Tesla Model Y First Spy Shot

Tesla Model Y First Spy Shot

CC396 | 7 maart 2019

OMG! This need ATTENTION! +1

Definitely something else. Have the Model X headlights, but have the same nose as the 3 (missing the radiator gap on the X). Seems legit, but not sure what to think of it yet. Need other angles as well. A bit disappointed, seems like a blend / mix of X and 3 without putting much work into a unique design, but maybe the design will grow on me like the 3. Need other angles first, but seems legit :)

rxlawdude | 7 maart 2019

Looks like a character in Cars.

lilbean | 7 maart 2019


jimglas | 7 maart 2019

I like the 3 better so far | 7 maart 2019

Looks more like clickbait with a picture of the front of a stock Model 3, perhaps with European headlights. Without a side view, it's rather a useless. Might even be an old Model 3 prototype. How anyone can show a Y prototype without a back or side view is really questionable.

jordanrichard | 7 maart 2019

Unless this picture was taken in a mirror, this is a photoshop job. The vehicle pictured is right hand drive plus there is w superimposed word on the picture that appears to be German. Also, why does it have white mirrors?

kcheng | 7 maart 2019

German? FerD fanpage? I guess.

Clearly photoshopped. You can see it in the headlights. Where the Model 3 lights would have started, you can see how they filled in some red.

DaMasta79 | 8 maart 2019
DaMasta79 | 8 maart 2019
reed_lewis | 8 maart 2019

It is photoshopped and not real.

jordanrichard | 8 maart 2019

Though presumably non of us here, to include the OP are journalist, but we should first verify something before just putting it out there with a "headline" that has a factual tone to it.

jimglas | 8 maart 2019

Well done @DeMasta79 | 8 maart 2019

Good catch DeMasta. Thought it looked fishy. That source photo you referenced might also be photoshopped. Never seen an S or X with white mirrors on a red body.

sbeggs | 8 maart 2020

Flag em bag em!