Send feedback to Tesla

Send feedback to Tesla

For those of you want to write to Tesla with your feedback, you can do so to the email address I hope you will consider writing to Tesla with your experience. I obtained this information by calling Tesla this AM, I am sure it is also available in other places, I wasn't aware of it.


CST | 23 juni 2018

Just sent an e-mail detailing my situation. Hopefully they read this stuff before my loan approval expires.

yaheya | 23 juni 2018

@cst thank you. I think more of us send emails better the chances someone responding. However I am not holding my breath knowing Tesla.

louisk | 23 juni 2018

I sent email to feedback about a month ago, and never got a response back, not sure I expected one either... I think this is more an "opportunity" to let them hear from folks for future operations decisions, rather than trying to remedy something in real time.

ReD eXiLe ms us | 23 juni 2018

Those with concerns may also use the link that appears at the bottom of almost every page here...

daniels.michael | 20 juni 2019

I am shocked by the awful customer service we have received and this nightmare continues, as our lender has yet to be paid back, its been more than 2 month. TOTAL Disaster.

jjgunn | 20 juni 2019

Updating a 1 year old thread?? Now that's shocking.

thekhanfamily2527 | 27 juni 2019

I recently purchased my Tesla from used inventory.
I noticed a tear/cut on the leather on the RHS rear seat and informed Tesla immediately! Tesla is adamant that the tear happened after the delivery even though they don't have any pictures of the pre- delivery inspection and also, there was 4 months period between the inspection and the collection.
I did take Tesla’ss word for it and didn't inspect the vehicle during delivery and never noticed the tear as I never sat on the rear seat, it was only during cleaning I noticed it.

Tesla's used car department Oezkan Elmaskan stated that: They will not amend the defects as he has more important things to do. he also stated that I am ok to put these reviews on the online forums!!

Tesla is willing to put their reputation on the line just because they are stubborn and wont amend the seat tear/cut.

I am flabbergasted!!!
It left me with a lot of bitter feelings about Tesla!!!!

thekhanfamily2527 | 27 juni 2019

I really hope that Tesla will take Immediate action after seeing this post if they want to retain their valuable customer!!!!

Magic 8 Ball | 27 juni 2019


You put yourself and your family's reputation on the line by posting such nonsense. It is up to you to inspect and report issues right away. TESLA is completely off the hook and they encouraged you to publish so everyone can see what an idiot you are.

The entitlement is out of control!

calvin940 | 27 juni 2019

You should use more exclamation marks.

Bighorn | 27 juni 2019

Bitter feelings are cardinal? I did not know that.

Joshan | 27 juni 2019

another necrod thread from a shorter who is worried the stock is rising. Otherwise he would have started a new thread.... Just flag it so it goes away.

Magic 8 Ball | 27 juni 2019

Good thing TESLA only has one valuable customer otherwise they would be in trouble.

howard | 27 juni 2019

Magic 8 Ball

Good thing it is you otherwise they would really be in trouble. Nowhere on earth is there a more staunch defender of all things Tesla.

Magic 8 Ball | 27 juni 2019

@howard We are growing in numbers : ).

TESLA is making a good honest effort at doing something for the greater good. The nitpicky whiners are trying to throw roadblocks into the effort. There are many things that I will not tolerate and I will get loud about those and TESLA is not immune from my wrath.

I have been around too many years to know that no company operates like Borg and that individuals make mistakes and that TESLA does hold people accountable. It is all about incremental improvement and setting reasonable expectations.

If what TESLA is doing is wrong then I don't want to be right.

FISHEV | 27 juni 2019

Tesla has an exclusive owner's forum yet it completely ignores them and provides no online support via the forum. Yet Musk is on Twitter with all kinds of crazy stuff, costing Tesla $40,075,0000 to date. For $1M, Tesla could get software to make the forums a great knowledge base for owners and great place for Tesla to get owner feedback.

So expecting replies from any of the generic Tesla emails is pointless.

Magic 8 Ball | 27 juni 2019

We have had excellent support from TESLA.

I understand why they would blow off nonsense inquiries from idiots like @FISHEV. If fact I am happy to hear they are blowing off folks like FISHEV it gives me confidence they are not afraid to blow off time bandits.

thekhanfamily2527 | 27 juni 2019

@magic 8 Ball, please treat people with respect ! I have all the right to share my recent experience.
What would you have done if it had happened to you? its the last thing you want when you pay thousands of pounds in your Tesla.

