Steering wheel, off center:

Steering wheel, off center:

Got the M3P, delivered to my home on September 30th. Love it, but noticed the wheel needs to be slightly turned right, to drive straight. Tesla is fixing. Anyone else notice a similar issue?

CharleyBC | 11 oktober 2018

Yup. Someone had a similar post about a week ago.

slingshot18 | 11 oktober 2018

Yup. I have the same issue. Appointment on the 29th to fix. Still love this car more than reasonable.

ebmcs03 | 11 oktober 2018

Yes I have it too. Since June. Might be too late. They’re going to just say I hit something when I didn’t.

I’ll just live with it. Th car tracks straight. Might be better to leave it than make it worse.

I had them adjust a protruding headlight and now the top has a bigger gap than before.

njchillie | 12 oktober 2018

It sounds like just an alignment issue, like on any car. Very easy fix.

Newstvguy | 12 oktober 2018

Thanks. Would they need to recenter steering wheel, or, just do alignment?

I’d definitely report it, feels odd.

Magic 8 Ball | 12 oktober 2018

If the car tracks straight and true then it is just recenter the wheel.

slingshot18 | 12 oktober 2018

I need an alignment (doesn't track straight) and a recenter of the wheel.

deezeela | 12 oktober 2018

yes, similar issue. but tilted to the left about 5 degrees. made a tomorrow's appointment to fix it.

hpn | 12 oktober 2018

similar issue to my LR Model...SW not centered and pulls to the Right....Tesla CS fixed it

deezeela | 12 oktober 2018

can you share how long it took?

Haggy | 12 oktober 2018

"Yes I have it too. Since June. Might be too late. They’re going to just say I hit something when I didn’t."

Just call them and tell them that it's been that way since it was new. They aren't likely to make a big deal over it. Tell them that it didn't occur to you to take it in until you noticed something posted about it online.

deezeela | 12 oktober 2018

I called Tesla support first, the rep recommended me to fix it at a local Tesla authorized body shop. Somehow local body shop (Service King) technician didn't want to align it, he wanted me go to Tesla SC.. He said it should still under warranty ( I had it for less than 3 months, but this issue started about 2 months ago).

After seen this post, I know it might be a common issue.

vmulla | 12 oktober 2018

Had that problem (Back in Jan/Feb 2018) it was a 15 min fix at the service center. Don't worry about it, its a tiny adjustment.

We discussed this earlier here:

I'm unable to find my own thread on this matter, I must have posted that around late February.

wayne | 12 oktober 2018

Mine is off just a few degrees. Drives straight. Doesn’t bother me, I decided not worth fixing.

deezeela | 12 oktober 2018


did you notice the SW icon on screen is off too when EAP was on? mine does, but it still drives straight in the center of lane when EAP is on.

OROCHIzc | 12 oktober 2018

@ Magic 8 Ball
You are incorrect on this one.

I had this exact issue and took my car to the service center in Plano, twice.

What I was told by Tesla technician is that this is a alignment issue. When the wheels is out of alignment, the car "sees" it and trying correct the problem with software, which is pointing the steering wheel to the other side to counter the alignment issue. Thus, the car will always drive straight, even with an alignment issue.

However, 2 alignments didn't solve the problem 100%. Now my steering wheel is now pointing 3-5 degrees to the left instead of 10-15 degrees to the left when driving straight.

If any of you guys discovers another solution to this issue, please let me know.

wayne | 12 oktober 2018

@deezeela I have not noticed this but will look.

carlk | 12 oktober 2018

You guys are talking about two different things. If car pulls to right or left it could be alignment or tire issue. If it track straight but steering wheel is not centered all it needs is a simple adjustment.

OROCHIzc | 12 oktober 2018

" If it track straight but steering wheel is not centered all it needs is a simple adjustment."

That's just incorrect, according to Tesla's technician from Plano, TX, service center.

It doesn't make much sense to me as well but that's exactly what I was told at the service center. And alignment was what they did to fix my car (not 100% fixed)

Unless someone with the same problem got it fixed with "a simple adjustment", I cannot go to the service center to tell those technicians that they don't know what they are doing.

deezeela | 12 oktober 2018

Correct, it is not an alignment issue, probably nothing wrong with tire pressures, wheels or axles. Probably steering wheel need adjustment.

nttesla | 12 oktober 2018

My car has the same problem but it goes perfectly straight. The service tech and I removed the steering wheel the other day to replace the turn signal assembly. The wheel has a very fine spline. I could of had him turn it one spline but decided to leave. If it really starts to bug me I am just going to remove the wheel and turn it one spline.

OROCHIzc | 12 oktober 2018

If you haven't got your car fixed yet, saying this will confuse more people because it's not a fact, only your opinion, which is the opposite of what a certified Tesla Service center technician told me.

Which service center did you go? Did the service tech told you that to remove the wheel and turn it one spline is the solution to it? Or you went there just for the turn signal and thought that's how to fix it? I want to refer your case to my service center tech and hopefully this will help them to fix my car.

nttesla | 12 oktober 2018

Service tech came to my house to replace the turn signal assembly. We he got here I realized it was a old friend of mine. I am a car mechanic for a living also so I decided to hangout during the repair. He had never done this repair before so we worked together and got it done. If the car doesn’t pull moving the wheel could be the easiest fix. This is just my opinion. To do this the airbag has to be removed so I don’t recommend just anyone trying this.

nttesla | 12 oktober 2018

I would mention it to your service advisor to get their opinion. We had to mark the wheel to make sure to install back in the same location. That would lead me to believe moving it wouldn’t hurt. We didn’t try moving it because it was getting dark out so we decided to mess with it on a later date.

vmulla | 12 oktober 2018

Here's exactly what was happening to my car:

Issue - Car drives straight with or without EAP, the steering wheel points about 5Degrees off to perfect vertical when car is going straight.
Fix - Steering wheel was adjusted, with some tiny electronic adjustment that took about 15 minutes to fix . Nothing to do with alignments.

