A Busy Day At The Cabazon Supercharger Location

A Busy Day At The Cabazon Supercharger Location

Shades of Thanksgiving weekend appeared at the Cabazon Supercharger location on Monday evening. There were 15 charging stalls available for use (one being out of service). I pulled in for a quick topping off before heading back home. All 15 stalls were in use with another 12 vehicles in line waiting for their turn. I decided against the top off and made it home with 10%

The most likely reason for the heavy traffic is the BNP Paribas tennis tournament at Indian Wells. The Supercharger location in Indio was similarly busy according to the map, but I don't know whether there was as much of a line. Cabazon is the largest location between the desert and all points in Southern California, so it is the most logical spot to recharge. I guess it's just another indication that EV adoption by the masses cannot afford to happen too quickly; we still need infrastructure improvements such as V3 before expecting the EV revolution to be successful.

Uncle Paul | 13 maart 2019

That location, right next to the high end Outlet mall is a super convenient place to get a charge.

Many plug in and wander the mall. Lots of discount shops and places to grab a bite.

You are correct about the big match at the Tennis Gardens. Everybody comes out at the same time and grabs some electrons on the way back to LA. Think the main stadium seats 10,000 people, plus the smaller venues.

jordanrichard | 13 maart 2019

I am willing to bet that a fair number of those charging/waiting to charge probably could have pressed on, such as you did.

Also before people start spouting off about how Tesla needs to fix this, go to your local Costcos on a Friday or Sat and see the long lines at the gas pumps.

carlk | 13 maart 2019

Will it direct you to the most suitable Superchager, with availability in mind, if you use nav to go to your destination?

lilbean | 13 maart 2019

My least favorite supercharger. Pine trees drop sap on cars.

NoMoPetrol | 13 maart 2019

Unless your battery is at 10% or less it makes sense for those headed into LA/San Fernando Valley to push up the hill another 10 miles or so at which point you can practically coast on the 60 into Riverside or the 10 into San Bernardino and get a charge there.

Earl and Nagin ... | 13 maart 2019

Sounds like the Indian Wells stadium needs a lot of destination chargers.

NoMoPetrol | 13 maart 2019

@ Earl and Nagin: "Sounds like the Indian Wells stadium needs a lot of destination chargers."

Parking at the tennis event is out in a dirt field. The big event is only two weeks out of the year. The Palm Springs area has also developed a few other big events such as the Coachella Music Festival that draws similar crowds, yet the venues are unused for most of the year by any significant volume of outside travelers. It makes for a tough sell. Maybe if Tesla were the company sponsoring the event (instead of Audi), there would be more incentive to accommodate such a reqeust.

rxlawdude | 13 maart 2019

Cabazon is one SC that I will *never* use. Way too much tsuris to get in and out of that lot. As for the nearby Casino, it's aptly named "Moron Go.."

sbeggs | 13 maart 2019

We were there mid Fri afternoon March 1, not too many charging.

Also on the way back to San Diego March 10, 7 am. Very few other cars.

Some slots are easier than others to back out of.

lilbean | 13 maart 2019

+1 lawdude!