Thank you.

casun | 27 juni 2019

thekhanfamily2527, how long was it between you accepting delivery and you reporting the tear?

Joshan | 27 juni 2019

he would have started a new thread and not necrod one a year old./ Because he is allowed to start topics because he actually owns a Tesla.

Magic 8 Ball | 27 juni 2019

Oh, I would have sucked it up and an oversight I made and if it bothered me I would pay to have it repaired.

The entitled blamers will not shut up until they have exhausted all avenues of offloading the blame.

thekhanfamily2527 | 27 juni 2019

@Casun a month or so, no one sat on the rear seats so no one would have noticed it until I cleaned the car first time.


Joshan | 27 juni 2019

you just keep making yourself look stupider by the post.... Wow... just WOW.

Find me any used car dealer ANYWHERE that will fix a tear in a seat 30 days after taking delivery. The short warranty on used cars is only for mechanical issues. Anything cosmetic you need in writing before taking delivery.

thekhanfamily2527 | 27 juni 2019

@magic 8 ball, I would still request you to treat people with respect and have some dignity.
Anyways, it seems that I'm beating around the bush!

thekhanfamily2527 | 27 juni 2019

@Joshan please read the used car warranty policy you idiot!

FISHEV | 27 juni 2019

Well lets give it a try, I sent this email to and I don't expect Tesla to address the mess that are the Tesla owner's forums but who knows...maybe they'll do an OTA on the forums.


Please moderate the forums and stop this kind of behavior.

thekhanfamily2527 | June 27, 2019
@magic 8 Ball, please treat people with respect ! I have all the right to share my recent experience.
What would you have done if it had happened to you? its the last thing you want when you pay thousands of pounds in your Tesla.

Thank you.

Magic 8 Ball | June 27, 2019

With all due respect: YOU ARE AN IDIOT!!!!

Joshan | 27 juni 2019

Dude you need to learn when you are losing and not keep digging. Here is the policy

Warranty Coverage for Used Model 3
Used Model 3 vehicles are covered by the remaining balance of the original New Vehicle Limited Warranty and also the remaining balance of the original Battery and Drive Unit Limited Warranty.

The originial policy DOES NOT cover rips in seats,

thekhanfamily2527 | 27 juni 2019

@Joshan, we have different policy here in EEA unlike America!

thekhanfamily2527 | 27 juni 2019

@ Joshan please shut it, its not model 3 I am talking about anyway..........

Joshan | 27 juni 2019

so post where it says it covers rips seats after taking delivery. Cmon I am waiting.

Lonestar10_1999 | 27 juni 2019

Magic, you took delivery of an M3 with a glass defect that was documented at time of delivery. How would you feel if the defect went undetected until you got home and Tesla insisted it was your problem, not their’s.

Joshan | 27 juni 2019

this is a model 3 forum you IDIOT!!! this just keeps getting better.

Joshan | 27 juni 2019

Kha is the gift that keeps on giving.

Magic 8 Ball | 27 juni 2019


When people come here to cry about how their entitlement is not being catered to and lay blame on others for their own oversights and mistakes they are being disrespectful of everyone. The selfish entitled can only see the world through the eyes of idiocy.

When you come here and post gibberish you are being disrespectful of those that are offended by reading such whiny crap.

What comes around goes around but you will never see your whiny bitchy crying as being disrespectful of others all you can see it someone, other than you, should be held accountable.


thekhanfamily2527 | 27 juni 2019

@Joshan read it your self and interpret....... I have no time to spoon feed you bud!

FISHEV | 27 juni 2019

"Tesla is willing to put their reputation on the line just because they are stubborn and wont amend the seat tear/cut."

Or at least offer to fix it for a price, but here's someone who did the greatest thing one can do for a company, buy their product.

As for the childishly abusive behavior you see, apologies from another Tesla owner, it's embarrassing.

Joshan | 27 juni 2019

@fish I have some good new for you. Khan has surpassed you as having the stupidest thread on the forum page.

Magic 8 Ball | 27 juni 2019

"offer to fix it for a price"

Call service and they will do just that.

Joshan | 27 juni 2019

EXACTLY M8B.... the idiocy of some poeple is astounding.

lilbean | 27 juni 2019

"Anyways, it seems that I'm beating around the bush!"

