Who did you purchase your power wall from

Who did you purchase your power wall from

Was your purchase made through Tesla, or a third party?

I have the option to purchase a power wall from a third party installer, but only if I install Solar.
As I understand, I would have to cancel my original reservation which I made three years ago,
and would be paying the new higher price, plus be required to buy solar.

Has anyone else run into this? My original idea was to use the powerwall as a battery backup, as my home is not ideally suited for solar.

ripatriot | 31 oktober 2018

i'm purchasing through tesla. i already have solar.

would have to weigh the benefits of adding solar with upfront cost and having the ability to claim 30% tax credit on both the solar and the solar connected powerwall.

while i need a backup power solution, i don't think i would install a powerwall at current prices without solar feeding it or receiving 30% back as a credit.