Charging on a campus

Charging on a campus

I live on a school campus - wondering what everyone thinks of plugging in to external outlet with 24 ft cable running to car in nearby lot.
I am not worried about it being secure - the campus is patrolled and quite private. My concern is the charger being exposed to the elements.

The good news is I do not pay for electricity : )

Thanks in advance for advice/recommendations.

Earl and Nagin ... | 15 augustus 2018

It will have to be a very thick cord. Ideally, 10 gauge but 12 gauge would probably suffice.
Keep in mind that if it runs over a sidewalk, campus safety is likely to complain.

jwat14 | 15 augustus 2018

I'm presuming that you're ordering the cable from Tesla? If so, I wouldn't be concerned as the website mentions that charging is safe in all types of weather.

tywos1033 | 16 augustus 2018

yes, ordering from Tesla. Just trying to prep the right way. Excited about the free charging (even at low speeds)

jamespompi | 16 augustus 2018

I was planning on doing the same thing via a 120v outlet at one of the light posts on my campus. We have charging stations but theryre super far from the office I work in. Not sure how campus safety is going to take it though..

Since youre a student I would ask your SGA president if they have already asked for charging stations on your campus. (the ones we have are free)

vmulla | 16 augustus 2018
jamespompi | 16 augustus 2018

@vmulla Thats insane! I feel like if campus safety has an issue with it and your vehicle was registered, they'd contact you and unplug it from their outlet.

Rocky_H | 16 augustus 2018

@tywos1033, Some of this is sounding like some misunderstanding on your part of what is included with the car.

@tywos, Quote: “wondering what everyone thinks of plugging in to external outlet with 24 ft cable”

@jwat, Quote: “I'm presuming that you're ordering the cable from Tesla?”

@tywos, Quote: “yes, ordering from Tesla.”

What exactly is it that you think you are ordering from Tesla? I think people here are assuming you were talking about getting an extension cord for extra length, hence the recommendations about 10 gauge or 12 gauge wire. But Tesla does not sell any extension cords.

So are you ordering an extra mobile charge cable for $300? Don’t you know that the car already comes with a mobile charge cable included, and you don’t need to order one?

Lorenzryanc | 16 augustus 2018

24' 10gauge copper extension could would be lifted on the second night IMO. Elements I'd worry about is tripping hazard from people/drunks and someone ripping the cord out of your car.

tywos1033 | 17 augustus 2018

Helpful info - yes, some misunderstanding on my part. Trying to full understand my best practice. It is a HS campus and I am a faculty member. The lot is probably 20-25 feet from the exterior outlet. So I am trying to figure out what I need to order, how to go about this.

Gregg Ray | 17 augustus 2018


Delegate it to maintenance... :>D

tywos1033 | 17 augustus 2018

haha when I inquired about installing a station, I got an immediate "no". SMH

marcrose | 17 augustus 2018

I would definitely talk to the campus administration and facilities to see if there is any issue plugging in. And like everyone said, if they are "ok" you will need a heavy duty extension cord, something that can handle up to 20 amps should be sufficient, otherwise you risk melting the cable.

I personally charge daily on my campus, but I'm at a university and there is EV charging infrastructure that consists of level 1 and 2 chargers.

I wish you luck.

tywos1033 | 17 augustus 2018

thanks mroseboro. I will reach out to the facilities guys and see. Anyone have any links to extension cables they recommend?

marcrose | 17 augustus 2018

That or something similar should work - just make sure it can handle at least 15amps. The M3 will only pull roughly 12 amps from a 120v outlet. It'll be slow as hell, but in 8 hours, you should get about 25 miles of range.

Rocky_H | 17 augustus 2018

Since you don't need much distance, it won't be hard or expensive to get a good 10 foot extension cord that uses thick 12 gauge wire.

This one on Amazon is $17.99.

And an 18 dollar cord isn't much concern if someone does decide to take it.

tywos1033 | 17 augustus 2018

Thanks Tesla peeps, the commute is 45 miles so between charging at home and at work, i will easily get back what i use up.

Robocheme | 17 augustus 2018

When I first got my 3 in December, I used my 15 amp 120V outlet and was getting 5 mph. So 8 hours of charging would almost cover your commute.

ginasanders11 | 2 december 2019

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