Clock on the Display

Clock on the Display

Having driven a Model 3 now for about a month, I'd like to suggest that the time which is currently displayed on the upper right corner could either be replicated and displayed in the upper left corner or be moved to this location.

It is very difficult to see the time when it overlays the map and requires a bit too much focus off the road and on the screen to quickly see if I'm running late.

A little bit larger font might be helpful as well.

silverslim1 | 14 juli 2018

@CST That makes sense.

Atoms | 14 juli 2018

The clock is too small and hard to read. Agreed. We need the ability to increase all logo sizes and all text sizes. Just too small. This includes manuals, should be able to increase the font size by a point or two.

The glove compartment needs to be an icon on the bottom right, not buried in a menu. The volume control needs to be changed to a larger slider.

dalesmith1962 | 14 juli 2018

@czamara “I find a lot of displays and buttons on the screen to be far too small, which is odd considering how much screen real estate there is to work with. It’s very hard to hit some of those tiny button areas while driving, like the temperature up/down arrows”
Try putting your fingers on the edge of the display to stabilize your hand. Then use your thumb to press the button. It’s much easier that way.

czamara | 15 juli 2018

Yes I have to use the hang on the edge of the screen trick to be able to press some of those buttons. But it would be better if they were designed properly in the first place so it could be used like a normal touch screen.

Magic 8 Ball | 15 juli 2018

A lot of good suggestions here. I don't think TESLA mines this forum for any improvement requests so if you want them maybe feedback to TESLA directly.

jbe47 | 30 juli 2018

We agree the clock and the temperature are hard to see/read. Maybe if they just switched the coloring to white and put the numbers in a black outline the contrast would make the two easier to read

Atoms | 30 juli 2018

What? There is a clock? Let me pull out my microscope..... yes indeed there is a clock! I was wondering why there was no clock on this car.
Agree it should be at least 2X taller.
I think someone with eagle vision designed this UI.

brilind | 30 juli 2018

It would be great if the voice recognition had more commands... What time is it would certainly be convenient.

PaceyWhitter | 30 juli 2018

I think we’re all in agreement. The screen should be 90% clock. What other information is important?

avanti5010 | 30 juli 2018

What is Tesla waiting fort? It should be an easy fix. Even simple computers allow their owners to customize their screens. Is this too difficult for Tesla?

czamara | 30 juli 2018

No, not 90% clock, just readable information. Everything on the top row could be twice as high and have a solid background (not overlaid on the map graphics) and there would still be plenty of room for everything and it would all be readable and tappable.

Just today I was trying to see the driver profile button and there was something on the map that completely camouflaged it. That was a bad design decision, period. But so easy to fix!

avanti5010 | 31 juli 2018


ƑuriousƑalcon | 31 juli 2018

There are four metrics, in my opinion, that should be visible 100% of the time: speed, fuel, time, temp.

And I don't mean "within one or two taps..." or "if you scan across the screen to find...". What I mean is, from a normal forward facing view of the road ahead, I should be able to glance, without moving my head, to a well known location to get one of those readings.

i didn't realize how much I missed both time and temp on a single display until I bought my last car (MINI Cooper).

francishu25 | 13 augustus 2018

I have owned the car for 3 days and super happy with the car. My feedback is larger fonts on the top row information, have a solid color background so it does not blend into the map. Tesla, please make this change soon! Also have an older engineer (50+) to look at it to give you feedback. Older eyes don't see things as well.

donnafr | 22 augustus 2018

Let me jump on the bandwagon for 1)customization of the font sizes OR larger fonts on time and other critical info; and I would love to see some ability to customize the display. I would move the rectangular box with the trip info to the lefthand side. It's useless where it is. Can see the ETA info. I assume it's there but not sure cause I can't read it.

4barkie | 23 augustus 2018

A different color would work for me. There is not enough contrast to be able to see it. Same goes for the turn by turn on the right side. It's somewhat better at night because of the contrast.

