USB music files

USB music files

Using a thumb drive with music files (mp3) in the right hand slot does work. However, the order of the tracks is not read from the file information on the drive. For classical music that is BAD! For popular music it is just irritating. Is there a file format or software that will convert to whatever Tesla is using?

Frank99 | 15 februari 2019

I believe that, by default, it plays songs in alphabetical order (the other option is playing them in random order). My MP3's are named with the track number preceding the track name, so it works fine for me.

Tesla's entertainment system is built to support streaming. Those of us who prefer USB drives see a barely-functional system that's more broken than the 20-year old MP3 player in my desk drawer. And that's been a complaint of Tesla owners for longer than I've been a member of this forum (March 2016), so I have little belief that it'll get fixed anytime soon. It's just embarrassing that such a basic feature of the Entertainment system is so poor.

Linus 2 | 15 februari 2019

Even by setting the titles of the files to numbers it still finds the original titles and alphabetizes! It is stupidly stubborn. | 15 februari 2019

This has been true in my S since Mar 2013 and it SUCKS. Tesla, please fix this before you even think about another damn Easter egg!!!

Kahn | 16 februari 2019

If your tags are correct the order is correct within an album.

bruhling2 | 16 februari 2019

I cannot get my USB to recognize music. I've got it formatted for FAT32 (and the dashcam works, so I know it's recognizing the USB) and tried mp3, mp4, m4a, ,and m4b files. I get no option for USB on the radio...

Linus 2 | 16 februari 2019

Yes, sometimes the track numbers are read correctly but sometimes it reverts to the title, artist, time. I import CDs as mp3 with Windows Media Player and use the Track/Title order. I wondered if the problems were due to long titles on classical CDs so I dropped everything in the file name except number. Nope, still looks for Title alphabet differences. Maybe Tesla doesn't read the Forums. I will ask the service dept. I have several software bugs in a list.

melmartin | 16 februari 2019

What's really needed is an automated software solution that will keep albums grouped together in folders and not split them because the artists or composers are different. I can fix this with a meta tag editor, but if you have a lot of split albums it's time consuming.

EVRider | 16 februari 2019
decoss | 16 februari 2019

I copied over 60 gig onto a flash drive from my PC. All of my music had been saved to a windows 10 file and an iTunes file. When I plugged the flash into my m3 it took awhile to fully load, but then I had the USB 'button' and the music menu had choices for song, album, artist and playlist. Worked the first time. I think it is because the music was already properly formatted on my PC.

gcklo | 16 februari 2019

Ordering is not an issue for me. I always play music in random. Not able to remember where it was last played and continue is a bigger issue

Linus 2 | 16 februari 2019

Success! I have been recording mp3 files and some of the recorded tracks were scrambled. I tried recording wav files (lossless) which might be FLAC (?). Perfect registration with track numbers in the first column and correct. The artist column is blank but I don't care because they are the same for all tracks. Great for classical or continuous recordings.
Thanks everyone for all the information.