation in early June. My recommendation to you is to call Tesla Energy (650-681-5100, Option 2) and talk to someone about your situation and request a manager call you back. I have been raising hell for more than a year now to get some attention, and nothing happened until I demanded a response from management. There is a lot of demand for these products, and it is unfortunately taking them some time to get organized in many states such as Washington State, where Solar City has never had a presence.

EinSV | 13 mei 2018

Tesla has started installing Solar Roofs but the numbers still seem to be very small. There is a good article on one of the first installs to someone who is not a Tesla employee here:

I have a friend who has been given an estimate of late fall for an install in Northern California. IIRC he waited a few days after the Solar Roof reveal before reserving so he is not at the front of the line for what that’s worth.

jgcarmona96 | 17 mei 2018

I found some pretty good answers to some of the questions i had.

louisk | 18 mei 2018

I got email today that Tesla/Solar City is now serving WA State... I have an actual contract moving forward now, they are sending out an engineer for an on site walkthrough first week of June.

clarkmic | 19 mei 2018

I put down a deposit for a solar roof in south Florida in November and was told then to expect a install second quarter of this year. Lately I heard fourth quarter this year or beginning of next year. I just went to the Tesla store here in Boca Raton because I signed up online for their open house this weekend and never received a call to set up a test drive. The guy at the store told me that they called everyone who signed up, I told him I never got a call, and he said that’s too bad. I asked him about the roof and he said they are installing them in Orlando now. I told him they actually just started in California, but are not installing in Florida yet. I don’t think he thought I knew what I was talking about or believed me. It’s unfortunate Tesla has such poor communication with their employees and customers.

sonnyh85 | 21 mei 2018

Just FYI, one reason I see for the delay is finding and training qualified persons to install all this new technology. Just my opinion from speaking to my installers.