Do you mean beating a dead horse?

Magic 8 Ball | 27 juni 2019

@Lonestar If I found a damage defect after delivery I would accept that it is their word against mine and suck it up. I took delivery and left town right away and did not get back to the car until a week later. I found the chip and emailed them with my story and to my delight they said they would take care of it. I has been almost a year and I really don't know current status of if they will still take care of me if it cracks.

If it cracks and the crack starts at another location than where the chip is I will suck it up. If a crack starts at the chip location I will inquire but will keep my expectations low.

It is entirely possible that since my car was out front in my driveway unattended for a week that the damage could have happened after delivery.

gballant4570 | 27 juni 2019

"Magic 8 Ball

Good thing it is you otherwise they would really be in trouble. Nowhere on earth is there a more staunch defender of all things Tesla."

I truly feel slighted by this comment. I had thought to this point I was the ultimate fanboy.......

lilbean | 27 juni 2019


thekhanfamily2527 | June 27, 2019
@Joshan please read the used car warranty policy you idiot!

Are you going to report @khanfamily too?

Xerogas | 27 juni 2019

I have a theory about these necro-threads:

You know how new owners can never find a search function, so they post a brand-new thread that's a duplicate? So it seems quite mysterious that people who have never been on these forums before can somehow magically dredge up a four-year-old thread.

Somewhere deep in the bowels of the dark web, where fudsters are paid by the exclamation point, there is a database of anti-Tesla-sentiment thread URLs they are encouraged to use. They have the best search engines money can buy (unlike this forum, sadly), so it's easy for them to find these old threads that match their narrative. This serves two purposes:

1. Keep all the negativity (per subject) in on place, so it's easier to gather as 'evidence'
2. Non-owners can't post new threads, so piggy-back on someone else's thread

Those same paid dark-web sites likely have an algorithm that generates the all-too-familiar +<4 digits> usernames we see here

Magic 8 Ball | 27 juni 2019

I actually take the Khan post as a real post by a real IDIOT.

To lazy to get a verified account and too much of an idiot to not realize the transparency of the idiocy.

FISHEV | 27 juni 2019

"You know how new owners can never find a search function, so they post a brand-new thread that's a duplicate?"

Tesla pays no attention to the forum as far as I can tell. I remember posting when I first put deposit down in 2016 and the same bad actors were driving people away then as now.

A shame as a forum exclusively of owners with good admin and answers for Tesla on common topics with stickies, threaded conversations, SEARCH FUNCTION, enforcement of personal insult and profanity rules.

The forum like AP is of limited utility and not a good reflection on Tesla.

Joshan | 27 juni 2019

funny I use AP literally 90% of the time I am driving without issue and it has even saved me a head on crash.

This forum is great for info except when people show up expecting unrealistic things. I never jump on people for posting real issues, just for things that are patently false or clearly made up.

This post is patently false. There is no used car policy that fixes seats you tear after delivery (unless you purchase a 3rd party rider). When proven false he resorted to insults and gave NO FACTS AT ALL. I gave facts and posted the policy.

But I am the bad guy? ok... I am happy being the bad guy tio people like Fish

gballant4570 | 27 juni 2019

No matter what theory turns out to be accurate, thekhanfamily2527 turns out to be an idiot. While its also possible that there are laws regarding the sale of used cars in the EEA that validate thekhanfamily2527's point, I highly doubt it. That would fall too far away from reasonable for survival.

Far more likely that thekhanfamily2527 simply does not know that much about buying cars, especially used cars, coupled with the entitled attitude that shines through it all. After complaining about treating others with respect, falls straight to name calling. Obviously respect is a one way street for thekhanfamily2527. A blow hard that may not be capable of learning anything.

lilbean | 27 juni 2019

I had to fix my windows. They needed tinting. How do I get Tesla to pay for that?

Jdoubler99 | 22 november 2019

Here's one, Elon Musk should just hit a few car companys with a whammy price drop i.e $25k and watch the shares sky rocket with offering a trade in and take those trades in to a recycle plant to save the planet? That's an Eco Award winning, check mate, even or crush the rich/poor gap and game over for the thoses car companies but gives too to them to collaborate with Tesla. Was it just a dream or Elon is saying tick tock competition....think about it, reskit!