What's the point of "Pin to drive" feature?

What's the point of "Pin to drive" feature?

So I finally got the 2018.34.x update and with the "Pin to drive" feature. Played with it little during weekend. I'm still confused what value it adds. I get that this will make drivers enter the pin every time they put the car to drive, which is much secure than not having it at all. But heres couple of my observations.

1. The location of the numeric keypad on the screen is always the same, you enter the pin few times and there will smudges all over the screen to make it very obvious what the pin is.
2. I was driving with my friend and he/she or any passenger in the car can see you typing the pin, so if you have someone in the car, its as good as not being useful at all.

Wouldn't it make sense to tie this feature with some sort of bio id like the touch-id or face-id on your iPhones or your Android devices? Also if they can't integrate with iOS/Android, atleast show the numeric keypad in different part of the screen everytime so it won't be possible to identify the pin by your finger marks on the screen.

Also reminds me of the 2012 movie in which that Russian guy just voice activates his car. Now I'm not sure if Tesla voice assistant can recognize voices, but that would be really cool.

carlk | 16 september 2018

Ask your friends to close their eyes when you unlock the car. They will understand. ;)

Fingerprint or facial recognition would be nice but this is still useful for certainly occasions. For example set it up to prevent your teenagers or even spouse to sneak out with it in the night.

lilbean | 16 september 2018

Haha, @carlk! | 16 september 2018

@girishfall - If you have friends that will steal your car (i.e steal your fob and watch you enter your PIN), you need to find better friends :)

Agree with the fixed PIN keypad not ideal - it should be positioned randomly at a different spot on each use to avoid the obvious smudges. As a short term solution, you could use gloves. For me, I doubt I'll ever use the feature. I'd rather deal with insurance than hassle with a PIN. Then again, I've never had a car stolen. Must be the good company I keep!

packpike | 16 september 2018

My understanding is that this feature is to help those that are in areas that are highly affected by the 'fob relay' thefts. I'll probably never use the feature, but I love having the option. I've learned in the last year to not be down on Tesla for adding features that don't matter to me right now, because they might really matter to someone else, or might matter to me later. Options should always be considered a plus. For example, I was confused by those really opposed to having an 'open all' button for the doors, which I would love, because if you don't want to use it don't use it. I do oppose taking away of features, like window operation from the fob.

jjgunn | 16 september 2018

Worried about leaving a fingerprint on the screen matching the numbers?

1) I use my screen more than just a 4 digit PIN
2) I also use valet mode
3) I keep a microfiber cloth & clean my screen regularly

Triggerplz | 16 september 2018

Good security feature for those that leave their car at the airport for days and those that leave their car and commute to work by train daily

Laserlad | 17 september 2018

I’ve only had my MX 100 a week (so im new to everything) Question— does valet mode override the 4-digit feature?
I’m wondering as when I take my dirty car though a “car hand wash” — will I get called back again to move the Tesla to the next station? | 17 september 2018

The smudges indicate the numbers but not the sequence. With four digits there are 4! Sequences = 24. At one sequence per 5 seconds, it will take a well-organized thief about a minute on the average to go through enough sequences to get the right one. This will quickly frustrate and put off the thief who will then give up trying to steal the car and go look for @TeslaTap's car. 😉 | 17 september 2018

Entering the valet mode requires a PIN.

girishfall2010 | 17 september 2018 lol totally!! :)

Your comment reminded me of those interview questions like how many golf box in a school bus. A very well educated guess on how quickly the pin would be cracked! (applause).

davidahn | 17 september 2018

I suppose it's all what you're used to. We're pretty used to having to enter a 6-digit passcode 30 times a day on our iPhones, but not used to a PIN to drive a car a couple times a day. :)

Don't get me wrong, I don't like the PIN idea either, just a thought. First world problems! | 19 september 2018

BTW, just reported a bug to Tesla. Drove the car to town and back last night. Got in the car to drive home and there was no "PIN to drive" keypad displayed. Shifted into D and started driving. Noticed that the voice command function was disabled, AP functions didn't work, icons were missing on the Nav screen. Then I noticed the word Valet above the speed indication. Somehow the car had slipped into Valet mode when I got in and there was no way, while driving to get out of it. When I got home the Homelink didn't work. I put the car into park in the driveway and the word Valet appeared at the top of the touchscreen. I was able to exit Valet mode with my PIN. Today the car was back to normal. It's just a small matter of software my programmer friends used to tell me.

jjgunn | 25 september 2018

Figured something out.

When you type the 4 numbers in, nothing else enters after that. Hit every number on the keypad after the first 4 are correct.

Fingerprint issue solved.

girishfall2010 | 25 september 2018

haha, nice! thanks @jjgunn, thats a good find.

Anzir | 27 september 2018 You can't use the same pin for valet and pin to drive. Otherwise it should work every time.

jjgunn | 27 september 2018

When you put the car in Valet with Pin to Drive enabled, you use your pin to drive PIN to enable valet mode. However to get out of valet mode you use your valet pin. Pin to drive never shows up with valet enabled. Interesting.

jjgunn | 3 oktober 2018

More "fun" with Pin-to-Drive...

Tried changing my PIN today. Guess what? You can't! I shut off Pin to Drive then used the car for a couple days. Then re-enabled it. Only way to re-enabled it was use my previous PIN. LOL....

I also have tried a dual scroll wheel reboot after disabling pin to drive. Re-enabled....nope. Have to use same old pin...ummmm that's an issue, wouldn't ya say??

I didn't perform a full reset (which I'm assuming would work) - nope not doing that.

Czardmitri | 22 oktober 2018

Where is Pin to Drive setting? I have v9 and can't find it anywhere. Couldn't find it in V8 either. Thanks.

jordanrichard | 22 oktober 2018

Jjgunn, you can reset your PIN number by entering your Tesla account info.

jjgunn | 22 oktober 2018

Pin 2 Drive is located in safety & security.

@jordanrichard - thx for the tip.