Hurricane Michael

Hurricane Michael

Starting to really watch the track of Hurricane Michael. Live in Panama City, FL...


Which car would you take if you had to evacuate..

1. Audi A6 Gas range 500+ miles?
2. Tesla 3 Electric Range of 310 miles?

I know there will be a rush on all the gas stations...

Maybe superchagers along the way might not be as crowded..

Just wondering...

What do you think?

jimglas | 8 oktober 2018

gas will disappear, I would go EV

jithesh | 8 oktober 2018

You could charge my Tesla 3 to 300 miles range from home itself which you cannot do with any ICE cars.

Gas stations can also run out of gas if the demand is too high because the store gas but that is highly unlikely for superchargers/home since there is a direct constant supply of electricity.

There could be possibility of other home owners/business who can help EV owners to charge their vehicles once they have escaped the danger zone.

That's the biggest advantage of Tesla that I see.

Hopefully Tesla will ramp up their superchargers based on the Model 3 sales so that we don't get shortage of superchargers.

andy.connor.e | 8 oktober 2018

Tesla wont waste "gas" in traffic.

vb1 | 8 oktober 2018

If you are leaving, plot a route with EV chargers on the way.

hokiegir1 | 8 oktober 2018

I agree with the others. I'd go with the Tesla. Lower usage in heavy traffic. Sperchargers are less crowded -- and I know in ATL, our facebook group posted a reminder about people with NC/SC tags and GA coastal counties needing use for Florence, so people would remember to be even more considerate than normal. And while power outages may be an issue during the storm, if you are evacuating ahead of it, you shouldn't run into any issues, whereas gas stations can and often do run out of fuel.

Dwhitehead | 8 oktober 2018

Looks like just another reason to love my Tesla 3.

Atckeith1022 | 8 oktober 2018

I think people on this forum are impartial to Tesla. I mean if the storm turns east(I’m in Miami) trust me my P3+ is going in our single car garage over my wife’s ice. However in your case, you are not in key West where there is only one way to evacuate. 500 miles is a long way away from the evac area to run into empty gas stations. I see it as highly unlikely. So the real question is, which car do you leave behind....

rxlawdude | 8 oktober 2018

"Sperchargers are less crowded "

Not a disaster situation here in SoCal, but yesterday afternoon the following statistics on Superchargers:

Carlsbad, CA 0 of 20 available
San Clemente, CA 0 of 20 available
San Juan Capistrano, CA 1 of 7 available
Santa Ana, CA 0 of 12 available
Fountain Valley, CA 0 of 16 available

With the proliferation of M3s here in California, this situation seems to be getting worse, at least on weekends up the I-5 I-405 corridors. To Tesla's credit, there are a ton of "planned" superchargers coming in the next year. (If those estimates are to be believed.)

hokiegir1 | 8 oktober 2018

@rxlawdude -- the southeast just hasn't hit that volume of cars yet, so here, particularly during an exac, it's common for gas stations to have lines hours long, while a supercharger, you may wait a few minutes for a stall to open, but even that is rare. There are a handful that are smaller and therefore busier than the others, but overall, I've never had to wait here. Is there a site where I can see yesterday's stats, or current ones?

CharleyBC | 8 oktober 2018

The primary question is which car will be better suited to get you to safety, and that's been well covered above.

A secondary question is which car is more important to save. The assumption here is that the car left behind may be inundated by storm surge or crushed by a falling tree or whatever. I'd be inclined to save the Tesla, and I absolutely admit to being partial.

Atckeith1022 | 8 oktober 2018

@hokiegirl to get a full 310 mile charge even from a supercharger takes over an hour. If he has a full tank of gas and his range is 500 miles he can drive to Nashville without stoping. Do you think Nashville is going to be without gas or hour + lines? Your logic is sound from southern Florida. But from his position he has multiple options of direction of travel.

jithesh | 8 oktober 2018

Only if we had Wardenclyffe Tower working all over globe we could just charge our Tesla anywhere for free. Maybe in future we would have Wireless Superchargers.

Miss you Nikola Tesla :-(

MTTPA | 8 oktober 2018

I just remember coming back from ATL to Tampa after Irma last year -- no gas south of Tifton, GA until Tampa, but power was still on.

My choice: PanCity to Mobile to Baton Rouge to Lake Charles to Houston in the 3. 3 SC stops versus one gas stop.

Mike83 | 8 oktober 2018

I would keep our Teslas charged up to 90%, normally I keep them at 70% to make a fast getaway. Once can always find electricity. Gas stations run out of gas and you might have to wait in line in an emergency or they could even go back to gas rationing charging more per gallon. I haven't looked at gas prices but don't care what they are.

ReD eXiLe ms us | 8 oktober 2018

Let's see... A category 3 hurricane due to make landfall by Wednesday...? I would already be in a State somewhere West of Georgia by now. Oh, wait... I already am. Get out of there, Bro!

CST | 8 oktober 2018

Drive slow- you'll get more that 310miles.

Rt002k | 8 oktober 2018

Also put it in chill mode, get as much range as possible out of it. And if history is any indicator, Tesla will update your car to get as much range as possible out of it ahead of an evac. I'd stick with the Tesla. As others have pointed out, there's also the likelihood of price gouging at the pump, long lines, gas running out. Even if you go to some random chargepoint, there will be electricity if you're evacuating ahead of the storm. May take a while, but so do all those gas lines! Plus - when you're stuck in bumper to bumper traffic on the way out, turn on EAP and let the car do the stressful work. Make sure you download plug share or charepoint apps so you can find out of the way charging spots in a pinch as well.

dalesmith1962 | 8 oktober 2018

If you’re evacuating late and the power is already off don’t forget that many gas stations can’t pump with the power out. That will add to the congestion at the stations that can pump without power.

