Waiting For 9.0 Update

Waiting For 9.0 Update

I still haven't received the update and am curious if I have any ability to assist with the process. I have not been connected to wifi as I park in a detached garage without a signal, however this has never prevented updates in the past. Has anyone received a prompt to update without a wifi connection?

morin.karen | 8 oktober 2018

I am connected to wifi (though not a huge connection) but I have always gotten notification of software updates before on my S. This time nothing. I have checked the connection...very frustrating as I have gotten emails declaring how great it is and I have searched this site to figure out how to initiate the download...NOTHING oh and the call line for Tesla where you used to get a live person in 3-5 min is now 40 minutes to get help. I love my Tesla but you are truly testing me now ...anyone know how to initiate the download?

nrao | 9 oktober 2018

Look at this link before you install 9.0

yanyan | 9 oktober 2018

People, it's an update, just calm down. sheesh.

bp | 9 oktober 2018

Musk promised that Tesla owners would (eventually) be able to request when an update would be pushed to their cars.

Until then, we're likely following the same process used for previous releases - Tesla releases the updates to a seemingly random order of vehicles in batches, and if they discover any bugs, they will temporarily pause distribution until the bug has been fixed. Using this process, it can take weeks to months before all vehicles receive the update.

If what Musk promised is added to the software, and we have the ability to request a release be installed after it becomes available, then you shouldn't have to wait an indeterminate amount of time to get a new update.

Though - getting that ability likely will require changes to the software - and if it isn't part of the V9 release, we'll have to continue waiting to get more control over when new releases are sent to our cars.