I am seriously considering FSD for 3k now that the clock is officially ticking

I am seriously considering FSD for 3k now that the clock is officially ticking

I never purchased the EAP or FSD packages in June of 2018 when I ordered the car.

A week ago, I bought the new AP package for $2000. I have been reading that Tesla will be increasing all their prices (including new FSD offer) starting 3/18/19. So I guess I have until 11:59 pm PST to make my purchase of the additional new FSD for $3000. It is a good deal, especially since it includes new hardware and additional present day features that will make using the new AP package more useful.

I never thought I would consider buying FSD, but Tesla has created present day value with FSD and urgency...

Bravo Tesla...

CST | 13 maart 2019

And, giving it to you for the price of EAP!

M3phan | 13 maart 2019

Good deal for you take it. The reshuffling of some EAP features under fsd are - imo - worth having (Nav on ap, Summon). Doo eet!

windfighter | 19 maart 2019

I'm on the fence as well. I have a daily 30+ minute Bay Area commute on the 101. AP is already really nice, how much better can it get with FSD? Someone convince me! :p

IntelSPE | 19 maart 2019

The way Tesla (EM) is changing mind, I would wait to buy FSD. Once you buy FSD, Tesla will add few minor features for FSD and will come up with Enhanced FSD package to get more money and say that new features will be part of EFSD. I don't see Tesla will be able to bring level 3 FSD features by 2023 even using new hardware.

jeff d | 19 maart 2019

@windfighter, dude you don't even need to thing about it, but which two exits are you traveling that only takes 30 minutes? Use to take 2 hours to/from Mt View to SF. Would have been money well spent back then.
I paid $5K for EAP and now would have to pay $2 more for FSD.... no thanks Tesla.