Losing LTE

Losing LTE

I've had my Model 3 for 12 days now - and I've lost LTE four times already. Twice I lost LTE for more than 24 hours. I live in a condo and park in my underground garage each night - but my iPhone LTE, while weak, still seems to work when in the garage. I've tried the steering wheel button reset many times, but that never seems to fix the problem. Even after I take the car out of the garage and drive it to work and park it in a surface lot, LTE still doesn't come back. I'm not that worried about not having LTE underground, but I feel it should re-establish when I'm back out in the open, non?

Would love to hear from others who've had this issue - especially those of you who park underground. I'm trying to determine if that has anything to do with it.

COrich | 6 december 2018

Tesla uses the AT&T network. So, unless you also have AT&T, your LTE reception has no bearing on the car's reception. And, being in an underground parking garage will severely attenuate the signal.

sophieclui | 6 december 2018

I should add to this.... I'm not particularly bothered by not having LTE in the garage. But when I get back out into open air, LTE does not come back, in some cases for more than 24 hours.

David3 | 6 december 2018

I had the same issue with LTE not reconnecting after getting out of an underground garage. Service center fixed it by replacing the LTE connectivity board. They just did a modem reset on the first try but issue occurred again. So far so good after the LTE connectivity board replacement.

transaxl | 6 december 2018

This has happened to me multiple times in areas where there certainly is coverage. I've owned the car for 1000 miles.

CharleyBC | 6 december 2018

I've seen this once. We were passing through a remote part of Oregon, so I figured no biggie. There's just no signal here. My phone (also AT&T) was in my pocket, so no data point to offer.

But we got to areas where it sure seemed there should be cellular coverage, but still no LTE. Eventually we got to Grants Pass, a real city, and still no LTE. When I went to the Grants Pass Supercharger, I did the two-thumb reboot, and LTE came back, full bars.

ajbutler45 | 6 december 2018

I was having a problem with the LTE symbol being greyed out with a line through it. It would also prevent my WIFI connecting to it. Did many two thumb reboots and it would work a while then stop. Called Tesla and they had me turn the car off for two minutes then back on. That was three weeks ago and no problems since.

hamiltonned | 7 december 2018

How do you turn the car off?

TeslaMarque | 7 december 2018

For some reason I’ve always had horrible cell reception at my house, I live in a dead zone. I have ATT for a cell provider, and it’s so annoying they ended up giving me one of those mini cell towers to use. I park in the garage and my Tesla is connected to WiFi, but I have left home and had no LTE service.

Tesla needs to refresh this connection, as I’ve driven all over our city in areas I know have good reception and it stays grayed out, like it doesn’t refresh because it originally couldn’t get a signal in my garage. Very annoying, because w/o LTE, you cannot use autopilot or NOA or any voice controls. Pretty annoying when you are driving around all day and can’t use the features to your car because it’s lost it’s LTE connection, and there’s no way to refresh this. I too have went an entire day without it. Then the day after everything works fine. I just believe they need to refresh this connection more often, like every 15 mins or something.

AWDTesla | 7 december 2018

Same here. I lose it almost every drive. Reboot brings it back.

roberts | 7 december 2018

I have had the car 6 months (22,000km). On any trip of a couple of hours or more I consistently lose the LTE for at least some portion of the trip. The outage lasts anywhere from a few minutes to 30mins. Software reboot makes no difference (ie if it was out , it stays out). Outage can occur anywhere. including within moderate sized cities (ie with populations of 300,000+), so I can't believe it is caused by a local cell tower desert). When I lose LTE I also lose the maps (ie map section becomes a giant white space with grid lines). I have never contacted tesla to complain on the assumption that it was either weirdly normal or a known bug (also the nearest sc is 3hr away). But as I read about others experience perhaps I should give them a call. Opinions?

Gmorgon | 7 december 2018

M3 delivered 3 days ago and I have had this problem repeatedly in the Coachella Valley (Palm Desert) area.

mrburke | 7 december 2018

I just started loosing LTE last week and it is getting more frequent and worse. I have had drop out while I was waiting at a light. I have AT&T on my phone and I have no issues with the phone in the area where the car has dropped it's connection.

CorkChop | 7 december 2018

Driving around town and noticed Slacker stopped playing then I noticed that the LTE icon had a slash through it. Stayed that way for about 20 minutes then randomly came back online. I'm in a very good AT&T service area and the disconnection was odd.