007bond | 24 augustus 2018

Agreed I vote for adjustable font size even it its just 2 setting standard and bigger. The current font size is like trying to see your standard computer monitor from at least 1.5 X the normal distance.

jefjes | 24 augustus 2018

I wouldn't mind all the suggested changes, especially the ability to customize the screen with maybe a drag and drop ability along with individual layering sizes similar to having multiple windows open on a computer screen that you can just resize and drag around where you prefer at that moment.

Having said that, my 64 yo eyes can see everything on the screen just fine the way it is and if redesigning it will take away time spent on moving forward on FSD etc. then just leave it as is. I have been wearing trifocals for about 20+ years and they work wonders for seeing at various distances. Maybe it's time for some owners to consider better vision options rather than complain about what's working for people with decent vision. It will improve your life in other areas outside the car also.

SalisburySam | 26 augustus 2018

I completely agree with enlarging/moving/coloring/whatever the displayed time...hope it comes OTA soon.

Workaround: “Hey Siri, what time is it?” Works every time, no eyes off the road.

msgunk | 30 augustus 2018

Placement of temperature and clock would be okay in upper right hand side of screen if the text font was larger. Workers at Tesla have youthful eyes. We Tesla owners are fortunate, because we know the company really cares about their customers, and listens to our minor gripes.

billlake2000 | 30 augustus 2018

Workaround: “Hey Siri, what time is it?”

I would prefer "Hey Elon, what time is it?"

arashbabaki | 2 september 2018

+1 I agree its difficult t find the time on the display.

bbjj33 | 2 september 2018

+1 Should be in V9. Hope they put it on the very top left of the screen or make the time bigger.

billlake2000 | 2 september 2018

Does anybody really know what time it is?

Rutrow 3 | 2 september 2018

Does anybody really care?

About time.

billlake2000 | 2 september 2018

Rutrow, audiophile, thanks for playing :)

jhuang | 24 oktober 2018

100% agree. Moving the clock and temperature to left-hand corner are minor adjustments but can save the driver a lot of strain and distraction when driving. Time and temperature are things most people look at many times while driving. These are simple fixes. Please Tesla and Elon, make this happen. :)

jhn | 24 oktober 2018

It has been moved to the left on v9.

Now all those right-side drive deliveries in Europe will complain to move it to the right. :-p

avanti5010 | 24 oktober 2018


avanti5010 | 24 oktober 2018


cwr | 8 december 2018

Yes, bigger font please.
I don't care about the placement.

AnnieT3 | 13 maart 2019

Agreed with:
"jhuang | October 24, 2018
100% agree. Moving the clock and temperature to left-hand corner are minor adjustments but can save the driver a lot of strain and distraction when driving. Time and temperature are things most people look at many times while driving. These are simple fixes. Please Tesla and Elon, make this happen. :)"

Magic 8 Ball | 13 maart 2019

^ Warm up for 4/1 ?

john | 10 oktober 2019

Don't care where the clock is, but it needs to be a LOT easier to read at a glance. No map background, and a larger font.

randallc | 10 oktober 2019

The real issue is that this forum needs a + 1 voting system so these ideas can rise to the top if lots of people require/want this functionality. I use the word require as I personally dont need glasses to drive but I do to read small font like the warning notifications. Having a notification on the middle of a 15" screen in 10 pt font taking up 1% of the available screen space is not good user design.

wshryer | 11 oktober 2019

I have just said the same as the micro font is just that! | 11 oktober 2019

@randallc - Already done: Start here: You can add, vote and comment on desired features. I have over 600 desired features now, with over 100 implemented by Tesla. Not all ideas are winners, but it does work a lot better than a forum where ideas are hard to manage or find.

bipin10_2000 | 12 oktober 2019

YES, I agree, CLOCK and BATTERY % (MILES remained) fonts should have larger and bolder or should have option to increase fonts size. Older people or people with prescription glasses have real handicap read at these smaller fonts on CLOCK and BATTERY miles while driving.

Atoms | 12 oktober 2019

Agreed. Clock is still too small. Clock and battery font should be larger. Warning font should be larger. Operating Manual font should be optionally larger. There are other places where 8pt font is used and should be larger on the control panel pages.

mem10123 | 12 oktober 2019

They should make the background on that top status row white, instead of overlaying directly on the map. Would solve a lot of view ability issues.