navigation by autopilot - aborted lane changes

navigation by autopilot - aborted lane changes

Has anyone experienced a number of aborted lane changes in navigation by autopilot? Took trip DC to NY. At least 10 times the Tesla would start to lane change, swerve back, start again, and then abort. Wasn’t aborting for any apparent car reason. Not super heavy traffic and plenty of room. Seemed relatively random. Worked fine at other times with similar traffic conditions. Only thing I could see is sometimes there were tar lines along lane markers or the highway at the lane markers seemed to have some slope (very mild). Anyone have a similar experience?

Cameras were definitely clean.

EVRider | 24 november 2018

Did you have the turn signal engaged throughout the lane change?

lph | 24 november 2018

I noticed that it won't cross over a solid white line but will over a dashed line.

Baltfan | 24 november 2018

@evrider. I approved each of the lane changes by pulling down on the drive stall. Didn’t touch the turn signal stalk once the car put it on by itself. I noticed that the car seemed to be speeding up a bit to make the change even with no car in the other lane. Seemed to get confused as if it felt too close to the car in front of me. I was following at 3 back.

thedrisin | 24 november 2018

NoA just really a beta gimmick at this point. Cannot be trusted and I would rather make the lane changes myself than watching it make an attempt to change lane or exit a ramp, ready to immediately take over. I found it more stressful. At an exit ramp it accelerated and was headed for the guardrail when I aborted. I won't use again.

bruryan | 24 november 2018

I am not aware of your lane change method.

I didn't have any issues on my drive home from delivery, 120 miles. I used the turn signal lever, car made the change like a pro.

jjgunn | 24 november 2018

lph | November 24, 2018
I noticed that it won't cross over a solid white line but will over a dashed line.
This is 100% accurate. Solid white line means no lane changes. Even though we see drivers cross them on a daily basis the Tesla will obey the PROPER rules of the road.

jwins | 24 november 2018

I stopped using NoA on my recent long trip. It was amusing, but not that helpful on exiting the freeway, and I never got EAP to engage on on-ramps. Most of all, though, it was unnerving when it would suddenly swerve one way or the other when trying to change lanes. I got much more consistent behavior on lane changes when I had NoA off and EAP on. Then it would just do the lane change as requested.

M3phan | 28 november 2018

NoA is beta but not a gimmick IMO. The more you use it the better it gets. Used to abort a few lane changes for me but no longer. Mad Max mode is tight, changes into lanes smoothly and at speed. I use EAP most times driving, 85% of time, and of that NoA 75% of time.

elecfan2 | 28 november 2018

My cameras are broken so mine won't even change lanes, so count yourself lucky.

M3phan | 28 november 2018

@ewd7 All 8 external cameras are broken? What happened to cause that?

elecfan2 | 28 november 2018

@M3phan, driver's side camera defective, replaced. Passenger side car now defective after 3 weeks. No accidents, nothing that I did. It's a defective car, a Lemon. Who know's what else is wrong with the damn thing. Tesla is delaying so that they can avoid responsibility under Lemon Laws as they are refusing to replace the camera and saying I'll need to come back after a few weeks and they can't justify giving a loaner car as none available as I pull out of a huge lot filled with Model 3's just sitting there among many Model S and X cars.

Finoguy | 29 november 2018

@Baltfan Interesting to see your post—yes, I had this happen two or three times this week. In the left lane, switching to the right—clear path, no unusual lane markings. I use that feature a lot during my daily commute and haven’t had the artifact for months. I’d thought about posting to see if others had had this experience after the last update, but hadn’t gotten around to it yet.

Jeffcrilly | 30 november 2018

Yes. I’ve had this happen a bunch.

I was thinking it might have something to do with the angle of the sun.
Also the road where it had a problem was “grooved” concrete.
The dashed lines were also a bit weird — the white line had a small black outline.

No cars were around, the freeway was basically empty.
Location was California southbound 85 about 5 miles north of the highway 17 off ramp.

