Powerwall 3

Powerwall 3

I have a few questions.

1) When is the Powerwall 3 coming out?
2) How much will it cost?
3) Specifications for it?

Patrick | 19 januari 2019

Has this product been announced by Tesla?

lilbean | 19 januari 2019

Is this like Star Wars where the later episodes come out first? I was waiting for Powerwall 1, now I’m waiting for Powerwall 2. Haha!

Mediumed | 27 januari 2019

Powerwall 2 just hit the scene. Where did you hear about a powerwall 3?

zubinanary | 31 januari 2019

Powerwall 2 is the most current version. It's running the 2170 battery with the proper chemistry for daily charge/discharge and is also larger in terms of capacity than the original Powerwall 1.

I don't think we'll see any sort of revision to the Powerwall as a #2 in 2019.