What's the construction and delivery timeline look like?

What's the construction and delivery timeline look like?

Its been a month since I placed my order for a MX 100D. I sill have no idea when construction will start or I can expect delivery. When I ordered I was told construction would begin "in 1-4 weeks", which I thought was pretty vague. It has now been 1-4 weeks

davidahn | 1 juli 2018


Interested to hear how others have made out. I ordered this week (6/26/18), order finalized 6/31/18. When I ordered, I was told August delivery.

jjgunn | 1 juli 2018

I ordered my MX 4/22/18.

Production began on 6/11/18

I took delivery on 6/29/18.

Please be patient. You're buying an MX. I assure you, you have priority.

jlmuinonen | 1 juli 2018

If you go to Tesla Motor Club forms there is a google spreadsheet which people enter their various timing. It will give you a good feel for time between phases. That said I ordered May 15th, confirmed May 18th and went into production on June 26th. We are expecting delivery in mid-July.

Anzir | 1 juli 2018

Performance orders go through faster due to their more limited orders. Ordered 6/7, confirmed with VIN 6/11, production began 6/27.

jimglas | 1 juli 2018

thanks jlmuinonen
reviewing the spreadsheet it appears that production and delivery dates took a hit at the beginning of June, prior to that most were about a month. Now looks like about 3 months. I'm not sure if its due to an increase in demand or a change in priority to the production of the model 3?

jimglas | 1 juli 2018

And higher profit margin ....

liftsrock | 2 juli 2018

I ordered MX 75D with every option except wheels on March 17 and took delivery June 12.

MaxEV | 2 juli 2018

I recommend you ask your Tesla Delivery Specialist for a delivery status update.

jimglas | 2 juli 2018

@MaxEV: he said July or august