Voice recognition - climate control

Voice recognition - climate control

It would be nice if there were voice commands to turn on/off any of the climate controls, heated seats, steering wheel since it is not as easy to navigate to all of those sections while focused on driving. With all the voice recognition tools out there, this seems like it would beneficial for ease of functionality and also improve driver safety. Anyone else think of additional commands that would help with usability?

jordanrichard | 17 december 2018

Why would you want to turn off the climate control while you are driving.....? Even then, it would be far, far quicker to touch the climate control "button" to turn it off versus pushing the VC button, wait for it to beep signifying it is recording, then say whatever voice prompt would be for this, and the say what you want done.

Same goes for the heated seat.

reed_lewis | 17 december 2018

The OP wanted much more functionality than simply turning the climate on and off. Personally I think that everything that is controllable from the screen should be controllable via voice. When I am driving at 75 MPH, not having to take my eyes off the road is a great idea.