Model 3 Screen font size

Model 3 Screen font size

There is a way to make screen size bigger?
It is very unpleasant to drive an try to read the screen at the same time with my aging eyes.

albertorusso | 18 augustus 2018

It is very unpleasant to drive an try to read the screen at the same time with my aging eyes.

CharleyBC | 18 augustus 2018

There is no such adjustment, though many have made a similar complaint. Let Tesla know your suggestion. It might appear in a future update!

jaywyaz | 2 november 2018

Unable to read the screen's small print in the owner's manual. Please make it scale-able!

AOK1 | 2 januari 2019

I would definitely like to be able to increase the display/font size of the things like the clock & temperature. It would be nice if there was a setting to permanently increase the display.

Kahn | 3 januari 2019


doug9058 | 3 januari 2019

Yes I agree. Graphics are fine, just the fonts. I am near sighted and I wear glasses for distance which makes small screen text difficult to read.

hemetkid | 4 januari 2019

I agree! Font needs to be adjustable to meet the needs of us who have trouble easily reading the small print.

gllivyl | 4 januari 2019

And also the tiny arrows too...

The larger they are the more accurate I can touch it and the less time my eyes will be off the road.

kcheng | 4 januari 2019

Yep, they didn't follow the Human Interface Guidelines, HIG, closely enough. Lots of things are too small to be easily read or accessed.

farmer | 4 januari 2019

I got these 2 months ago, I leave them in the car for driving and they are a great solution. I have Waze running on my iphone and another small screen for my V1 radar detector. Available from 1x-3x just look down slightly to read small txt. Hope it helps. Here is a link

andchuck | 20 maart 2019

Agree that the screen fonts need to be adjustable. Way too small to read and dangerous while driving