Apple Music App in Tesla as alternative of Spotify

Apple Music App in Tesla as alternative of Spotify

Just wishful thinking...
Would be great to have Apple Music App in Tesla's.

CLE.ModelS | 27 december 2018

If Apple makes Apple Music available in Android (outside Apple ecosystem), I do not see any problem having it in Tesla's cars. | 27 december 2018

Well, since Apple looks to be a direct competitor to Tesla, that's one significant cog. Also Tesla is not using iOS or Android. Not clear how easy it would be or the licensing requirements from Apple. More likely Apple music will be limited to access via Bluetooth due to reasons above.

bodhipooh | 29 december 2018

This should not be difficult at all. Apple already took measures earlier this year (6 months ago? Maybe longer) to enable Apple Music via web connectivity (this was an unannounced move) and just recently announced and made available to all subscriber the ability to enable Apple Music via Amazon Echo/Alexa devices. Apple Music is also available via Android and Sonos. Enabling Apple Music via other services or devices should not be difficult at all.

fatiyata | 9 april 2019

When we change from Spotify to Apple Music, can we move Spotify playlist to Apple Music? Spotify playlist is protected by DRM protection. We need remove DRM protection, and import converted Spotify playlist to Apple Music.

800.3kyhpefbcgb | 7 mei 2019

Apple Music and spotify are both great streaming music services. If you can't decide which service to go with, you can check the spotify vs apple music review.

Annie19940912 | 10 november 2019

Sometimes, it's a possible way to use Apple Music to be the alternative to Spotify. But this is not a way for me, since I'm a heavy Spotify music addict.
I'd like to use Spotify music anywhere and anytime. The good thing is that I have found a possible way to listen to Spotify on Tesla instead of using Apple Music.
I use AudFree Spotify Music Converter: to convert Spotify music to local audio files and transfer offline Spotify music to Tesla for playback.

leecynthia1995 | 4 januari 2020

The free version of Spotify is ad-supported much like a radio station. So, if you are a free user, you cannot enjoy lots of additional features for premium users. But with the help of TunesKit Spotify music converter (, you can listen to Spotify music without the distraction of ads and skip as many songs as you want, as well as play music with no phone service. What's more, you can rip mp3 from Spotify or other plain formats. Just try it out.

natanjosuefreelancer | 6 januari 2020

You can use MusConv to transfer songs between apple music and spotify, I've been using it and i think it has been the easier way to transfer playlist from one to another.

It also has interesting features like:
-Transfering unlimited tracks.
-Transfering unlimited playlists.
-Supports over 20 playlist file formats.

Also supports more than 30 music services.

evabasmax | 13 februari 2020

I use MusConv as well. It's a great tool to transfer your music. It's free so you may try it.