SGIP Rebate - HELP!

SGIP Rebate - HELP!


We haven't received our SGIP rebate yet and it's been over a year since we started our solar project, over 9 months since installation, and about 6 months since Permission to Operate (PTO).

We started our installation in July 2017 with 2 Powerwalls and both should qualify for the SGIP rebate. Tesla finished installation around Nov/Dec 2017, but then they couldn't get PTO from PG&E until April when I threatened to file a complaint against the CPUC. Once we got PTO, I asked again about the SGIP rebate and was told that an incentives team was handling it so we should just keep waiting. Over the next several months, I occasionally asked Tesla about our rebate and we were simply told to keep waiting.

Finally, in August, I demanded to know what the status of our rebate was because we've been waiting and heard nothing. Upon looking into it, Tesla realized they never filed the paperwork for my rebate! The incentives team apparently just dropped the ball and hid. They won't communicate with me any updates. Every time I reach out, I'm getting ignored or stonewalled. This can't be normal, is it?

The rebates are worth a good amount of money so if I can't get any help, I'm going to have to take legal action against Tesla. I really hate to do that since we have two of their cars, their solar and PowerWall. We love our Tesla cars. We love our Tesla products. We even love TSLA stock! But the Tesla Energy side is frustrating us to no end!

What else can we do?

reggiedevers | 17 september 2018

Hello, What the Tesla energy advisors are not telling, because they are either not trained, or they are hiding the information to sell you a battery is that Tesla is capped out on the SGIP for many months. In other words, Tesla is only allowed a finite of applications to be submitted to SGIP. Well, Tesla has reached their maximum and no other applications can or will be submitted for a refund. There is no more money left for Tesla in the SGIP program.

reggiedevers | 17 september 2018

Here is part of the email I got from PGE.

On Fri, Apr 13, 2018 at 4:25 PM, Self Generation Program
Good afternoon Reggie, the SGIP program is open to all customers; however, Tesla has been capped out for step two for at least two months if not longer.

Here is some conversation from my Tesla Energy Advisor.

I do not know how else to explain to you that you will not get the SGIP. SGIP is a separate document you would have signed back in September when you started the project.

I am sorry, but nothing can be done.

Nicholas Rotella | Inside Sales Manager, Powerwall
6569 Las Vegas Blvd South Suite 200 | Las Vegas, Nevada 89119
p 650.963.4740| e

reggiedevers | 17 september 2018

Here is one other email I received from my Tesla Energy Advisor.

Hey Reggie,

At this time, we won’t be able to get an application submitted for your Powerwall. Tesla has a 600 customer backlog dating back to July that did not get into Tier 1 , 2 or 3. Those 600 customers will now entered into the remaining tiers, with only 20% of them getting SGIP.

This is why we stopped new applications in September. I listened to all recorded calls between you and RJ, SGIP was never discussed on any calls. I understand PG and E is telling you the tier is open, which is true, however Telsa is capped out for getting our customers the incentive and I have notified marketing to please take down the information on our website.

Nicholas Rotella | Inside Sales Manager, Powerwall
6569 Las Vegas Blvd South Suite 200 | Las Vegas, Nevada 89119
p 650.963.4740| e

Shygar | 17 september 2018

I had my solar/powerwall installed Sept 2017 and PTO in Nov 2017. I was told before I even agreed to purchase it that I would unlikely get SGIP. I also followed up with Tesla by email and they told me there's essentially a list they go down and they submit it on our behalf when it gets to it. I would not expect to get the SGIP rebate unless something changes and they remove the manufacturer cap.

reggiedevers | 18 september 2018

The only small hope you may have is the recent passage of SB700.

With the passage of California SB700.....

California Passes Bill to Extend $800M in Incentives for Behind-the-Meter Batteries

I was told by PG&E...."Once the new program starts – which will be after the current steps close, where Tesla is capped out – there will be new rules and probably new incentive steps with new developer caps. So, Yes, sometime in 2020 or 2021, Tesla will probably be able to “restart sending more applications for their customers that missed out before, because Tesla was maxed out?”"

Good Luck.

zubinanary | 22 september 2018

Did you ever receive any SGIP reference number when they did you install of the Powerwall?

If you did, you can always check the current SGIP status by looking at the Real-Time report file found here:

Going to this link will download every single SGIP request since 2001 onwards for the power companies who participate in the SGIP incentive program.

That being said, once you had the on-site energy survey done, and you sign off on the design, that's whey they start putting all the SGIP documents together.

