Powerwall App

Powerwall App

The app no longer allows me to adjust time-based controls, view storm watch, or customize percentage of backup when connected to solar.

When will the app be fixed?

matt.latham | 30 oktober 2018


zubinanary | 30 oktober 2018

Mine works perfectly (Powerwall only). The Customize menu option appears and I can setup Time Based Control settings. Try logging off and logging back in, otherwise email the Powerwall Support team to get more information.

matt.latham | 3 november 2018

Any idea what the email address is for Powerwall Support? I’ve tried calling, but wait times are unreasonably long.

fletchers4 | 8 november 2018

We have Powerall installation complated three weeks ago (for our solar panels) but have received no acknowledgement from Tesla...!?

Tesla-David | 8 november 2018

@fletchers4 did your utility provider inspect/approve the PW2 installation? You need that inspection/approval before they can be turned on. We got our approval the day out PW2 installation was complete, and our PW2's were turned on right away in Edmonds, WA.

marinergreg | 10 november 2018

@Tesla-David. I'm in Burien and considering a single PW2. But with installation the total quote was $16k. Mind if I ask how much your installation cost was and who you went with?

Tesla-David | 11 november 2018

We paid $15.5k forr two. PW2’s, and A&R Solar did the installation and did an excellent job.

eLove | 2 november 2019

Is there an app for Linux?

eLove | 2 november 2019

And when I ask if there is an app for Linux, I mean an open source app.

rlwrw | 2 november 2019

When my system was installed, I had to go to the Apple store to get an iOS device. Ended up with an iPad Air.
The Tesla app, at least at that time, was only available for Apple iOS devices. There may be more added by now.
My app works just fine, and I have had no problems with it other than "Data Not Available" periodic messages.
Yes, I was bummed that I could not access the data from my computer, but I've warmed up to the iPad.

smaches | 2 november 2019

To answer Matts original Q - I also was experiencing some data gaps last week and intermittent connection even with the direct connect mode to the TEG. I didn't call tech support as I thought I'd try the RESET button in my TEG first. It seems to have cleared my issue.
And on another note - I noticed today that the old link to the site that showed daily production is now in limbo, too. Oh. Well.

charlesj | 2 november 2019

You mean that I will need an apple product to have access and monitor the PW and setups?

smaches | 2 november 2019

@charlesj - Not that I am aware of. My android device is working just fine. In fact, if you know some of the history of the TESLA app, it was android only when first rolled out. But with the transition away from the SolarCity 'web-based' monitoring tool, they had to add apple products to give flexibility to customer base preferences.