Time to buy TSLA

Time to buy TSLA

I was waiting for the good time to buy couple grands of TSLA, with the 6% stock drop from EM weedgate, I think it will get to a low 200 till the Quaterly earnings which are going to be positive and start to go back in the 350+.

Any other eager TSLA buyers expect a 200 or lower low before quaterly earning are released?

Madatgascar | 7 september 2018

No. You just missed the low, barring any major relapses.

sosmerc | 7 september 2018

It's all up to Elon and his behavior going forward. I would consider getting more shares If it does drop as low as $200. I don't think Tesla is going to fail..but I do believe it's a yo-yo until things settle out and the board gets Elon some help.

Madatgascar | 7 september 2018

One puff, the stuff is legal, he’s obviously not a fan of it... what’s the big deal. We have had presidents who admit to smoking pot when it was illegal. I don’t smoke but I’m not bothered by this in the slightest. I’m more worried about his whisky drinking to be honest.

Model 3 ALONE just outsold BMW’s entire lineup of cars in the US. Owners love them. Word will spread. Backlog will grow. 3Q18 results will be good. EV “competition” will be absorbed and will float all the boats, but Tesla most.

Shesmyne2 | 7 september 2018

He didn't even inhale...

Still Grinning ;-)

sosmerc | 7 september 2018

It's all about perception. You and I may agree his behavior is not that abnormal (and we likely agree he is a genius in many areas), but his company's success still depends a great deal upon what the majority of the market's take is.
The fact that Tesla is still a public company means that he is expected to meet certain established patterns of behavior and has a duty to run the company in a similar manner to other companies. I don't hear anyone complaining about how SpaceX is doing.....but is that because it is a private company and Elon has delegated authority to other very competent employees? It does appear that maybe Elon's life would be much easier if Tesla were taken private.

Madatgascar | 7 september 2018

Agreed, he needs to be more careful about perception. The ugly photo circulating today is probably going to be reused ad nauseam by CNBC over the next few years.

Maxxer | 8 september 2018

This shows what society corporate america is.
I am listening to the whole 2h30 interview, the content is just amazing.
Media showing the most 5 second image out of context.

I'm so glad I'm not in politics or not a mediatic public figure.

The guy tells joke during an interview and they state that out of context, "I'm a Business Magnet" he says that laughing. They state that in TheGuardian plain and short out of context building a case making him look like cringe.

If I was EM, I would have my lawyer sending letter sueing every newspapers not citing the context of the jokes or citing text out of context a 10M$ diffamation lawsuits. I'd fight corporate America with it's own medicine.

sosmerc | 8 september 2018

Trying to fight the negative media is not worth the effort. When Tesla starts producing the numbers as projected then Elon can tweet the good news. I believe there may be some good news coming with regards to some management changes that will be helpful to both Elon and Tesla.

Baywood | 8 september 2018

Check also the ‘TSLA’ thread
They should be combined

Tropopause | 8 september 2018

I also watched the entire 2.5 hour interview. It was great, filled with amazing ideas on tech, humanity, etc by Elon; yet not one word posted in the fake media.

I wonder how many of these "reporters" actually watched the entire 2.5 hour interview? Or maybe they simply cut-n-paste headlines and 5 second clip taken out of context.

This was one of the best interviews with Elon I've ever seen. Maybe because there was unlimited, unrushed time to talk with him. Not only is Elon a genius, he's also a compassionate human being. More than ever, I'm impressed with EM and backing him 100%. Even bought more TSLA yesterday.

Go Tesla!

Maxxer | 5 juni 2019

Seems like there is always a lower

SamO | 7 juni 2019

@EVolution. We don't fight speech we don't like with laws and lawsuits.

All the FUD may hamper the share price short-term, but not the actual value of the product. Not the happy owners who provide rides and information, at all times of the day or night.

Tesla has already won. They have the best product. By far. They have the best value proposition. Best range. Best performance. Best safety. Best selling premium vehicle. Largest grossing auto, not a truck.

What happens when Tesla Network launches ANYWHERE. Dubai, for example.

Now, more than ever, that is obvious. When the share price doubles. Then doubles again, it will be obvious to the sheep.

jimglas | 19 juli 2019

crow troll flagged