Looking for a retractable charger for my upcoming purchase of a Model 3. Any suggestions?

avhkavhk | 10 maart 2019

Please help | 10 maart 2019

Not sure such a device exists. Tesla showed a prototype robotic retractable charging cable a few years ago, but has said nothing since.

Rather minor, but the charger is inside the car. Outside the car is your Mobile connector, the High Power Wall Connector, or perhaps an EVSE to use your J1772 adapter. None of these are chargers. It's a common misconception.

EVRider | 10 maart 2019

It's not clear to me what you're looking for -- what are you trying to accomplish?

jordanrichard | 10 maart 2019

The retractable mechanism is your arm.

eliels | 10 maart 2019


avhkavhk | 10 maart 2019

I want my cable to be attached to the ceiling in my garage so I can pull it down to plug in and have it retract when I’m finished.

Yodrak. | 10 maart 2019

It's not easy to coil the gauge of wire that's required for a 30 amp or more charging set up. I doubt you are going to find what you're looking for.

In any case it isn't the charger that's going to retract, since the charger is in the car and the EVSE will most likely be mounted on a wall. As you correctly stated in your second post, it's the cable that you want to retract and the cable you need to use is too thick and stiff.

jordanrichard | 10 maart 2019

Why go to such lengths to get the cable out of the way, hanging on the wall doesn’t take up any real space. Also, I don’t know that it would good for there to be constant pulling pressure on the handle while it is plugged into the chargeport.

GHammer | 10 maart 2019

I dont know of any ready made solutions but several people have rigged up their own.
Google search for more.

NKYTA | 10 maart 2019

A hook and a clamp work fine for me, after the electrician installed the NEMA 14-50 upside down. Six years+.

Earl and Nagin ... | 10 maart 2019

Here are some cable management options from the granddaddy of EV chargers:
Not that a truly retractable cable is potentially inadvisable because, unless a charging cable is fully uncoiled or very over-rated for the current, it may have the potential to overheat.

Xerogas | 10 maart 2019

@avhkavhk: you know that retractable cable that attaches to gasoline pumps, about halfway up? That’s what you’re looking for, not some way to make the actual UMC thick cord itself coil up.

alsf2 | 11 maart 2019

What you're looking for could be done by any electrical contractor. It would have to be a custom solution made for you. Won't be cheap, but with enough cash anything's possible. Just a quick search on the recommended electricians page in the tesla shop for wall chargers in my area, I found a contractor photo that looks exactly like what you want. It's a UMC plugged into an overhead NEMA-1450 into a retractable reel for the cord. Just what you want!

BossHoss | 11 maart 2019

Using a retractable Extension Cord attached to both my Garage Ceiling and my Tesla Charging Cable, I very inexpensively got rid of the trip hazard and it is very quick and easy.



BossHoss | 11 maart 2019

Using a retractable Extension Cord attached to both my Garage Ceiling and my Tesla Charging Cable, I very inexpensively got rid of the trip hazard and it is very quick and easy. | 11 maart 2019

Looks like alsf2 and BosHoss found some good solutions!

jimglas | 11 maart 2019

whats the advantage over just having a coiled on the wall?

nothotpocket | 11 maart 2019

There's one company I know of that makes a retractable cord charger, and it's well over $1k so I don't think they sell too many of them. Heat is a big risk if the charging cord is ever used while wound up.

What many people do is to mount a retractable cord reel to the garage ceiling, and then attach the EVSE handle to the end of the extension reel. Here's an example that works well. It's actually an extension cord, but that's not important.Really it's just being used as a rope.

johnse | 11 maart 2019

I needed to share my Clipper Creek EVSE with two cars. I moved from a house where I had installed it on a post in the center of the garage to one with a single double-wide door and no center post.

I looked for inexpensive pre-made solutions, found none. So I had the electrician mount the EVSE above the center, and mounted a series of pulleys in the rafters. These go to weights hanging at the side wall. Using 4 to 1 mechanical advantage, the ropes allow the cable to be fully extended in any direction with the weights only traveling about 4-5 feet. I also attached a loop of cord where the first rope attaches. I put the handle through the loop very near the car. This prevents any strain on the connectors and there is much less than at Superchargers (those are heavy, short cables).

There are some pictures of my installation at!AgZLokwPiJt3k6Madhg-AlZ-a6wqLg

To figure out the weight needed, I used 5 gallon buckets attached as the weights, then filled them with water to get the balance I wanted, then weighed them. Turned out to be 16-18 pounds (effective 4-4.5 pounds at the cable). I then bought used weights at a used sporting goods store.

danielwattm0821 | 13 februari 2020

I'm using a retractable exentsio cord. It was attached to the Garage Ceiling and Tesla Charging Cable.

thisisthomasmore | 19 februari 2020

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