14-50 receptacle is now installed in my garage

14-50 receptacle is now installed in my garage

A good buddy of mine (electrician) helped me install it. Now all I need is the $35k SR M3.

lilbean | 29 december 2018


RES IPSA | 29 december 2018

I hope you get it by 7/1/19

Lonestar10_1999 | 29 december 2018

If one believes the configuration page, the SR will be available in 4 to 6 months, so maybe I will qualify for the $3750 tax incentive.

Magic 8 Ball | 29 december 2018

Go find an "inventory" car and get the $7500. Your ready for it and you deserve it. Do eet!

ODWms | 29 december 2018

^^^ I second the above!!! I’d have been kicking myself had I not taken advantage of the inventory program, and had to “settle” for less than what I ended up getting!

ST70 | 29 december 2018

@Lonestar10_1999- What was the $ for materials? How long was the run?

walnotr | 30 december 2018

Finished the 14-50 install today. Sure beats charging off a 120V line!

For just under a 50’ run it was about $250 in materials.

Lonestar10_1999 | 30 december 2018

It was a 50 foot run from the power panel in the basement to the attached garage. The material costs were about $200. This included a 50 foot 6/3 romex cable ($100), receptacle in a nema 3R enclosure ($30), 1x 2p-50A breaker ($15), 2x tandem 15A breakers($25), one inch conduit ($20), can of Firestop foam ($8).

onetwocombo | 30 december 2018

120V charging is better for the battery

Tronguy | 30 december 2018

@Knight2C3: And, just where in the world did you get the idea that "120V charging is better for the battery"? First off, any AC gets converted to DC. Second, it's high charging rates that could, _maybe_, do something to the battery, but the manual says many many many 120 kW charge rates (like, tens of thousands) before degradation. The typical 220/240 at 30-40A AC isn't going to be anywhere near that.
I'm a EE: I can take any techie info you've got without turning an eyebrow. You got some facts to back up your statement or you just trolling for fun?

Lonestar10_1999 | 31 december 2018

@knight2c3- Tesla recommends 240vac charging as well as 120vac. What is the basis of your statement?

Magic 8 Ball | 31 december 2018

Those Europeans are going to get screwed having to charge with inferior 220V.

Xerogas | 31 december 2018

@Magic 8 Ball: "Those Europeans are going to get screwed having to charge with inferior 220V."
I bet Tesla will provide voltage converters to them, so they can get that sweet, sweet 120V

Atoms | 31 december 2018

Romex in conduit is not to code because the wire can overheat. Make sure you get itpermited and inspected. Insurance may not cover fire if you caused it by bad installation.

bryan.whitton | 31 december 2018

@Atoms I have stated this in many forums and it continues to go around that Romex and conduit are used together. That combination is not to code and very unsafe. Thank you for stating it as well.

Lonestar10_1999 | 31 december 2018

The romex is not in conduit. The jacket is stripped back at the wall penetration. The insulated conductors and bare ground are in the conduit without the jacket from the elbow at the penetration at the base of the wall to the surface mounted nema enclosure about 4 feet up the wall. The jacketed romex is run from the wall penetration back to the power panel. The conductors themselves are unbroken from the 14-50 receptacle all the way to the panel.

andy.connor.e | 31 december 2018

In order to have the $35,000 Model 3, Tesla has to first start selling them with the premium upgrade package actually as an option.

Lonestar10_1999 | 31 december 2018

@andy- has Tesla announced the PUP would accompany the initial SR rollout?

The configuration page simply states that the SR version wold be released in 4 to 6 months. I assumed it would be available stripped for $35k. Elon boasted during the initial reveal that even the stripped version would be an awesome car. This is what I am holding out for.

andy.connor.e | 31 december 2018

Im just being kind of an ass about it because the PUP was supposed to be optional, and is currently still not optional.

Spartan24 | 31 december 2018

Got mine installed in garage today. $200. Panel was already in there so was just paying for mostly time on afternoon of NYE. Went from charging 4-5mph (on standard 120v) 29mph, so it was money well spent!

Lonestar10_1999 | 31 december 2018

@terry- did you use romex cable between the panel and the 14-50 receptacle? Any wall penetrations?