voice text

voice text

Can we PLEASE get voice text on the tesla screen. Many other cars do this, it is major safety feature. let me listen to my incoming texts and voice text a reply to my bluetooth attached phone, with my hands still on the steering wheel.

NKYTA | 21 november 2018

I’m sure three posts will get this done. ;-) | 22 november 2018

Actually, Tesla is the safer design by not encouraging owners to take attention away from actually driving to texting while driving. Texting while driving (any kind/method) degrades safety significantly. Basically those that text while driving are about the same as driving drunk. Glad it's illegal in our state.

gregs | 22 november 2018

Tesla should consider incorporating Mycroft with their computer system. Mycroft is a free and open source voice digital assistant like Alexa, Siri, et al. But Mycroft doesn't spy on you and is completely open, so Tesla and other third parties could add their own functionality (skills) to it. Mycroft could be used for the texting functionality and innumerable other skills, from getting the weather to scheduling a meeting to buying tickets, etc. ad infinitum. If you were a programmer you could even write your own skills! I think that would be an ultra-functional Tesla feature.