So if your problem sounds like mine, relax it's a truly minor problem.

Newstvguy | 13 oktober 2018

Does yours point right or left? Mine pints right, so if I hold the wheel normally, it has me going into traffic. Not a big deal to adjust, but not ideal. Tesla rep says it needs alignment, but apparently I don’t.

maslowb | 20 oktober 2018

Took delivery of my performance dual motor 3 this morning and noticed driving home the same exact thing. My long-range rear wheel drive version I took delivery of in March doesn't have the problem. Glad to hear it's a simple fix.

peter_m_o | 31 juli 2019

Same problem here. Car tracks straight when I take my hands off the wheels but it's slightly tilted to the right by about 2°

SteveofMO | 31 juli 2019

I had the same thing at delivery. Took it to the SC and all they did was remove the steering wheel and move it one cog to fix the issue, other than that it drove straight.

vmulla | 31 juli 2019

CharleyBC | October 11, 2018
Yup. Someone had a similar post about a week ago.

That was probably from my 40k mile review. I had that, it was the second service item I had on my car (in March 2018)

in7 | 31 juli 2019

I was told by the service center that once the car reached a certain number of miles it automatically adjusted the steering-wheel-centeredness.

I had taken it in after one of those curbs had jumped out in front of me.

vmulla | 31 juli 2019

That kinda makes sense. If something happened the car is probably self adjusting to the change.

Amazes me what this car can do, always something new to learn

Joshan | 31 juli 2019

What if you just tilt our head to the side? does the make the wheel straight and resolve the issue? Sometimes you just gotta think outside the box.

Resist | 31 juli 2019

in7 - Self adjusting steering wheel, not sure I believe that. I noticed today that mine is also not centered and it used to be centered.

vmulla | 31 juli 2019

Healthy skepticism is good.
A few days ago another poster mentioned something like this as a preventative measure against unusual tire wear, I think it was in the post regarding rim damage due to pot hole. It's the two similar accounts that make me more inclined to believe. Besides, it's a computer controlled electronic steering with several sensors. So, I'm inclined to believe based on tidbits of info. I'll await concrete proof from the forum.

Resist | 31 juli 2019

All I know is that after my Model 3 had an alignment (due to another car backing into the rear quarter panel), now the steering wheel is slightly off center to the right. And I'm positive it was perfectly centered before. I haven't hit any pot holes and don't even have 5,000 miles on the car.

in7 | 31 juli 2019

Resist, I think they said the car adjusts for the steering-wheel-centeredness after the first 4,000 miles, or maybe it was 3,000, I can't remember. The service center advised me to wait until after then, and then bring it back if it didn't adjust at that point.

in7 | 31 juli 2019

Here is a video that shows how to remove and replace the Model 3 steering wheel. You need to skip ahead to half-way through this video to see it.

I don't think I'd ever want to do this though.

63strat | 1 augustus 2019

So this video shows there's a groove that makes it impossible to put the steering wheel on crooked. So does this mean it's always an alignment issue instead?

63strat | 1 augustus 2019

So this video shows there's a groove that makes it impossible to put the steering wheel on crooked. So does this mean it's always an alignment issue instead?

Filip86 | 7 augustus 2019

My steering wheel has been off centre since we picked up the car in late 2017, each time we have it serviced on warranty fixes (been like 5-6 times now) I keep telling them to fix this issue. Each time they perform a 4 wheel alignment and state that the car drives straight (even though I tell them that the steering wheel has to be remounted on the steering wheel column, because thats where the issue is), I still have to turn slightly to the left to drive straight...

vmulla | 7 augustus 2019

That's weird, the folks in Decatur GA helped me with this. They took one look at it, understood the problem and told me to wait while they fixed it. They performed an alignment for good measure just because I shared I'd like to step out for lunch. I'm confident the right person can fix it in a jiffy. Try again, good luck.

Joshan | 7 augustus 2019

@filip88 your saying 2 different things.

You started by saying the steering wheel is crooked.

You than stated that you have to pull left to drive straight even AFTER a alignment.

Why would you leave the SC if the car cannot go straight down the street. I get the steering wheel being off center is annoying, but it has nothing to do with the car going straight down the road.

Tronguy | 7 augustus 2019

Over the decades I've owned cars I've had a couple that had the steering wheel tilted; usually, right after an alignment.
Dunno how the Tesla's organized, but I have my doubts that it can straighten out an off-center steering wheel. Having direct mechanical contact between the steering wheel and the knuckle on the front wheels is kind of a safety requirement in case of power steering hydraulic failure. Could be wrong, but I don't think so.
In any case, fixing it the traditional way is easy: Loosen the lock nuts on the two tie rods between the rack-and-pinion and the steering knuckles, rotate the rods in opposite directions the exact same amount, and, ta-da! straightened steering wheel. (Or off by an additional angle in the wrong direction, in which case it's "oops! Wrong direction turn!" and the process is reversed for double the turns.)
The other one that works as well, I suppose, is the pop-the-steering-wheel-off-and-put-it-back-in-one-cog-in-the-opposite-direction trick; but that's only if the cogs are fine-pitched enough to line it up where one wants it.
It doesn't surprise me that having the car hit in interesting places that aren't the front end can cause the steering wheel to become offset: There's a reason that modern cars get a four-wheel alignment and, for good measure, a good front-end alignment sometimes involve a bit of body straightening. The official shop manuals for cars often have exact 3-d measurements of what physical points are supposed to be where.