What's wrong with the "open fully here" option?

What's wrong with the "open fully here" option?

A long time ago I tried setting the "open fully here" option so the FWD would open all the way inside my garage because they annoyingly normally open half way. That is, they stop a good 3 feet from the garage door overhead. This has never worked; every time I open the doors, they still stop 3 feet short, even though it is set to "open fully here".

After the last software update, the doors suddenly decided to open all the way, and because of where the car was parked, one door did manage to just barely hit the metal arm of the garage door opener track and was slightly damaged. The next day it stopped opening all the way and has gone back to the usual behavior of completely ignoring the "open fully here" setting.


SteveMost | 3 december 2018

Don’t know. Same thing works perfectly for me in my garage.
(Sorry about the damage)