Unlimited Supercharging?

Unlimited Supercharging?

I tried to search through the forum and I'm pretty sure this has been asked before, so I apologize in advance for asking this again.

I placed my order for my P3D in late June and received an email Aug 6th saying that Tesla had added free unlimited supercharging to my performance model 3. I finally picked it up this last Saturday and I'm loving it, but my car's webpage says that I have "Pay Per Use Supercharging." Instead of unlimited supercharging. I want to say that I remember other people complaining about the same issue and I wanted to see if this is something that will correct itself, or if its something that I need to sit on hold with CS to have fixed. Originally, the web page that announced the model P3Ds would get unlimited supercharging said that it would take a couple weeks to reflect the change. I assumed that this meant 2 weeks from August 1, but maybe its two weeks from delivery?

gm_xeon | 18 september 2018

I'm in the same boat. MVPA states the original order date correctly, so I'm guessing they're just dragging their feet on switching our accounts visually, but people have reported that even with the account saying pay per use they are charged $0 for each session for what that's worth.

djharrington | 18 september 2018

If you want to feel really good about it, just remove your CC info from your account. Then you won’t even have to worry about getting them to reverse charges if they occurred.

disapr | 19 september 2018

I called Tesla customer service yesterday about this. My car does have free unlimited supercharging on their end and I was told that it's just taking time for them to update all of the various systems to reflect this. Same for Loot Box, referral code etc. Wait. She also said that if I am billed for supercharging that they would refund me.