SV_Model3_2019 | 18 maart 2019

@Jeffcrilly Interesting.I noticed it a couple of times too, along 85 South at around 9:30AM

johnmerb | 18 maart 2019

Yes. Unless there are no other vehicles anywhere close to it, my Model 3 Enhanced Autopilot lane changes (either normal or Navigate on Autopilot) fail more than they succeed. Sometimes it just doesn't do anything. Sometimes it starts the lane change and then jerks back repeatedly

rkalbiarEV | 18 maart 2019

Yeah happens to me about 30%. Really annoying because it makes you look like a terrible driver! For me, it mostly happens when there is a bigger vehicle in the third lane.

RP3 | 18 maart 2019

Hmmm...happened to me yesterday and I noticed that the display wasn't showing the 2 lanes that were to the right of me after I tried to initiate a lane change to the right that just silently failed. usually very reliable for me.

munropride | 18 maart 2019

Same issue with me - works fine for a long time and then all of a sudden phantom and aborted lane changes with no traffic to my side. Indicator is fully engaged and the car starts the lane change before aborting suddenly and veering back to the original lane. It is happening more often since the last two software updates.

BattMobile | 18 maart 2019

I have experienced similar "streaks" of lane change aborts. Probably 0 for 10 on a 60 mile drive. I have had some success with a full reboot (Power off in the Safety menu): went 10 for 10 (success). on same drive. However, just had another 0/10 on the way home. I'm going to try another "power off" reset. Interested to hear more from others too.

kurtmetcalfe24 | 18 maart 2019

Make sure you fully engage the turn signal. Not just click down halfway for the few seconds of signal. That was my issue

Joshan | 18 maart 2019

for me it seems to be related tro the camera not being perfectly clean. Anytime I have issues, if I get a carwash they go away.

jeff d | 18 maart 2019

I was going to say, do like the pilots lens cleaner the cameras before every flight...

alexftsl | 19 maart 2019

+1 with the swerving up till 2015.5.15 (clean cameras, dry roads, partially sunny days). NoA is cool when it works but it absolutely needs supervision right now; it's not rare at all for it to swerve repeatedly trying a few times before giving up (I imagine I look like a nut to other drivers). Currently I think it's wise to keep it to dry conditions till this swerving is resolved - if it were to swerve back and forth in slippery conditions it would make for a risky proposition.
Tweets have it that no-confirm NoA is getting rolled out ( so hopefully this comes with an updated algo.

polarizeme | 19 maart 2019

Just wanted to chime in with a +2 (my wife and I both experience this).

I've done super minimal testing, but part of the comment from @Jeffcrilly aligns with everything I've seen so far:
>I was thinking it might have something to do with the angle of the sun.

The last time I tested this (over the weekend) was on I-90 heading for and coming back from Chicago. 3 lanes: passing/left, middle, right. On the way there I noticed that *every* time an abort happened while crossing from the passing lane back to the middle lane, there was a vehicle in the right lane with a shadow casting into the middle lane. Every time. I tried without any vehicles in the right lane and not a sill lane-change was aborted. When I tested on my way home in the opposite direction, there were 0 aborted lane-changes.

I don't think sun is the _only_ cause of this behaviour, but given the history Autopilot has with shadows under bridges, it seems at least likely this would be related.

polarizeme | 19 maart 2019

*not a single lane change was aborted.

Not sure how or why I typed "sill." I'm not even on my phone lol

torg | 19 maart 2019

had a couple of crazy lane change attempts this weekend while on NoA - turn signal fully depressed, no cars in faster lane, and both times it swerved into the lane, swerved back again and then tried it again with the same results until I disconnected the autopilot. The first time a Highway Patrol car spotted the scary swerving and followed me for about 5 miles (while I had Nav on AP turned off and just kept the cruise control and lane keeping on. Later I tried several lane changes without NoA, and they worked fine. Cameras were clean.

I bought the FSD but if I can't trust NoA, it isn't something I;d ever use.

Any use reporting this as a bug?