Parked in the Cold Winter

Parked in the Cold Winter

So here my question.
I live in Upstate NY. We are into the cold winter months and I own a 3D AWD.

Currently I park the car in my (unheated garage) over night.
I find that after I Park and lock it up for the night, it appears the battery keeps conditioning itself throughout the night (I can hear it humming for hours until I head to bed). The next day I lose about 3-5 miles of use every night (when its not plugged in).
Am I doing something wrong? Should I be letting it condition itself overnight as its doing? If not, how do I turn it off?

My guess is whether its plugged in our not for the night. I should just let it self maintain the pack. correct?
Let me know guys!

jvcesare | 27 november 2018

The battery thermal management system is working as designed.

agkulcz | 27 november 2018

This loss in cold weather seems pretty normal. I was just upstate NY for Thanksgiving and on the night where the temp dipped to 1F my M3 lost 12 miles when parked outside. Your garage even though not heated still protects the car a little bit. If you can leave it plugged in even if you set the charge limit to just at or a little bit above what your SOC is when you park, it will use the power from the electric line and you won't loose any range overnight. Your battery will still get pretty cold and you'll see a snowflake on your charge indicator and a part of the battery capacity won't be available until the battery warms up once you start driving. It can take quite a bit of driving time to warm up a really cold battery - you can mitigate it by starting to charge again and preheating the interior of your car a bit before you need to start driving. Cold weather EV strategies....

tjfbryant | 27 november 2018

Thanks a bunch everyone.... just making sure I was doing the right thing!

landoncube | 27 november 2018

A plugged-in Tesla is a Happy Tesla!

ravtdi | 28 november 2018

How does this work if I have the charging scheduled to start at 11PM every night, does that mean that even if plugged in during the day, that the battery is not conditioning or pre-heating automatically?

Passion2Fly | 28 november 2018

It’s not clear to me if the M3 preheats the battery if the car is unplugged and turned off. There is a battery safety switch if the temperature drops below -22F. But that’s about it.
In order to preheat the battery, you need to either be actively charging or run the cabin heating... the MX/MS have a dedicated battery heater. The M3 doesn’t...

HughManatee | 28 november 2018

Yeah, i'd keep it plugged in overnight for longest battery life, etc. Says it in the manual.

jordanrichard | 28 november 2018

Always, always, did I also mention always, have your car plugged in. not only is it best for the battery, but by getting into the habit and essentially making it a "reflex" of sorts when getting out of the car, you mitigate the chances of forgetting to plug the car in.

Bighorn | 28 november 2018

No battery “conditioning” while plugged in and not charging. You get incidental heat from charging or active heating from the climate app.

Ron.Olsberg | 10 februari 2020

Bighorn is correct. You will get a VERY small amount of traction battery heating when the car wakes up to top off the 12V AGM battery and whatever else the car does while it is awake. I do not drive much but last time I checked, about a year ago, the car would be awake on average around five hours per day using more than a KWH per day parked. When the car is awake, it is slowly discharging the traction battery and running the DC-to-DC converter which creates a small amount of heat. This heats up the coolant that is then pumped through the traction battery. If the car was actually actively heating the traction battery, via the traction motor stator winding, you would lose way more that 3-5 Miles per day on a cold night. Never heard about the -22F traction battery safety switch? Anyone have a link where I could read up on this safety switch.