No more 4-6 months on website for standard battery

No more 4-6 months on website for standard battery

I have been keeping an eye out for the Standard Battery model 3. I noticed over the weekend it no longer says 4 to 6 months. I also haven't seen any news about it. Seems strange. Did I miss/can't find some info somewhere about the situation?

Thanks, Rob.

Lonestar10_1999 | 18 februari 2019

There is no mention of the SR option at all on my configuration page. I can think of two reasons why:

1. Tesla is about to offer the SR option any day now. This is logical as it been 4- 6 months since the promised SR was displayed on the configuration page.

2. Tesla has no intention of offering the M3 for $35k. The $1k deposit that many hundred thousand eager Tesla fans ponied up back in 2016 has turned out to be a con job to enable Tesla to raise capital without paying interest or selling stock.

I truly am hoping scenario 1 pans out. But if it turns out to be scenario 2, I hope the SEC gets involved.

terminator9 | 18 februari 2019

Option 3 - They don't know the timing for 35k version and it's better to not confuse people. "Standard Battery" that was mentioned in 4-6 months is coming soon with the "premium interior" - it won't be 35k yet.

Lonestar10_1999 | 18 februari 2019

Option 3 only makes sense if you believe Tesla leadership has no plan or schedule to make the SR available but has no problem with perpetuating the notion that it is coming soon. Option 3 is the same as Option 2 only it is cloaked in PR spin.

jordanrichard | 18 februari 2019

Lonestar10_1999, should the SEC get involved because Audi and Benz keeps delaying their respective EVs? Should they get involved also because Audi is misleading people with their E-Tron website by telling people that they can easily charge the E-Tron to 80% in 30 mins., using a 150kw charger that is not readily available.

jjgunn | 18 februari 2019

The earliest I can see Tesla delivering the SR M3 is probably Q4. If you're lucky enough to get one plus the $1,875 tax credit, consider yourself fortunate.

Although I have no idea why someone would want the bare bones, base model only. At a minimum you should add EAP or Premium taking the total price to $40k before tax credit of $1,875 - if you're lucky enough to get one by end of the year.

hjbrager | 18 februari 2019

I'll add a forth option: The delivery of the Standard Battery Model 3 will depend on the sales in foreign countries and the number of people who get tired of waiting in the US and upgrade to the more expensive models. Tesla can't be faulted for wanting to remain profitable, but the company should be more open about their plans. I'm 81 years old, and running out of time. We just need a safe car, not one with tons of mileage and speed. Our Tesla is the last thing on my "bucket list" and the waiting is fun; however, sooner would be better than too late.

Hal Fisher | 18 februari 2019

Standard battery maybe be the current med battery.

Lonestar10_1999 | 18 februari 2019

Jordan, merchants have always boasted the benefits of their wares, this is since the beginning of civilization. So there’s no need to investigate say the acceleration spec of an MR versus a P3D.

The slippery slope for the SEC is to determine whether consumers were duped into putting up $1k back in 2016. What exactly did Tesla promise at that time as an inducement, and 3 years later, has Tesla fulfilled its promise.

I get that Tesla is going through growing pains, but that doesn’t mean I am willing to give up my consumer rights. I really just want a consumer watchdog to oversee this entire M3 rollout.

jjgunn | 18 februari 2019

I think you still have 20 years or so @hjbrager. :-)

You can order the mid-range right now for $43k ($48k if you add EAP) then factor in the $3,750 tax credit for next year plus $2,500 state & $800 PG&E (if you live in CA). You're getting the car for $36k before taxes.

Not much difference. Why wait? Like you say, you're 81.

lunde | 18 februari 2019

When we put down our refundable $1K deposit on 2018-03-11, we fully intended to wait for the SR version. We were then contacted by Tesla at the end of June, and were told that we could configure a M3, with LR RWD, LR AWD, and LR AWD P being the only options at the time. We ended up ordering a LR AWD on 2018-08-01, and took delivery on 2018-09-25. We ended up buying a second LR AWD in mid-December. In retrospect, we're so glad that we didn't wait for the SR version. If I die tomorrow, I can die knowing that I experienced the most satisfying vehicle of my life.

jordanrichard | 18 februari 2019

Lonestar, Tesla/Elon made is clearly known from the very beginning that they would be selling the higher optioned cars first. So there was no set date on when the $35K car would be out. So there is no “being duped” here. What doesn’t help is that Tesla is doing everything they can to get their costs down, so that they can profitably sell the 3 for $35K, is people spouting off about Tesla duping people.

orders.carnaroli | 18 februari 2019

I appreciate the responses. I've never paid that much for a car before in my life and the timing being what it seemed it could be, a starting price of 35k plus my state 3k and the 3750 from fed really puts it into a price range I'm more comfortable with. The leaf was something I looked at for a few years but the price vs. range was a non-starter for me. Something on the order of 220 miles would be fine for my daily commute including a few stops. Just seemed like the change would have been accompanied by a tweet or something since it seems like everything gets done that way these days!

