NEMA 14-50 Installation

NEMA 14-50 Installation

I ordered my Tesla Model 3 and have been getting quotes for NEMA 14-50 installation. I want to put the outlet about half way down my driveway, however I am getting quotes between 1.5k - 3k from the tesla recommend electricians for Northern VA . Any know a good electrician or company in Northern VA I can contact for a quote?

Bartman4 | 23 juni 2018

Try for recommendations and don't tell them it's for a Tesla. Tell them it's for a 2002 Winnebago! Also, do you really want to put an outlet and the mobile connector out in the rain? The HPWC is designed to be outside. Outlets aren't really for continual use outside.

dloyer123 | 23 juni 2018

A good part of the cost may be due to the cost of coper. A 50 amp connection needs pretty thick wires. The shorter the run, the lower the cost will be.

Coastal Cruiser. | 23 juni 2018

Hello brandoncwinn. Suggest you ignore Bartman4's input regarding the outlet. If SUN-2-DRIVE, Rocky_H, Johnse, Tesla_Tap, or a few others whose name I can't think of at the moment chime in you can rely on their advice. I suspect that with a proper weatherproof setup the rig you want may work fine.

Also, it is reported the Tesla Certified Electricians are notably more costly. Bartman may well have something with his suggestion to claim it's for an RV. Even standard issue electricians are reported to charge more for anything with the word "Tesla" in it.

To get a good local recommendation, go to a contractors electrical supply house and inquire there. They will know are the local electricians worth a shit. ;>

Teslaguy | 23 juni 2018

Make sure who ever you select is licensed .

roger.klurfeld | 24 juni 2018

I live in Alexandria, VA, and just had installed a 50-amp NEMA 14-50 line. The outlet is on an exterior wall of my house in a waterproof enclosure (required by code). The line from my panel to the outlet was about 50 feet through an unfinished basement. It took the electrician and his helper a little over two hours to complete the task (not including the time for the estimate). I have 200 amp service with plenty of room in the panel. The electrician moved a couple of breakers and installed the 50-amp breaker at the top of the panel. I used Mister Rogers Electric LLC. The cost was $863 including $249 for the permit and inspection. They will file for the permit and I will call the city to arrange for the inspection.

brandoncwinn | 24 juni 2018

Thank you Roger. I will contact them for a quote

hokie_m3 | 24 juni 2018

@brandoncwinn: I installed NEMA 14-50 outlet in my garage and my total installation cost was <$1000. Make sure you have the electrician install the NEMA plug upside down.
My electrician's contact # Oscar: 240-315-2061

johnse | 24 juni 2018

I am not an electrician, but I think for such an installation you will have some significant costs—some of which you may be able to save by doing some labor yourself.

I am pretty certain that the installation you desire will require underground conduit. The physical aspects of digging the trench and installing a post on which to mount the outlet are something you can do. Just ask the electrician how deep the trench needs to be. If you have to go under sidewalks or driveway, you may incur higher costs to either cut through (and later repair), or have a rig brought in to bore a tunnel.

I would consider a permanently installed EVSE for such an installation. Either the Tesla Wall Connector if you only care about charging Tesla’s, or any of a number of outdoor-rated EVSEs from companies like Clipper Creek and Juicebox. The latter will have J1772 connectors, so you will use the adapter that comes with your car. There are also units that can control who uses them made by ChargePoint and Blink for home installation in case you are concerned with others charging on your dime.

RadOne | 24 juni 2018

I used L&S Electric. Estimate was significantly lower than others. Get a few estimates.

ravincent | 24 juni 2018

Was the electrician wearing that sweater and those sneakers?

