North Dakota Superchargers

North Dakota Superchargers

Anyone have any updates on Superchargers that are supposed to be coming to ND? Fargo has been permitted for a site for almost a year but haven’t seen any construction or update. With winter now here it can be very inconvenient to travel to Minneapolis, with weather hitting 0-20°F and if wind is unfavorable, I can barely make it to Clearwater MN Supercharger. Would also like to be able to drive to Colorado or Montana this winter for some skiing!

Please Tesla, make The Midwest a priority for Superchargers. It’s my Christmas wish!!

T35LA | 19 november 2018

neukwen | 19 november 2018

I bought my Model S at the beginning of 2015 when Tesla's supercharger map had Fargo and Grand Forks listed as "coming soon". So I assumed I would soon be able to drive from Winnipeg to Minneapolis. It was my Christmas wish for 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, and now 2019.

My wife decided early this year to get a Model 3, after permits were secured for Fargo and places around Winnipeg, with a note for completion in 2018. As 2018 comes to a close, still nothing.

Frustrating, but still no regrets.

dppanda2000 | 19 maart 2019

Enough Tesla’s in the area to have superchargers in gfk/Fargo area. Inconvenient for travelers to Minneapolis and Winnipeg. Tesla - please clarify!

wiboater4 | 29 maart 2019

I think maybe they've been holding off on opening a lot of the new superchargers to keep profitable for the quarterly report. Maybe they had to concentrate on the other countries for awhile now too. Are any of he sites in ND being worked on??

wiboater4 | 26 april 2019

Seems like all those coming soon super chargers are frozen in time? ?