Beware buying Sentry mode

Beware buying Sentry mode

I have a 2016 (December) model S 90 D. I decided to get the Sentry option. I have run into several issues and I hope this will help other avoid the problems I have had.

First they want you to tell them what headliner you have so they can match. I have a tan interior with a dark headliner. The options they give you are somewhat confusing because you first think you should choose the Dark Headliner but if you choose based on when the car is manufactured you will get the wrong color. I figured that since they know your car and they have all your info they will catch the problem if you choose wrong. Well I chose based on the car being manufactured and I got the wrong color. So now after driving 100 miles to get the module installed I have the option to reorder or install the wrong color. I decided to go with the wrong color rather then take another trip.

Next I have a Dash Cam that I installed using the connector that was unused in the panel above the rear view mirror. I bought a connector to avoid splicing wires as was suggested on these forums, which I agree is a good approach. Tesla will only unplug the connector and then plug in the module rendering the Dash Cam without power and now I have to figure out how to hook it up, probably by splicing the same wire or finding a T connector if available. I asked them to do that for me but they refused citing they are not allowed to modify after market installs because of liability. They said that if the cam causes a short and it damages the electronics they would be on the hook.

So third issue which is not directly related to the sensor option but if you wire a Dash Cam into you Tesla you are running the risk that if the Electronics malfunction it may be blamed on the Dash Cam. BTW it does not have to be because of a install issue, as the Tech said it could just be because the camera added load to the circuit. Since my car is out of warrantee I guess it does not matter for me but thought I should pass this info along.

So if you are thinking of getting this option factor this into your decision. | 28 februari 2019

@bill good notes on the color. No problem for me with Tan interior, as I had the tan headliner.

You have confused various feature names. Sentry mode is a free feature being rolled out to HW2.5 cars. There is an Enhanced Anti-Theft which is sold for $350:

Prior to my enhanced anti-theft install, I made and documented how to make a cable to connect a dashcam and the enhanced module without any cuts to Tesla wiring:

Since it's a snap to remove the dashcam connection, it's easy to prove there is no effect to the car. It's really not something I've ever worried about anyway. The enhanced module is on a 5 amp circuit, and it really doesn't take much power, nor does any dashcam I've seen.

jvaz602 | 15 juni 2019

Quando entro dentro do meu carro ao liga-lo o painel está desligado.
fço resete no dois botoes scroll e volto a ligar. Aí trabalha e aparecem os dados no painel. Saio do carro passado 5 minutos está igual. O que devo fazer?
terei de desligar alguma função?

kerryglittle | 16 juni 2019

^ what he said. What did he say? LOL.

carlk | 16 juni 2019

I couldn't under a single word he says. Yes @jvaz602's too. | 16 juni 2019

Here's google translate of @jvaz:

When I get inside my car when I turn it on, the panel is off. I reset the two scroll buttons and I'll call again. There it works and the data appears on the panel. I leave the car after 5 minutes is the same. What should I do? Do I have to turn off some function?

Not exactly sure what is begin asked.

barrykmd | 16 juni 2019

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bill | 16 juni 2019

What does that have to do with the original topic?

Nexxus | 17 juni 2019

Remove your USB drive from the console everytime you exit. Won't happen again.