If the EV is nearly full it would be my choice for late evac as well.

dalesmith1962 | 8 oktober 2018

That is if the power is not out 250+ miles away.

12Brent | 8 oktober 2018

Haha. Ask a forum of Tesla owners what car to take and not surprisingly they all said the Tesla. I agree! :) Maybe you can get an insurance claim on the A6 and get another Tesla! In seriousness, hope you and yours are safe, as well as your home and things... even the ICE car. :)

ST70 | 8 oktober 2018

Didn't read much....but you can charge at RV parks, other EV stations, etc...def take the Tesla

Tesla2018 | 9 oktober 2018

Im in Palm Beach and its not going to be bad near the east coast south of Jacksonville. Dont know if its better to go west or north and risk being in the path or aftermath.
That reminds me that I need to buy a dryer adapter plug in case I get stuck and can stay at friends homes out of state that have dryers in their garage that I could plug into and get about 25 miles per hour range instead of the 5 miles that you get using a 120 volt household plug.

Dwhitehead | 9 oktober 2018

Gonna hunker down. Just charged to 309 miles. Wish us luck.

ebmcs03 | 9 oktober 2018

Take the Model 3! Tesla will unlock it to 200kw battery and give you 600 mile range to evacuate.

gwolnik | 9 oktober 2018

Take the Tesla with all adapter plugs and search for all types of charges on your route or at your destination. Many home owners register with Plugshare and will allow you to charge your car at their house, offer to pay even if it is free. At worst, you can add some range with a 110 plug almost anywhere. Expected long traffic lines on all evacuation routes, but if you keep the air conditioning off and just roll the windows down, you will use very little range while creeping along. If there are widespread power failures, just try to find high ground and wait it out. Pack survival supplies, fresh water, energy bars, blankets, etc.

dalesmith1962 | 9 oktober 2018

“Gonna hunker down. Just charged to 309 miles. Wish us luck.”

Michael is now a Category 3 storm with projected 6–12 feet storm surge. How many people must die in flooding before people start to get the message? SMH

Tesla2018 | 9 oktober 2018

My former home was destroyed by Sandy and it was only a category 1. My neighbors house came off the foundation and crashed into my other neighbors house almost killing her. My sister in law had relatives that had their home washed away and it wound up getting washed into the bay and underneath a bridge. Flying crap will break your windows or even go thru concrete and your roof might blow off. Go east to Jacksonville and then go south.

ST70 | 9 oktober 2018

@Dwhitehead- let us know if the model 3 floats like the S....

MichaelB00012 | 10 oktober 2018

I hope to hell you left!

It hit category 4 overnight and, if you didn't leave, you're already getting all wet...

garibaldi | 10 oktober 2018

You take the Tesla. Wife (or friend) takes the Audi. Drop one of them if necessary away from ground zero.

Atckeith1022 | 10 oktober 2018

Check in when you can Dwhitehead. Let us know your model 3 is safe. Oh and you and your family of course.

KP in NPT | 10 oktober 2018

Hopefully you evacuated and you took your 3. Past evacuations have shown that while getting gas is a nightmare with lines or stations sold out, superchargers are zero issue. | 10 oktober 2018

We rode out Irma last year. Power was out for 5 days. The MX was a great retreat with A/C, radio and cell phones.

Next time we are leaving town in a Model 3. Range charge ahead of the storm and head the other way. In three hours you are out of harms way at a Supervharger,

A gas car is OK too. Fill up the tank in advance and head in the opposite direction. In 3 or 4 hours you are out of harms way at a gas station. But the big difference maker is traffic. As pointed out above the BEV just gets more efficient in bumper to bumper traffic. The ICEV gets worse. | 10 oktober 2018

Supercharger that is.

sterickson | 10 oktober 2018

Isn't the OP exactly where it came onshore as a Cat 5? I hope he and his family actually survived. Screw the car - that's what insurance is for.

ebmcs03 | 10 oktober 2018

How much damage has th hurricane done?

Last month Hong Kong was hit with a category 10 hurricane. They recovered within a week. People stay put in high rises! That’s scary.

ReD eXiLe ms us | 10 oktober 2018

The news here in Mississippi covered emergency crews heading into Alabama to help. There were multiple images of 'OUT OF GAS' signs left on pumps already at gas stations.

shank15217 | 10 oktober 2018

two different scales, a category 5 hurricane would destroy much of Hong Kong

Dwhitehead | 16 oktober 2018

Hello from Panama City. All is good here....kinda.. All my family ok. Tesla ok! Audi ok. Need new roof on house, all trees down, holes in house, water damage, etc... For everyone’s information, my neighborhood was In a non-evacuation zone. We live near a emergency shelter location, so with the information given we decided to stay. My other well informed and well educated neighbors also decided to stay. All are also ok. Hurricane intensified more rapidly than anticipated and did not turn east like projected. So all the second guessers/arm chair quarterbacks need to keep their mouths shut about my decision to stay.

lilbean | 17 oktober 2018

Glad you’re ok.

hokiegir1 | 17 oktober 2018

@Dwhitehead - thanks for checking in and glad you are all safe. Fingers crossed your house gets repaired quickly.

Mike83 | 17 oktober 2018

Terrible tragedy. I read there's 18 deaths and no power in many places.
Be careful.

MTTPA | 17 oktober 2018

Glad you and your family are OK. Hope you've managed to get a tarp over your roof for now. At least it looks like you have electricity and internet again.

4barkie | 17 oktober 2018

Glad you and your family, including your tesla are ok. That had to have been a frightening experience.