Power Wall 2 Failure/Lack of Support

Power Wall 2 Failure/Lack of Support

Currently I have a failed Powerwall 2 installed.
The unit was installed July 6th 2018 and went offline November 20th 2018, with a suspected failed gateway, its now been 77 days and counting without any word as to when an appointment may be booked in to inspect for replace the faulty components.
While Tesla's customer support lines (USA) were friendly and quick to respond and call back with initial suggestions relating to the gateway. When these steps failed the support ticket was escalated there has been no contact or follow up in the months since other than the followup calls I have had to made which have all amounted to zero. "We don't have many support techs, We can't tell you when they will be available"

What have other peoples experiences been with failures and Tesla customer support and follow through? I am located in South Australia home to the worlds largest Tesla battery.


sschaem | 4 februari 2019

I think its a roll of the dice. I dont think Tesla give any warranty of performance, so they are in no hurry/worry to service products.

You might want to get authorization for a third party to investigate the problem and have it billed directly to Tesla.

They have the same issue with their automotive support. In the US its about a month wait to get an appointment to get your car looked at, then more waiting to get it fixed. (I dont now yet on the turn around once it enter the shop)

Anyways, this is in north california. Home of Tesla. So I cant imagine customer service being any better elsewhere.

lesmann | 29 januari 2020

I had a Tesla power wall installed in November 2019 - it worked for a few days then failed - this issue was fixed and the power wall operated for 3 days then failed again and has not worked since. Apparently 2 unrelated issues one was a firmware upgrade that did not complete shutting down the battery the second might have been caused by as power spike, which I thing is unlikely.

Tesla did send a product support person to see if the issue could be fixed on sight. After spending more than 3 hours much of the time on the phone to product support in Melbourne I was advised that the battery had fail and it would be replaced. Both myself and the original installer have been following up with Tesla now for 2 weeks - I am unable to get any response from Tesla - the installer has been informed that yes there is an issue and the matter is being escalating but to date no replacement battery has been allocated. Tesla want to to the change over but cannot give a date even though the have told the installer they would give a date for the change over last Wednesday.

I find Tesla are unable or unwilling to supply any real reliable customer support - every thing needs to be escalated but to whom and for what reason is not apparent - Tesla admit the product is faulty but no one is capable of making a decision to fix the issue.

My next step if the issue is not resolved is to go to office of fair trading or possible take my own legal action to seek a resolution.