We all know about ICEing at Super Chargers. But what about EVing?

We all know about ICEing at Super Chargers. But what about EVing?

In two days I have seen two different Tesla cars parked at super chargers not even plugged in. In both cases there were parking spots 10 feet from where the car was parked.

Is this the new ICEing? Parking a Tesla in a super charger spot and not charging?

TranzNDance | 25 februari 2019

Was it possible that the drivers believed that it was courtesy parking rather than for Supercharging? In the early days of EV cars in Bay Area, before Tesla, the spots looked like special parking for EV as opposed to being used for actively charging.

SCCRENDO | 25 februari 2019

@reed. Just because one owns a Tesla does not exclude one from being an entitled jerk. That we except others to extend courtesies to us suggests that we should all be more considerate to others.

jimglas | 25 februari 2019

Perhaps they had been charging but unplugged to avoid idling charges and were too lazy to move. Not an excuse, but a possibility

SCCRENDO | 25 februari 2019

@jimglas. An excuse and a lame one at that. To me it is a selfish lack of consideration.

jimglas | 25 februari 2019

@SCC Agreed, but seems more likely than a tesla owner simply blocking a charger

Yodrak. | 25 februari 2019

"Perhaps they had been charging but unplugged to avoid idling charges and were too lazy to move. "

Possibly, if there were alternate parking spots only a few feet away it was an incredible feat of laziness and lack of consideration for others, the drivers having already left what they were doing in order to walk out to the car and unplug it.

OP - in the situations you observed, how full were the charging spots? Were there chargers available for other users or no?

SCCRENDO | 25 februari 2019

@jimglas. You have more faith in Tesla owners and humanity than I do. Look at all the trolls that frequent the boards. Perhaps they are the supercharger blockers.
@yodrak. Whether the chargers were full or not is irrelevant. They can fill up pretty quickly.

I was recently at the Village Inn in Mammoth. There were 4 Tesla HPWC charger slots. One was iced, one was occupied by a Tesla and 2 were empty. I charged up from close to empty and moved my car when done. The Tesla was parked there for at least 48 hours and although plugged in was never charging. The rest of the parking spots had 1-2 ICE vehicles there throughout my stay.

Mike83 | 25 februari 2019

@SCCRENDO Sorry to hear about that problem. We decided to skip Mammoth this year on our road trip. Hope they remedy the issues as they won't get my patronage till it is fixed.

Tesla2018 | 25 februari 2019

@Screendo How do you know that the car wasnt moved and that they plugged in again and parked at the same spot? What I cant figure out is how some evs are parked all day in one area and no one is in them. I can see it at shopping centers but there is an ev charging station hidden in the back of a town parking lot. I stop by when I have to take an extended lunch since it is near some fast food places but not really within walking distance.
Kept seeing a Ford hybred plugged in but saw the owner ger out and go into the town hall so he is an employee. A bmw i3 stops at lunch time and charges. Also a Mercedes SUV which is electric also stops by and charges during lunch. However I keep seeing a Tesla park there all the time with no one in it, so I'm wondering where do these people go when they leave the cars to charge all day. Do they have someone drop them off and leave their cars there for hours to charge? You would think most people would need their cars during the day so I'm just wondering why they're just left in places unattended for so long.

SCCRENDO | 25 februari 2019

@MIke. I wasn’t referring to the supercharger but the HPWC at the Village Inn. I have charged at the mammoth supercharger a couple of time quite successfully. But it does fill quickly.
@tesla2018. I am not going to expend much effort explaining but trust me the Tesla was not charging over the more than 48 hiours it was there. If you have ever used an HPWC you would know that the green light moves when it is charging.

reed_lewis | 26 februari 2019

At the two locations I observed this behavior, there were other spots available, but in my mind the spots are to be used for charging, not parking. What if additional people arrive?

The good thing is that the shared port which was open is guaranteed to have full power!