EAPme | 18 februari 2019

Weren't customers given the opportunity to get refunded their 1K deposit? There were opportunities for reservation holders to upgrade (LR, AWD, etc.) or get a refund.

If a the deposit holder decided to leave their 1K with Tesla, well, that's on them.

LR RWD for me, no regrets at all.

Lonestar10_1999 | 18 februari 2019

I have no doubt that an LR has more value than an MR and that both the LR and MR are superior to the SR. I also understand that many early adopters are long time Tesla customers and stock holders who are invested in Tesla’s mission, physically, emotionally, and financially. I get it that many early adopters would never consider a base model car from Tesla or anyone else.

However its unrealistic to think that most folks have the need or wherewithal to purchase the up sell options required to buy an M3 today. As much as I want Tesla to prosper and be a viable option for middle class purchasers, I can’t give Tesla a free pass with promising a $35k EV and not delivering. I wouldn’t care if I didn’t put down $1k. Now that money has changed hands, lawful business practices must kept.

rdavis | 18 februari 2019

From the quarterly call....

"Emmanuel Rosner -- Deutsche Bank -- Analyst

Hi. Good evening, everybody. First, I wanted to ask you about the short-range Model 3. What are your latest thoughts in terms of timing of introduction? I think at some point, you had in mind to do it in the -- maybe the first half of this year.

And just to clarify, when you're sort of talking about the outlook for 2019, the number of deliveries, up 50%, and then the margin target for Model 3 to get to 25%, does that assume that you're introducing a lower range -- the short-range Model 3 at some point during the year?

Elon Musk -- Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Well, you could call it the standard range, but it's maybe short by Tesla's standards, but it's long range by other manufacturers' standards. So -- yes, we expect to introduce the standard range Model 3 sometime probably the middle of this year is a rough guess. And we're working hard to improve our costs of production, our overhead costs, our fixed costs, just costs in general. I think this past year, while extremely difficult, has driven us to a high level of financial discipline.

I think we're way smarter about how we spend money, and we're getting better with each passing week. We -- yes.

Emmanuel Rosner -- Deutsche Bank -- Analyst

And so to be clear, the -- you expect to reach at some point this year -- or you're targeting at some point this year 25% gross margins on Model 3, and that's despite introducing the lower-end -- or just the standard range Model 3. Is that correct?

Elon Musk -- Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer


derotam | 18 februari 2019

No one put down a $1k deposit for any product.

jjgunn | 18 februari 2019

@EAPme - If a the deposit holder decided to leave their 1K with Tesla, well, that's on them.
Tesla still has my $1k deposit.

Here Tesla.....hang onto this $1k for me, will ya?

Mike UpNorth | 18 februari 2019

In a year I believe a used MR will be south of $35k. IMO.

Lonestar10_1999 | 18 februari 2019

@derotam- the $1k was not for the product, but to be placed in an orderly queue for purchasing the M3,with a starting price of $35k. Now with 20/20 hindsight the whole reservation process seems absurd. It’s very shrewd of Tesla to collect all that money without giving anything in return.

terminator9 | 18 februari 2019

I am pretty sure Tesla is well covered, legally, for the $1000 deposit we put down - those expensive lawyers earn their keep. There has always been an option to get your $1000 back at any time. Don't expect the world for $1000. If it's not feasible to make profit on a 35k car currently then so be it and Tesla will wait as long as it takes. Would you rather company take a loss to satisfy a few people and goes bankrupt or make a profit to be able to make the 35k car in a year. I too put down the 1k deposit in hopes for the 35k car. When that didn't happen my options were 1. Get the deposit back and move on. 2. If I can afford to, pay more and get the 50k car.

thedrisin | 18 februari 2019

@orders.carnaroli. The spec may be 220mi. but is not real world. If you routinely charge no more than 90% and discharge to 20%, you are now down to 154mi. Now take off up to 20% for driving habits, road and weather conditions, possibly down to 123mi.

Teslanene | 18 februari 2019

Even with my mid-range I get sometimes range anxiety, I can’t image with 220. Those people that buy the 220 will probably later regret they didn’t spend more for longer range, good luck trying to use it for road trips.

Wilber | 18 februari 2019

I'll put my money on Q4 being the first quarter the base model is available. Unless in Q3 Tesla is on a very profitable path, in which case they can give up a little profit by selling base model car.

I say this because Tesla very much wants to be listed on the S&P500. Why? Becuase this shuts up the short sellers. Once a company is on the S&P 500 thousands of mutual funds around the world are required to buy TSLA since the funds are committed to S&P500. This very much stabilizes the price of TSLA. I think i learned this on Tesla Time News on youtube - altho not sure!

jjgunn | 18 februari 2019

thedrisin | February 18, 2019
@orders.carnaroli. The spec may be 220mi. but is not real world. If you routinely charge no more than 90% and discharge to 20%, you are now down to 154mi.
I think your math is a little off.

