Model 3 Software Updates

Model 3 Software Updates

Can anyone tell me when the last software updates for the Model 3 were sent.

I don't believe I've received any updates in a month or so.

Thanks, Diana

CharleyBC | 26 februari 2019

Diana, the 2019.5 series of updates went out earlier this month, but so far. According to the Stats app, about a quarter of cars have it so far. Most of the rest--like you and me--are on 2018.50.6 from a couple months ago.

CharleyBC | 26 februari 2019

(sorry about the period that was meant to be a comma)

jvcesare | 26 februari 2019

Just got it yesterday

frankye2000 | 26 februari 2019

got 2019.5.4 two days ago at SF bay area. Has anyone tried out if blind spot warning chime works? some user said in earlier post that it doesn't work.

EVRider | 26 februari 2019

The blind spot chime is supposed to be triggered when you ignore the blind spot warning red lines and try to change lanes. You won’t hear it if your navigation volume is muted or too low. At least one user reports that it works, others say it doesn’t. I don’t have the update yet so I can’t say who’s right.

holgerv | 26 februari 2019

2019.5.4 received in Orange County, CA on 2/23.

almat | 26 februari 2019

Received update two days ago (Henderson. NV).

TeslAnh | 26 februari 2019

My home router just shown the car download about 5G worth of data but I still have not gotten a message from the app that there's an update.

Aridala | 26 februari 2019

Nada here in Atlanta. Like waiting for a phone update, drives me nuts.

teddy.tseng | 26 februari 2019

I thought Tesla put on hold for this new update, some bugs reported by users.

lbowroom | 26 februari 2019

I would like the chime to occur as soon as I turn my indicator on if there's a car in the way, not when I'm on my way into the lane. Wouldn't most people?

patpeke | 26 februari 2019

Adaptive cruise control is more "twitchy" than before - it's not a comforting feeling. The Pole Position game is gone. Gone. My nephews loved it. Now it's gone. Sheesh. Sentry mode and Dog Mode are awesome. The map STILL zooms in and out - completely out of my control - Tesla, FIX this, please. The blind spot warning chimes are pretty non-existent. Radio keeps switching to Adult Hits (TuneIn, apparently) when I leave the car. Why can't the system stay fixated on whatever channel it was on when I was last driving in the car? Otherwise- very cool.

frankye2000 | 26 februari 2019

@Ibowroom, agree! It is a little too late when starting changing lane while there is a car at the blind spot. @Patpeke, the above post mentioned about "blind spot warning chimes are pretty non-existent". What does this mean? can you elaborate?

nhunguyen | 26 februari 2019

still 2018.50.6 in San Jose, CA.

Pepperidge | 27 februari 2019

I just updated from 2018.50.6 to 2018.50.6... It sounds like 2019.5.4 has some issue.

Syed.Hosain | 27 februari 2019

Just checked. I am at 2018.50.6 in San Jose, CA as of Feb 27th.

Kevin.Tesla | 27 februari 2019

I'm also at 2018.50.6 (San Jose, CA) as of today. We just have to wait and nothing else we can do, right?

I'm looking forward to new security features though.

Neomaxizoomdweebie | 27 februari 2019

Well, according to Stats App the 2019.5.4 rollout is at a dead stop. Been sitting at just under 25% of users on the new firmware for well over 24 hours. I wonder what’s up with that?

disapr | 28 februari 2019

2018.50.6 here too in Houston, TX. I'd like the new software but at this point there must be an issue or two that they are ironing out so I don't mind waiting.

spuzzz123 | 28 februari 2019

I got a 5 GB download 2 days ago but no install notification yet.

derrick.jackson73 | 28 februari 2019

I noticed that 5GB download as well. I think I read something that said 2019.5.4 is ~750MB (may not remembering correctly). If it's not the Sentry Mode update I'd love to know what the large data download is/was.

That being said, I'm guessing it was sentry mode but before I was alerted that the update was available they found an error and are able to stop the update even though it's been downloaded. Again - only guessing at this point.

Pepperidge | 28 februari 2019

I got firmware update notice while my car was at Tesla SC for warranty repair (front strut). I started update after SC noticed me that my car is ready to pick up.
Firmware updated from 2018.50.6 to 2018.50.6...... :(

disapr | 28 februari 2019

My car also downloaded 5.44GB on 2019-02-21

Historically my car has downloaded three ~5GB downloads.
5.77 two days after bringing it home
5.49 later that month (9/18)
5.44 GB a few days ago.

All other significant downloads (8 to date) have been between ~350MB and ~800MB with the largest being 794.74MB on 2018-10-27

I think that these larger downloads are either maps or AP data, but I am setting up an alert so that I can try to track any differences to the car right when these large downloads happen.

michael.quicquaro | 28 februari 2019

How can you tell the size of the downloads?

derrick.jackson73 | 28 februari 2019

I checked via my router's phone app.

iflatow | 28 februari 2019

For those of you who have received the 2019.5.4 update, how much of the update will affect cars that do NOT have Enhanced Auto Pilot? What features will not work? Thanks

patpeke | 28 februari 2019

@frankye2000 - the blind spot warning chimes are pretty non-existent was a bad choice of words. Just "non-existent" would suffice. Another issue- the maps have no offline capability (navi) -and it's worse after the update. I live in the Long Beach CA area (pretty well mapped I might add) and the navi pretty much wiped out any detail as I drive thru Belmont Shore yesterday - never had happened before. Tesla- please give us downloadable/offline data mapping for those instances where the data feed craps out, please!

Kef | 28 februari 2019

Blind spot warning chimed at me once since download. I was signaling a lane change and started to drift towards the line. I hadn't even crossed into the other lane. I guess I'm in the minority but I thought it worked pretty well.

tongelmonte | 19 augustus 2019

I bought my model 3 from third party private owner. I did not get any update, do I have to register with Tesla before I can get the updated?

EVRider | 19 augustus 2019

@tongelmonte: It doesn't matter who's listed as the owner for getting updates, but you should definitely have Tesla transfer ownership to your account (it doesn't happen automatically). Until they do, you can't access the car from the mobile app or web site.

Being connected to WiFi will get you updates sooner than LTE, and if you don't have Premium Connectivity, WiFi is required. Which software version do you have now?

Devilstower | 20 augustus 2019

While deployment of 2019.28.1 stalled out after being rolled to a significant percentage of the base, 2019.28.3.1 looks as if it's gathering steam to be the real "general release" that would replace 2019.24.4.

It rolled out to a fairly large number of early adopters, held steady for a few days, and is now being deployed on large numbers of cars of all types, including HW 3 versions of the Model 3. Don't be surprised to see an update for this if you're not already on this version.

EVRider | 20 augustus 2019

Got 2019.28.3.1 on the Model 3 today, got it on the Model S on Friday.