Clean Vehicle Rebate Project (CVRP) - California

Clean Vehicle Rebate Project (CVRP) - California

Good afternoon all,

I live in CA (San Diego) and am planning to take advantage of the Clean Vehicle Rebate ($2,500) through I took delivery of my Tesla Model 3 on 13Dec18.

My question is, on the Dealership Information section, it has you put in the dealership zip code (94555), but doesn't come up with Tesla. Additionally, I don't know what to include for the Dealer Contact Person, Dealer Phone, and Dealer Contact Title.

My MVPA doesn't seem to have this information listed. Any suggestions?

Obligatory free 6 months of Supercharging link if you don't already have it (e-mail to use, they respond immediately):

RES IPSA | 2 januari 2019

I would remove your referral code link... people on here get a little frustrated when owner's post them. We all have them, so no need to post it.

Call the delivery center. Someone there will give you that info. That is what I did back in August. I used some guy's name and they gave me the other info regarding the dealer stuff. I got my check in November.

I live in SD too. The SD supercharger (Qualcomm HQ) is free for all Tesla vehicles, including your Model 3. The one downtown is pricey since you also have to pay to park.

stevenmaifert | 2 januari 2019

When you put in the 94555, select "No Dealer Found" and leave the rest blank. That's what I did and it wasn't a problem.

FirstDoyle | 3 januari 2019

Great, thank you both for the assistance!

Teslanene | 3 januari 2019

I didn’t get a sign MVPA and the one on my account has no signatures what did everyone submit?

stevenmaifert | 3 januari 2019

There is a spot on the MVPA for the sellers signature. You need to make sure the delivery specialist signs it when you take delivery. This guide may be useful. There is a special section for Tesla documentation:

Teslanene | 3 januari 2019

I took delivery on December 23 does Tesla upload a sign MVPA or I need to go back to Tesla and get someone to sign it?

rxlawdude | 3 januari 2019

@RES, you say the Qualcomm SpC is free for even M3s. I'm not aware that Tesla suspended paid Supercharging fees anywhere.

Please confirm that's what you meant. Perhaps you meant that parking is free at Qualcomm and the lot in downtown charges for parking PLUS any Supercharging fee?

FirstDoyle | 3 januari 2019

I contacted Tesla Support and the associate was able to e-mail me the signed versions of my MVPA and Purchase Checklist. I used those as supporting documentation for the CVRP.

Now to wait 90 calendar days for a review...

stevenmaifert | 3 januari 2019

@rxlawdude - Prior to taking the first road trip in our new Model 3, I went to the San Diego Qualcomm Supercharger just to verify Supercharging was working, and was not charged: I haven't been back since, but am told it is still free for all. Rumor is Qualcomm is paying for the electricity, but I can't confirm that.

RES IPSA | 3 januari 2019

@rxlawdude... Qualcomm pays for the electricity, so I guess that is why it is free. That was one of the first superchargers installed anywhere in the country, so I guess Tesla made some kind of special deal with Qualcomm (or vice versa)... Anyways, it is totally free for all Tesla vehicles. It will show up as a zero charge on your online account under history, but the vehicle will always show "no recent supercharger activity" even though I have used the Qualcomm supercharger several times.

I have also read that there are a few free ones on the East Coast as well.

RES IPSA | 3 januari 2019

But the line can get quite long waiting for a charger at Qualcomm. I have not been there since the Carlsbad one opened though. And the downtowen one is a joke since they charge $8 per hour to park plus 26 cents a kw/hr to charge

rxlawdude | 3 januari 2019

My experience was the first Supercharging session for a new M3 is free, but not subsequent sessions.

I admit I haven't charged at Qualcomm with the 3 (our MS has free Supercharging), and have zero interest in ever going there again due to its lines and austere surroundings.

But good to know it's free.

gllivyl | 4 januari 2019

I applied for the rebate in early October 2018, and still have not gotten and solid response from the CVRP authority. Is this normal?

Also, if I made some mistake on the application, or left out any required edocuments, would they be kind enough to let me know?

badaman | 4 januari 2019

@gllivyl - Yes, they will contact you if any missing or incorrect documents submitted. You will get an email confirming when the check is mailed.

stevenmaifert | 4 januari 2019

@gllivyl - Have you checked the status of your application?

gllivyl | 4 januari 2019

steven: Yes, I have. It says "Thank you for submitting supporting documents. We will review them for completeness and accuracy" since day one.

I am just concerned that if I submitted incorrectly, it gets rejected without my knowledge.

Thanks to all.

lbowroom | 4 januari 2019

Thank you for submitting supporting documents. We will review them for completeness and accuracy. View current processing times.

Once we have reviewed your application, a rebate processing specialist will update your status. Please visit this page frequently to check your application status; if we find an issue with your application materials, we provide ten days to correct the issue before automatic cancellation.

lbowroom | 4 januari 2019

These estimates were last updated: 12/27/2018.
•Applications not selected for income verification: 87 calendar days.
•Applications selected for income verification: 92 calendar days.

FirstDoyle | 19 maart 2019

Just had my application approved, so about 2.5 months from application to approval. Now to wait up to 90 days for the check...

rajivrag | 19 maart 2019

Where can I find Gross Income in my tax form? I only see Adjusted Gross Income. Are they the same? Does Gross Income include Deductions?

jjgunn | 19 maart 2019

@FirstDoyle - Sounds like You submitted your app around Christmas?

Me too - I shouldn't be too far away.

FirstDoyle | 19 maart 2019

@jjgunn, I submitted my completed application on 2-Jan-19, works out to something like 53 calendar days, so they were actually faster than anticipated.

jjgunn | 19 maart 2019

Christ....I submitted mine before you. (Dec 20 2018)

Must be going in alphabetical order.

My last name is Zzzzyzzx. FML

Coastal Cruiser. | 19 maart 2019

Lots of repeating letters in your name(s). Is there a stutterer in your family tree?

RichardKJ | 19 maart 2019

@rajivrag there isn't a specific line. You need to add back to AGI any non-taxable income such as non-taxable dividends and interest and the non-taxable portion of social security. Basically they include any income you have available to spend regardless of whether you pay taxes on it or not.

Resist | 20 maart 2019

It took 3 months for them to approve my rebate and now they are saying it can take another 3 months before they send me the check. Seriously, 6 months for this process? Don't they have computers to do this stuff?

jjgunn | 15 april 2019

HEY! Guess what showed up in my mailbox today!! About 120 calendar days - HOORAY!

Magic 8 Ball | 15 april 2019

Just in time to pay your taxes : ).