SCCRENDO | 26 februari 2019

Why is anyone on this thread defending antisocial behaviour. Charging resources are still limited to some degree. Everyone is entitled to charge as needed and then move on. Those who break or bend these rules are antisocial jerks.

jordanrichard | 26 februari 2019

Even when charging locations are as numerous as gas stations, it is still not kosher to be taking up a charging spot. I have seen it in MA when within 10 mins 4 more Tesla's arrived to charge up. So there is no telling how quickly the stalls get taken up.

Yodrak. | 26 februari 2019

"@yodrak. Whether the chargers were full or not is irrelevant. They can fill up pretty quickly."

Chill dude, I was simply trying to get a better understanding of the situation.

I'm known as the EV Vigilante at my workplace where there are many more EVs than charging locations, and many of my fellow EVers who drive early Leafs, Volts, and other hybrids, who arrive early, leave their cars plugged in until they leave at 3:00 pm even though their cars were fully charged by 10:00 am. I fully understand where the OP is coming from.

reed_lewis | 27 februari 2019

Where I work, we have four charging stations in our garage. The good thing about these is that they are Chargepoint ports, and after 4 hours the charge per hour goes to $2.50 per hour. Very few people leave their car there all day.

SCCRENDO | 27 februari 2019

@reed_Lewis. That is why they need to charge for the charging. (Pun intended). People tend to abuse free.
@Yodrak. Sorry you work with so many jerks.

Yodrak. | 27 februari 2019

"People tend to abuse free."

"Sorry you work with so many jerks."
Me too. When I'm lucky enough to get a parking spot within cable-length of a charging spot I'll let my own inner jerk free and unplug them when they're fully charged.

reed_lewis | 27 februari 2019

As to abusing free... In Acton, MA they installed a J-1772 chargers behind the Town Hall which were rated at at least 80A at 240V. There were people who lived nearby who used this as their daily nightly charger. Because of this, they set the amperage to 6 Amps, and it is only enabled now when the town hall is open. This is the perfect example of how EV drivers are sometimes inconsiderate.

reed_lewis | 27 februari 2019

In my office's garage, it works out perfectly. There is a group of people who park at the ports in the AM, and there is a different group who uses them in the PM.

The bad thing is that there are 10 parking spots, but only four ports. I wish they could put in either four more Chargepoint ports, or perhaps four Tesla HPWC.

SamO | 28 februari 2019

Most Superchargers are 30 minute general parking

SCCRENDO | 28 februari 2019

I suspect we are talking about chargers that are not General parking

reed_lewis | 28 februari 2019

Every Super Charger I have seen in Mass, NH, Maine is only Tesla parking. The only place I have seen where general parking is allowed is on the Merrit parkway in CT where there are four super charger spots. Other than that every one in CT is Tesla charging only.

SamO | 28 februari 2019

And yet . . . most Superchargers are general parking, notwithstanding the status of the Superchargers in proximity to any individual.

SCCRENDO | 28 februari 2019

@Sam0. You likely have far more supercharger experience than me. But I have seen superchargers with 1-2 spots for general parking but have never seen one where all spots are for general parking.

jerrykham | 1 maart 2019

So this "EVing" isn't just a Tesla thing. At the Livermore, CA Supercharger there are also 10 Electrify America chargers. I was there about a month ago and all ten EA spaces were taken. By what you ask? No, they were not ICEd. Every one of them was taken up by either an EV or plug in hybrid and not one was plugged in. They couldn't have plugged in if they wanted to because these are CCS chargers. A Bolt could have plugged in. But the vehicles there were plug in Priuses, several Leafs (and not in the single Chademo spot) a Ford Fusion, etc. Nothing that could have actually plugged in where they were parked. And if a Bolt wanted to use it? Yep, not just the Tesla spots get "EV'ed".

SCCRENDO | 1 maart 2019

I think we all need to realize that human beings are selfish. And indeed this has become far worse over the last 2 years. We need to all set examples to others by trying to behave in unselfish ways.