Tesla2018 | 24 juni 2018

How long is your driveway? The connector is about 20 feet long. My neighbor has 2 Teslas and the charger is installed inside by thr garage door. This way a car in the garage can be charged and if the other car needs to be charged, it can be backed in and the cable will still reach it. No need to constantly move cars to make sure they can reach an outlet.

brandoncwinn | 24 juni 2018

Any have experience using the Duosida Level 2 Electric Vehicle Charger 220-240volt cords? They come in 35ft, 38ft and 50ft lengths.

roger.klurfeld | 24 juni 2018

@ravincent No sweater but in the neighborhood.

DesignArt | 24 juni 2018

@ brandoncwinn I had similar work done before I got my Model 3. It ran me $650 (in Kentucky).

mikesafh | 24 juni 2018

Cost me about $1000. If I wanted to extend it so outside charging would work, another $200 or so. Will depend greatly on your specific circumstances though; my panel was able to handle the extra circuit with only minor adjustments. Used Tesla recommended havePOWER which should be an option for you (I am in MD, Silver Spring). Satisfied customer, although without an invite to configure yet, taking it on faith their passed checks will result in a working charge.

Rocky_H | 25 juni 2018

@Coastal Cruiser, Quote: “Suggest you ignore Bartman4's input regarding the outlet. If SUN-2-DRIVE, Rocky_H, Johnse, Tesla_Tap, or a few others whose name I can't think of at the moment chime in you can rely on their advice. I suspect that with a proper weatherproof setup the rig you want may work fine.”

Heh, good of you to think of me, but I’m going to second @Bartman4’s advice. For an outdoor installation, I would not recommend doing a 14-50 outlet for someone’s regular daily use. Yeah, there are ways you can shelter it some, but over time, it’s probably going to get a bit corroded, and the electronics charging box of the UMC is going to be sitting out on the ground. It’s apparently OK for some of that, but isn’t really rated to be a solid outdoor constantly exposed to the elements kind of device. I would recommend mounting a wall connector on a post.

eeb9 | 25 juni 2018

I can only speak to my own experience. Adding a 50-amp breaker with a NEMA 14-50 outlet cost me $550 through a licensed electrician here in the Atlanta metro

I added a 30’, 50-Amp extension cord for another $100, so I can reach the outlet while parked in the driveway.

Everything is working to spec.

Jsiano | 25 juni 2018

Boston area - I have a quote for $1,350 and one for $450. I went with the $450 and the guy did a great job and was licensed. The outlet and the breaker are less than $50 and the wire is the biggest expense. You need 6 gauge wire (stove wire). It runs about $3 a foot!

Definitely don't tell them its for a Tesla. It's literally the same install as if you were putting a stove or a dryer in the garage!

gmpspark | 20 maart 2019

Jsiano, can you tell me who you used in Boston? My current quote is $685.

gmpspark | 20 maart 2019

Jsiano, can you tell me who you used in Boston? My current quote is $685.

francisco | 24 maart 2019

For the time being, you can also consider a $250 Quick220. It is not as fast as a NEMA 14-50, but gives you 11 miles/hr.

mneath | 25 maart 2019

Wow, I’m envious of these cheap electricians. I paid $1,800 for my install, but I live on an island where all contractor prices are inflated. It took about 3 hours, and the run was from my first floor breaker box to the garage underneath and then about 15 feet to the wall mount.

tanya | 25 maart 2019

@mneath I'm jealous of your price. I was quoted 10-15k.

tess | 25 maart 2019

I did it myself and the total cost was about $60. Most expensive part was 8 feet of 6 gauge cable. Hardest part was bending the cable inside the electrical box. Took me a couple of weeks, goofing around. Fun.

mz76 | 25 maart 2019

It also depends on how far your electric panel is from your garage. My panel is on the complete opposite end of where my garage is, so it takes more work to run the wire. Also, a 50 amp wire is more costly than a 30 amp. I was quoted between $1080 and $1500 in Northern New Jersey. If your panel is in the garage, it's the best situation.

kevin_rf | 25 maart 2019

@tanya At those prices it would be cheaper to install a second meter with it's own breaker/disconnect.