Evie3 | 8 december 2018

Yup, this happens to me as well. I also park in an apartment complex parking garage and will loose LTE. It isn’t consistent though because it also happens when I park out on the streets. I just then listen to FM or connect to my iPhone. It is inconvenient when I want to use navigation on the screen.

Miataguy | 8 december 2018

I posted this in another thread as well.

If you have WiFi set up, there is a bug where the car detects a WiFi access point and tries to connect, and never stops.

The temporary fix is to shut off WiFi.

Hopefully this is fixed in an update soon.

roberts | 10 december 2018

I took my car to a SC in Toronto today to fix a stuck frunk (the solenoid had to be replaced). While there I asked about the erratic LTE issue. He told me that the LTE uses AT&T cell network and because I am in Canada the LTE is always roaming, and therefore slow and subject to frequent loss of connection. He told me that Tesla has decided, that for Canadian cars, they will be replacing the AT&T sim card with a Telus sim card. For those of you in the US, Telus is one of Canada's 3 primary cell network providers. Apparently this will address the issue. The service tech said that the switch will begin to roll out sometime in 2019. Existing Canadian car will get a call to bring their cars in for the switch.

lilbean | 10 december 2018

Mine was out all afternoon.

gwolnik | 10 december 2018

I had this happen to me for the first time yesterday. I was driving home around 5pm PST and it was working, then all of a sudden I noticed the slash through the LTE icon and there was no traffic data or streaming music. For the last 10 miles drive home it was like that and also in my garage, where I normally have connectivity. I left the car and it went to "sleep" when I got out and closed the door. I came back about an hour later and to check the LTE and it was back working again. Today it worked with no problem. This confirms that adding a separate Sirius XM Onyx radio was the right decision, I don't want to depend on LTE! I was also glad to see that the basic GPS still worked, it just did not have the live traffic data while the LTE was unavailable.

louisv | 13 december 2018

Same here. I live in a condo with underground parking (Montreal, Canada). LTE was always spotty so I could not really try the free autopilot tryout...only a few days left and today no LTE at all...:(

vts747 | 13 december 2018

I've had the car for 4 weeks. LTE dropped twice, but the real problem is that browser and user manual/ updates are NOT working in LTE unless I reboot the car. Contacted Tesla, they are going to replace some random part (having to do with LTE antenna) in futile hope that it will fix the problem. I'm skeptical it'll fix anything. Their LTE seems to be buggy to say the least.

RickM3 | 14 december 2018

I've had the car for a week, the second day I lost LTE connectivity while driving and then parked at an open location for more than two hours.
Losing connectivity on a daily basis is common for a few mins at a time. I used my Tesla account to ask for support no body has contacted me in the past 5 days.

jvcesare | 14 december 2018

I've noticed with the last patch, 2018.46.2, I've lost connectivity 3 times in the last week. This never happened before. I've had to reboot to re-establish connectivity.

RickM3 | 17 december 2018

Lost connectivity again today for about 2 hrs...., requested a service appointment, I will bring the car in Thursday.

frankvsense | 17 augustus 2019

Regarding the LTE network, the support team responded as follows. They identified this issue as a big which will be fixed in 2019.8.32.

“Good morning Frank, this is Adam with Tesla service. I have reviewed the log data and communicated with our service engineering team on your connectivity concern. We have identified the issue as a software bug with the modem. The bug has been identified and will be corrected with a future firmware update. When you vehicle receives firmware version 2019.32 , this condition should be resolved. I am not sure when this firmware is scheduled for release, but we are working to get this update released as soon as we can.”

johnw | 17 augustus 2019

When this happens I have to restart with an extra step. Hold down the buttons until the Tesla logo appears. SC told me to do this and it's worked for me every time (assuming LTE tower in the area)

Mark | 27 augustus 2019

@frankvsense thanks for update. I’m running into same issue.

FISHEV | 27 augustus 2019

“We have identified the issue as a software bug with the modem.”@frankvsense

That sounds bogus. If it was a bug, everybody would have the problem. And saying it will be fixed by an update long into the future sounds equally bogus.

Perhaps a bad batch of modems that can be fixed with a patch but you’d think they’d put the single bug fix out at once in its own update. Tesla likely knows how many owners have the bad modems.

frankvsense | 28 augustus 2019

2019.32 just released.

Kary993 | 28 augustus 2019

@FISHEV - now you are a hardware and software expert LoL . There are many situations where software and/or hardware bugs are intermittent and would not necessarily affect everyone. Though it is clear from all the threads on this forum on this topic that it affect those that park underground where the signal is unavailable and randomly comes back when signal is available. Very plausible that there is a bug for this situation that does not affect the masses.

cmudura | 24 september 2019

Hi, I am in Montreal Area and my LTE is not working since 2 weeks now.
It is more down then up, I have the premium package it should work until we have to pay.

