Awaiting carbon fiber spoiler

Awaiting carbon fiber spoiler

dickiemo | 3 oktober 2018

Are any other P3D owners awaiting delivery of the carbon fiber spoiler inf the performance package? I have had my car two weeks and it is not at the store yet Just wondering if any one else is experiencing the same thing

GotLithium | 3 oktober 2018

Yes, I was told the SC would contact me when they were available. Enjoying your ride?

ODWms | 3 oktober 2018

Waiting also. I thought it was like. a month out or something, so I wasn’t even worried about it for now.

Firewired | 3 oktober 2018

I am waiting For the spoiler and the badging. I may do without. 1) I kind of like anonymity (besides the red brake calipers), Not sure if I like the look of the P3D spoiler compared to my P100D. The P100D blends into the overall shape of the trunk, on the P3D the one I saw in person seem to jut much more horizontally rearward to my eye, and did look as good as it does on my S. Just my opinion.

San_Diego_P3D | 3 oktober 2018

I’m waiting too

shawncordell | 3 oktober 2018

My charge port door is slightly misaligned. The mobile ranger said they would likely fix it when my spoiler and badging comes in. Got a text yesterday saying they will be at my place October 9th...

I’ll keep you guys posted. I’m in the Dallas area.

av | 3 oktober 2018

I heard spoilers may not happen till December?

dickiemo | 4 oktober 2018

ii was told a couple weeks for it to come in. The car is the best car that i have ever driven. We have put over 1200 miles on it in 2 weeks.

Jbosch | 4 oktober 2018

They said to me was on backorder 3 months. I love my car, but it these people are under too much pressure to deliver cars to meet investor expectations and they are cutting too many corners. We will have to pay the price for this. At some point things should level out and I hope they turn around to do whats right for the customer. You call the service or anything is long waits or no answer.

I found issues with my vehicle and this are all things that when I saw them is like they cut corners to get the cars out quick. Feels like McDonalds when you get to the window to get your order, they tell you to move and they will take your food to you.

ybbor | 4 oktober 2018

I'm still waiting... was told it was back-ordered. I'm waiting on getting a ceramic coating on the car until i get the spoiler installed.

courtneydesmond | 29 december 2018

Anyone have update on the spoiler availability (or get one with their car)? We just took delivery of Performance model today and I noticed when I got home (!!!) that it wasn’t on the car. I have not spoken to Service Center yet......

ybbor | 29 december 2018

Still waiting on Spoiler and Badge. No word from Tesla.

RobelK | 31 december 2018

I've had my car since September and still awaiting the spoiler. For what it's worth--when recently contacted support for the performance package refund in lieu of the free supercharging for life, the rep said "it should be arriving early next year". Refund check arrived 9 days later though!

TesIatron | 3 januari 2019

@RobelK So you got the check AND you get free supercharging for life?

yudansha™ | 3 januari 2019

Lol, I already forgot about the spoiler.

lbowroom | 3 januari 2019

RobelK, that not what "in lieu of" means

TesIatron | 4 januari 2019

@lbowroom oops, you are correct.

Does anyone have an update on the spoiler?

drbob | 4 januari 2019

I’d be happy to just get a $1000 rebate (along with the $5000 for the performance package)

tony.dagostino | 11 januari 2019

I was at the Owings Mills MD store today and the service manager told me he still has no idea when they will be delivered.

lpjakob | 12 januari 2019

Just like RobelK, I spoke with Customer Service in December about $5k PUP refund and rear spoiler/rear badging. Received $5k check shortly after and was told to expect rear spoiler/rear badging in January. Using my Tesla account, sent email to Customer Service asking for any update 5-days response. Since all the cars being exported are long-range or high performance, Tesla mat be providing the complete package on those cars first since Europeans and China probably would not accept an incomplete car being delivered. It will be interesting to see if Performance models being exported have the spoiler/badging while we in the USA are left waiting.

jmantis00 | 17 januari 2019

Does anyone not plan on installing their spoiler? I'm not sure where else to ask this but I love the look of the spoiler and it wasn't included on my white LR AWD. Anyone willing to send me theirs if I pay for shipping plus some beer money?