I documented my flow for SGIP Step 2 for my Quantity 2 Powerewalls, which took nearly 12 months from installation to get my check. It's very long process, and I had to check the above link once a month to figure out where I was in the process.

My SGIP Saga =

glenn-galang | 18 februari 2019

I'm still waiting for mine too...the last email I got from Tesla and PG&E was in August 2018 timeframe confirming that my 2 powerwall installations were approved. I keep asking Tesla and they say to check with PG&E and when I contact PG&E, no response. I'm curious if anyone has gotten any rebates recently and when they were approved.


bcheckley | 21 februari 2019

I was disappointed when I installed 3 powerwalls and then found out that Tesla won't submit SGIP requests for installations with more than 2 batteries.

I contacted PG&E and they said the Manufacturer/Installer has to make the request on the purchaser's behalf. Not happy at all.

I'm not sure who I can escalate my disappointment in this. Even if it is at Tier 3, it is still helpful in paying for the system.

seansilvanopayne | 2 mei 2019

Hello, I am going to start work on getting people together for a class action lawsuit against Tesla. I was swindled into purchasing two power walls with the promise of a $9,200 rebate, and conveniently 18 months after this promise they state "there was never a guarantee" and I'm told I will get no rebate. Obviously it makes no sense for me to pay $15,000 out of pocket for these things, I would have never moved ahead if I was not promised the rebate. I am assuming there are thousands, or tens of thousands, in the same boat. If you email me your contact information and information about your case and how you were misinformed by Tesla, I am going to start putting together a database and then contacting top law firms in the area to see who wants to take on this case. In addition to the hard costs I have incurred, it has also taken an inordinate amount of my time and caused a lot of stress, pain, and suffering. This ALL could have been avoided if they simply informed me that I was not going to get a

seansilvanopayne | 2 mei 2019

rebate, then I could have canceled the order. If you are interested in getting involved, you can send me an email I would especially be interested if something like this is underway already, I would not be surprised. I should also mention there are three Teslas in my immediate family, I used to be a large supporter, but this has completely changed my perspective on the company.

jopalk | 13 juni 2019

Sean, please keep us posted. I had one PW installed in March, it failed inspection, fixes were made in May, and re-inspection is scheduled for a couple of weeks. I do have a confirmation number for the SGIP rebate from PG&E but these posts make me wonder if I will get it. I know PG&E is facing lots of problems, but there's a push to follow through on the renewable energy rebates. We'll see.

Overall I have to say as much as I love Tesla, their customer support is dismal, to say the least. Reps are very nice, but often give out wrong info. Better training is needed for all of them. Tesla has been around long enough now this shouldn't be such an issue. They need to fix it.

davbui | 10 oktober 2019

On Tue, Jul 17, 2018 at 1:59 PM, xxxx xxxxxxxx wrote:

Hey David,

Nothing is needed from you for the SGIP program. We have a team that manages submissions. If we are able to submit you in the program you will receive some Docusign documents when further rounds are opened.

xxxx xxxxxxxx| Sales Support Specialist, Energy

6569 Las Vegas Boulevard South, Suite. #200, Las Vegas, NV 89119

p. (805) xxx-xxxx |

davbui | 10 oktober 2019

They provided me with a reservation # back in 2018 but I just received this update:

Hi David,

I am following up with you on your Powerwall project. My teammate xxxxxx let me know you called and were curious about SGIP. It looks like the program was filled and we were not able to submit your project for the program. The submittal process goes by project creation date and is first come first serve. The latest projects able to be submitted were August of 2017 and we were not able to include your project started 11/27/2017.


xxxx xxxxxxx | Specialist, Tesla Experience

6611 Las Vegas Boulevard S, Las Vegas, NV 89119

p. (650) xxx-xxxx |

Passion2Fly | 10 oktober 2019

Wow, after reading all this, I’m really happy that my Power Wall was NOT installed by Tesla but by a third party...
My SGIP application was filed correctly and I got the money a few months after the PTO.

Application filed with SGIP in January 2018, PowerWall installed in May 2019, SGIP check received in August 2019...

I specifically signed a contract with the installer which clearly stated the SGIP incentive on the contract!

gregbrew | 10 oktober 2019

Unless "promises" are in the written contract, signed by both parties, you are out of luck. Do your due diligence *before* signing. If it's not in the contract, a lawsuit is a waste of time and money. Consider it an expensive lesson learned.