Can any one confirm that is still up or do we need to start paying for it.

At least we should have some notifications from Tesla on this.

It is frustrating without as I cannot use my mobile app and the navigation is not working properly without the LTE service.

Aplee13 | 3 oktober 2019


Mine has also been down for what it seems like 2 weeks. I contacted the support desk today and am waiting to hear back. I tried rebooting multiple times. It is frustrating.

ccash | 3 oktober 2019

Since updating to v10 on 10-01-19, the LTE/WiFi bars are greyed-out for the first 15 minutes or so on my commute home from work (parked in an underground garage with no reception).

I don't seem to have the issue in the morning after leaving my house.

wiscy67 | 3 oktober 2019

I updated to 32.11.1 yesterday and noticed that when I leave my LTE dead zone, my LTE connection returns much faster than it used to before I installed the update.

EVRider | 3 oktober 2019

@cmudura: You get LTE whether or not you have Premium Connectivity, so that’s not the problem.

SpamMan | 4 oktober 2019

I've had this problem since I got the car in June. My home is in a valley with no ATT service. About 100 yards up the hill there is service, but sometimes the car will not recognize it and connect for miles or hours after I'm in a location with tons of ATT service. It would be nice to use navigation and internet radio. Customer Service told me its a known issue and will be fixed in an update. Several updates later and it still exists.

colin | 14 november 2019

Problem started for me a week ago.. use an underground car park where there is a signal but weak. Now goes to no signal and when I leave car park it doesn't reconnect reliably. Can be 5 minutes, or not at all.

Started before 2019.36.2.1 was installed yesterday.. no better afterwards.

Anyone find a solution to 'force' LTE to reconnect or refresh?

EVRider | 14 november 2019

Try touching the LTE icon on the touchscreen to bring up the WiFi options and then cancel. Don't know if it will work, but worth a try.

rosemary | 15 november 2019

Model S for me. Day 1 owning the car. LTE worked for 35-45 minutes driving off the lot, but dead ever since. Tried the scroll button reboots many times, tried the "2 min power off" a few times, tried the disable wifi, but never get LTE anymore.
Basically just stays at bars with line through it. I have always been on 2019.36.2.1 (ea3222ad) so I have never known earlier edition. Is there a way to rollback to older firmware?
Or should I see if "advanced" has something new?

rosemary | 15 november 2019

I guess I am currently expecting the "David3 - Dec 6th 2018" experience which was to replace the LTE connectivity board.
But I am willing to try anything at this point since service dept is closed all weekend. Sure wished this was tested before driving away.

rosemary | 16 november 2019

Day 2, LTE is back. Crossing fingers for it staying on. Still don't have Sat view and traffic, despite the theory that it is free for first year, but that is another forum thread I assume.

Glenn72 | 16 november 2019

I went for a Model 3 test drive earlier this month and while the rep was explaining the features the LTE was lost and I don’t think it ever came back for the rest of the drive. We were right in the center of downtown Barcelona, Spain so coverage shouldn’t have been an issue. I didn’t think much about it until I saw this thread.

rosemary | 21 november 2019

Ok, for awareness, 8 hrs at service dept and they finally figured out that the computer needs to be replaced. So, 5 day old car and none of the basics work. My advise, do not drive away on delivery until you test EVERYTHING. Tesla does not make sure the car works before delivery!!!!
I hate that I’m going on a long trip and I won’t have navigation, voice control, traffic, satellite, streaming music, or any other “over the air” service. Hopefully the new computer will be here in 8-10 days, but should I wait? Or return tomorrow on my 7 day return policy?

EVRider | 22 november 2019

@rosemary: If you returned the car, would you get another one, and the same configuration? Probably not worth the trouble. If you want something else, then maybe. I’m not familiar with the return policy, but there might be restrictions on ordering another Tesla if you return one.

You can’t roll back the software, and if your LTE is broken, you won’t get any updates. Tesla uses LTE to notify your car when an update is available, then your car attempts to connect to WiFi to download the update.

rosemary | 22 november 2019

Well, we had to many other family challenges and didn’t have time to even talk about a return with anyone. So I will just cross my fingers that ordering a new MCU unit will finally solve the problem. Hate to waste data on my cell plan, but I think I will just hotspot the car to my cell for my long trip tomorrow.