PECo CT | 17 januari 2019


I had the same thought.

dickiemo | 17 januari 2019

I spoke with Tesla today and still no definitive answer on the spoiler and also I still await the $5k . My account does
reflect the unlimited super charging even though I do most of my charging at home.

mike | 17 januari 2019

No spoiler, but I got the $5K last week.

ODWms | 17 januari 2019

I wonder if the spoiler is paintable.

SteveWin1 | 17 januari 2019

I'm just excited to see what kind of features the spoiler will have. It must have cold thrusters built in or maybe it acts as a large capacitor to store up energy for a quick launch. Surely nobody believes that it takes this long to make a simple carbon fiber spoiler. You can make a carbon fiber spoiler in your own garage over a weekend. There's got to be something else included. What features do you guys think Tesla is adding to their spoilers to account for the delay?

lbowroom | 17 januari 2019

OD, yes, carbon fiber is paintable

JAD | 17 januari 2019

There are a lot of new materials being used that are similar to carbon fiber but much more environmentally friendly. Would make sense that Tesla is testing a new material to use.

alienranch | 18 januari 2019

jmantis00 - The real OEM (not aftermarket) carbon fiber lip costs roughly $1,000. I highly doubt someone would send it for just "beer money". Worth asking though.

TeslaMarque | 18 januari 2019

@ alienranch

Was thinking the exact same thing, I doubt anyone would part w their spoiler for less than $500 and even then you’d be getting a steal

dmanincali | 18 januari 2019

Latest I've heard (via exec escalations) is that the spoiler will be available in late Q1. Hopefully they don't push this again.

lpjakob | 19 januari 2019

I received an email from Customer Service dated 1/17, "Spoilers and badges are beginning to ship out to service centers now with the oldest orders being filled first." Looking forward to getting this due bill completed. I also purchased Full Self-Driving so will now be watching for word of when the 3.0 upgrade becomes available...end of 2019?

lpjakob | 22 januari 2019

With media reports showing European Performance Model 3s waiting to be loaded at SF dock, we clearly see that Tesla has already installed the performance badge on these vehicles. Look at this picture posted in an article today at InsideEVs.

No spoiler but you can clearly see the underlined dual motor badge. As predicted, international models are getting badging before US buyers who have been waiting. It will be interesting to see when someone post on this string that they got their PUP due bill completed.

howard | 22 januari 2019

I emailed a couple of days ago as a follow up and heard back to schedule a service appointment to have them installed which I did. Next Monday. Waiting to see if I get confirmation back.

SteveWin1 | 22 januari 2019

@howard, by "them" you mean you are having the spoiler and the badge installed? I also emailed them a few weeks ago and got zero response back, which I've learned is pretty typical for Tesla. You actually heard back that the spoilers are ready?

howard | 22 januari 2019

@SteveWin1, Here is the email I received back today on my followup email from a month ago asking where they were:

Hi Mr. Thomas,

Your local Service Center or Mobile Service team will install the spoiler and badging during any routine maintenance or repair activity. If you'd like to go ahead and schedule an appointment to have these parts installed, you can do so through the Mobile App or at

I hope this helps!


I have scheduled the service for next Monday via my phone app but I have not received a confirmation.

howard | 22 januari 2019

Heard back from service. Badge but no spoiler. 75K, 5 months later car is still missing components. Starting to make me mad. I’ll escalate tomorrow. This is just unacceptable.

mehingle14 | 22 januari 2019

Service van was at my work lot today working on my p.3d.

