how long for trade in offer?

how long for trade in offer?

Hi! If you did a trade in with Tesla, how long have you had to wait for your offer? I completed the appraisal questionnaire thing last Friday 7/13 afternoon but haven't heard anything yet. Granted I chose 'obvious damage' for the exterior question so i dont know if that is making it take longer.


japhule | 18 juli 2018

Submitted Trade In information on 7/3. Received offer on 7/6.

dweschler | 18 juli 2018

How long after you configured did it take to get an opportunity to fill out the questionnaire? After 5 days, mine still says "As your delivery day approaches, we will contact you to complete a trade-in self-evaluation."

mod3ljames | 18 juli 2018

Reserved 4/31/16.
Configured: 6/30/18
Contacted to complete trade in: 7/12/18
Today I'm still pending trade in offer...

japhule | 18 juli 2018

@dweschler I was contacted by my ISA from Tesla prior to getting the notification for the Trade In questionnaire. Configured on 6/27. ISA contacted me on 7/2. Trade in notification came in on 7/3. You should expect to hear from your ISA before they'll initiate the trade in process.

M3BlueGeorgia | 18 juli 2018

Took about 3 days to get the quote.

Warning though: The quote is good for up to 1,000 miles, so be sure you make sure your mileage number is still going to be valid when you drive in your car to trade-it in.

akuztikz | 18 juli 2018

Only took them less than 24 hours to get back with an offer for my trade in.. but the car is prestine so I guess that might have been a factor.

vishious911 | 19 juli 2018

I submitted my trade-in self-eval at around 8pm Sunday night. I got an offer around 12:30pm Monday. Fwiw, my car is in pristine condition as well. (Austin, TX)

jimglas | 19 juli 2018

Reserved 6/4, delivery scheduled 7/28.
Still no offer on trade-in (2014 CR-V) and had to resubmit yesterday since the pics were "only good for 30 days"
i'll let you know if I hear anything

mod3ljames | 19 juli 2018

when they give you an offer, is there anything in the terms that says like 'offer is pending final in person inspection' or something like that? it would suck if they gave me a number then when i go for delivery they say like 'oh... now that we see this we need an extra $2000'

japhule | 19 juli 2018

@james - yep, it says this under your account in the Trade In section of purchase:

"Your trade-in offer is valid for 30 days and is subject to change if your mileage exceeds 1,000 miles or if the condition of your current vehicle is significantly different during your trade-in period."

vishious911 | 19 juli 2018

I would recommend a free appraisal from Carmax. And Tesla seems to be matching their offer too

mod3ljames | 20 juli 2018

Yeah I got the carmax appraisal already, and Tesla said they'd match if i dont like teslas offer. 1 week later... still waiting on Teslas offer... : (

mod3ljames | 24 juli 2018

Finally got my trade in offer : ) happy with it : )

can't wait to schedule my delivery!! this will be my first electric car and the only car for me and my fiancé. a little terrified I hope I dont have any crazy issues with the model 3. But I trust in Tesla and think it'll be okay.

Afjael | 18 maart 2019

@mod3ljames how did it go?

charlie | 18 maart 2019

Interestingly they aren't asking for documents on my trade, but then again, I told them it is a 15 year old truck with 153K miles, and the offer is $2500

Lonestar10_1999 | 18 maart 2019

My 6 year old Prius 2 with 105k miles received a $5500 offer from Tesla. The delivery advisor suggested I go to carmax because Tesla policy is to match the carmax written appraisal. I sent the $6000 appraisal to the Tesla delivery advisor and he adjusted the trade in value to match carmax immediately, no hassle at all. The good thing about trading in your car to Tesla is that you only pay sales tax on the difference between the Tesla price and the trade in price.

82bert | 18 maart 2019

Waiting on my trade in offer now. It’s been less than 24 hrs, but certainly curious where they will come in at and if they require any further info such as pics like before.

Alley | 20 maart 2019

I submitted on the 15th, still waiting on my offer. Supposed to take delivery Monday, 25th. Might be slightly upside down on my loan, and my financing is contingent on paying off that loan so wondering how this will all work. Will Tesla calculate the negative equity (not much) in to the total I’ll send to my credit union?

cosmicwarrior | 20 maart 2019

How did the trade in offers go? Are they super low like most of the dealerships?

lordmiller | 20 maart 2019

If you text your customer rep with your VIN it will be fast. I had a trade in value in 5 minutes and it was more than CarMax.

AceHBee | 20 maart 2019

I have a trade in value from Tesla. Then I get an appraisal from CarMax that is $1k more. I sent in the CarMax appraisal and they accepted it. My car was paid off, so it was an easy trade in.

82bert | 20 maart 2019

As others have said, Go to carmax to get a real appraisal. Tesla lowballed as the trade in process doesn’t even require pictures. Carmax got me an extra 2.5k. Whole process takes maybe 25 minutes.

cosmicwarrior | 20 maart 2019

I got my trade in offer from Tesla and it's a full $2,000 less than what the highest dealership offered me for my low mileage 2015 Toyota Camry SE, bummer.

cmh95628 | 20 maart 2019

re: "
The good thing about trading in your car to Tesla is that you only pay sales tax on the difference between the Tesla price and the trade in price.

This is state dependent. Not true in Cali.

82bert | 20 maart 2019

That blows. It’s true in MN, which is a nice perk for trading in.

TeslaNC10 | 20 maart 2019

How do you figure out who your deliver advisor is?

I purchased on 3/17 and have a delivery appointment for 3/22, but I've only gotten automated emails/texts. Nothing from an actual person.

Tesla's offer on my car was $6,600, but I went to CarMax yesterday and was offered $7,500. I'm trying to figure out how I get Tesla to up their offer.

82bert | 20 maart 2019

Call Your local Tesla. If you don’t have one, call main contact number in your account. They will connect you to the right person and likely have you email a color copy of the appraisal.

TeslaNC10 | 20 maart 2019

Thanks! The phone prompts got me to the local delivery center and they had me email a picture of the CarMax offer. They did tell me that my Model 3 was in Arizona right now, so my 3/22 delivery might not happen : (
(I'm in North Carolina.)

lordmiller | 20 maart 2019

If you haven't ordered a car yet, do this: Create an account on the Tesla site. I did this and a real person texted me the next day and asked if I was looking to buy. I ended up doing everything through him. He sent me links to the inventory cars, VINs and pictures. Found the one I wanted and hit buy. Put down the 2500 and had the car in 4 days. I drove my trade in to the Burbank delivery center and drove home in the M3 Dual Motor. It's much easier than ordering through the website and dealing with all of the automated stuff. I like dealing with humans.