TuneIn app needs some serious work

TuneIn app needs some serious work

The podcast app on our X is called TuneIn (I'm guessing its the equivalent of Slacker?).
It's a complete PoS and needs some serious work.

- Any interruption in network connectivity causes it to go back to the start of a podcast. This happens a lot when you are off the main highway, and even happens in and around big cities.
- There is no indication of which podcasts have been played.
- Timezones are just wrong (meaning it only shows US time when the car is in Oceania)

The first problem is especially annoying as it renders the software totally unusable. Most other media playing apps at least try to buffer plenty of music/podcast in advance.
This app has received no updates in a long time.

Is anyone else frustrated by this PoS?
Tesla - any chance of getting someone to look at it?

lilbean | 18 juni 2018

No complaints here. We don’t pay anything extra for this. I think it’s pretty awesome in that regard.

jerryk | 18 juni 2018

They also need to replace Slacker with Spotify in the US.

paul | 18 juni 2018

@lilbean - I'm all for free software, but its pretty frustrating to use.

Tracked down the company that makes the software and reported it directly to them.
Crossing my fingers.

paul | 19 juni 2018

Got a response from TuneIn. TIL that TuneIn on Tesla was actually built by Tesla! Bug report now filed with Tesla.

Thank you for contacting us regarding this issue. The TuneIn app on Tesla is 100% built and designed by Tesla, we merely open our APIs to them so they can make their own integration for the service in the vehicle. While I will pass this on to their development team for consideration, I also strongly encourage you to bring this up with them as well. I apologize for the inconvenience and we appreciate your support of TuneIn!

TuneIn, Inc.