I asked about the carbon blades, and I was told that there are three techs that are trained to do nothing but install the carbon blades. This is out of the Santa Clara service center. But my service tech told me that even the blade experts say that they are tricky to put on--that they are having a hard time doing it.

it was suggested I might want to wait a bit, until they get it really dialed-in, before screaming about having my blade put on early.

They slapped my performance badge on before they left.

dmanincali | 22 januari 2019

@mehingle14 - so sounds like they're actually starting to install these then? That's promising. Haven't heard of anyone actually getting the spoiler installed yet.

rsingh05 | 24 januari 2019

I saw this thread and scheduled my overdue service visit. The badge was installed and looks gorgeous. No spoilers, estimated for Q2. I was in and out in 10 minutes.

dmanincali | 24 januari 2019

Q2 now? This really is unacceptable. These parts are fully paid for.

rsingh05 | 24 januari 2019

That would be one way to look at it. The other is that it doesn’t affect me enjoying my car in any way so happy to wait. And they do many things as a courtesy that I didn’t pay for - e.g., dry out my trunk well which I spilled water in, for no charge. Or fixed my wiper which I messed up while washing the car, again at no charge.

Frankly this was the fastest service visit and the most courteous, ever. Try the German luxury brands and the attitude they give you - I’ll take Tesla service any day over them.

mehingle14 | 24 januari 2019

My take on it was that they've got some blades, and they have the techs working on trying to install them.they have got to be going out on some cars somewhere on a limited basis, but I doubt that they are going to announce that they already to slap on when you are in for service anytime soon. I'll ask again in a few weeks when they come back to install the sensor on my car.

jimglas | 24 januari 2019

got my badging put on by mobile service when here for another problem. P3D badge is pretty subtle. I like it.

lpjakob | 27 januari 2019

Every contact gets a different story. After waiting since September for PUP due bill to be completed, I emailed again 1/16th, was told that update package (spoiler with badge) are being delivered to SCs by order of VIN#. Was told to call Burbank SC for details. Spoke with Burbank SC, they never heard upgrade packages being shipped by VIN#. Burbank promised parts department would check status for my P3D and call me callback yet. If upgrades are packages that include the spoiler and badge, why are people reporting they only got the badge? While we wait, there have been many websites showing pictures of Performance M3s in Europe that clearly had the spoiler and performance badge already installed. I own two Teslas and love the service and support we have received but this situation with ignoring those of us that paid for performance M3 at the highest price and not completing due bills for 4+ months while new cars being exported that already have what we were promised is a very bad way to treat customers. The fact that you get a different story every time you contact an employee also demonstrates that no one at Tesla has taken responsibility for this issue. For the first time in 3-years, I am a very disappointed Tesla owner.

katzgraber | 27 januari 2019

Agreed Ipjakob. They would never get away with this in Europe because consumer laws, well, protect consumers. In this glorious country things roll differently.

howard | 27 januari 2019

Lpjakob, I cold not agree more. Especially if they are being delivered anywhere included.

dmanincali | 29 januari 2019


Completely agree. I also own two Teslas and am beyond irritated that they're sending all the spoilers to Europe when we've already paid for ours and keep getting different answers on when we'll get them. I just got a text from my SC saying to not expect it till summer. That's completely unacceptable.

If they could at least get their story straight and give us a reliable answer on when we'll get the spoilers I'd be somewhat satisfied. But the fact that every time I (or anyone else) reaches out we're provided with different answers is unacceptable. How hard is it to get an all company bulletin out with an accurate delivery date?

Thankfully next time I'm in the market for an EV there's going to be serious competition and I don't have to take delivery of cars with missing parts. I've been really happy with my car so far but Tesla's business practices are awful.

seranseran1995 | 30 januari 2019

Completely agree. I also own two Teslas and am beyond irritated that they're sending all the spoilers to Europe when we've already paid for ours and keep getting different answers on when we'll get them. I just got a text from my SC saying to not expect it till summer. That's completely unacceptable.

jimglas | 30 januari 2019

do you really think anyone is foolish enough to click on that link?