90% of 220 is 198 miles. I'll take off the extra 8 miles & give you 190 at 90% due to driving habits (flooring it) & cold weather.

20% (~40 miles range) to 90% (~190 miles range).

Now if you want to talk "safe practical usage" then yes 150 miles USAGE range is about right on the "short" range Tesla.

Loved Elons comment too - "Short range for a Tesla but long range for any other manufacturer of EV's" (currently)

rdavis | 18 februari 2019


I would agree... 150-160 real world daily usage between charges on the SR Model 3. That would equate to 52,500 miles per year... which I would think covers just about most everyone's daily needs. I sure there are a few exceptions out there, but 150 miles per day is a very large number.

rdavis | 18 februari 2019


let's consider that the average yearly mileage is 15,000 per year. That's an average of 41 miles per day. Even if you take 5 day work weeks and park it for the weekend into consideration, you're still only averaging 60 miles per day on those 5 days the car is driven. I think a lot of people have range anxiety for no real reason... no own a Nissan Leaf, and I could understand it... but 150 real world miles is going to cover about 99% of the peoples daily need.

orders.carnaroli | 18 februari 2019

So my commute is around 66 miles one way. I have an appointment for like pt or a hair cut along the route. So that adds a little in the general direction. There's charging at a highway rest area I pass every day. I talked to the VP at work and they're installing chargers in the parking lot next qtr. If we go long distance for a trip, we always rent a car to save our wear and tear. I figured if I really love the car I could save and try to upgrade in another year or so.

greg | 18 februari 2019

I feel Elon is about to pull some sort of rabbit out of a hat here. I don't know what it will be but it feels like one is coming.

I bet the "MR" will morph into a "non premium" "SR" shortly.

I can't see Tesla keeping with 3 different Model 3 battery sizes in production, for the 3 when they just eliminated the 2 battery sizes on the S and X to streamline production. So it likely the non PUP MR will become the SR, with maybe an slight price increase over the promised $35K price - for a longer than promised for your $35K range.

A "unicorn" non PUP MR, with $3750 Federal Tax credit (which halves from 1 July) will be a lot closer to the 35K mark. It may be that the true low end SR comes range locked for $35K, and fully unlocked "MR" range if you pay a premium [maybe $4K more].

However I believe Tesla will have their hands full making more profitable European/ [and maybe not quite so profitable] Chinese orders - to have much production capacity left over for the higher end North American model 3 production, let alone dealing with the pent up demand for the SR model 3.

Likely the Model 3 SR introduction will be vying with RHD model 3 production for production line space for some time yet, and while RHD and European LHD countries are ordering high end Model 3's it makes little sense for Tesla to make low end SR models for the domestic market - as the opportunity cost is too high.

It is fair to say though the SR model 3 when introduced may stay a North American only model for some time (e.g. the next 8-12 months after introduction) as the shipping costs could well preclude them being exported profitably outside the US/Canada. And they need to overseas countries to order the higher end models (either that or Telsa introduces a "delivery charge" on top of the base SR model in each country to account for that cost)

So many variables to consider.

thedrisin | 18 februari 2019

@jjgunn. My math is correct. 20-90% is 70% actual available mi. 70% of 220 is 154mi. Take additional 20% off that for various conditions to be safe.

Hal Fisher | 18 februari 2019

They probably are so far off the $35k version they won’t be able to make it in time for the $3500 incentive. They might be able to shave $3k by fall, but they wont make $35k until all the incentives are gone. At this point there is no reason people should leave the $1k in tesla’s hands.

Teslanene | 18 februari 2019

A couple of weeks they lay off several thousand people. I think if they were going to start producing the model 3 SR they would be hiring more for the demand.

jordanrichard | 18 februari 2019

Hal Fisher, Elon and Tesla have said form the beginning that the Model 3 will be $35K BEFORE incentives. In other words, if the Fed tax credit is gone it won’t make a difference.

kcheng | 18 februari 2019

Doubt that the $35k base model is coming soon. They don't want to osborne any higher-end sales in Europe and Asia. Once the low-hanging fruit is reaped, then they'll launch the $35k model.

Electric_Sheeple | 19 februari 2019

I wonder if it'd make sense to software lock the MR w/ PUP and sell as a SR w/ PUP, then make it open to be unlocked in the future? I can see the list price @ $38k w/o incentives, maybe?

thedrisin | 19 februari 2019

@JYOinSA. Why not just make SR MR, and LR all with PUP and lock up the battery range? Just one vehicle manufactured .

Electric_Sheeple | 19 februari 2019

@thedrisin - I like that idea even better... Much simpler, and people will range anxiety could upgrade in the future.

It would be nice if you could unlock/upgrade on demand. In my situation 200mi is perfectly fine over 350 day a year. It would be nice to pay to open the full battery (by use) when going on road trips, etc.

Nexxus | 1 maart 2019


I'll color you surprised, as of yesterday's announcement that Tesla will start selling the SR Model 3 immediately and all sales will be online and not through stores instead of by Q4.