Delaying delivery lesson

Delaying delivery lesson

Ordered my M3 on 3/2, white on white AWD, 19, AP, FSD and requested a 2019 VIN and an end of the month delivery time frame. After couple weeks of seeing "drafting....contract" status on my account page, I got anxious and called the Tesla store. Found out a VIN # wasn't assigned to me yet, and they probably wouldn't have looked until closer to the delivery date I requested. I told the specialist I'm ready to take delivery sooner and after doing an inventory search nationwide they weren't able to find a matching configuration so the only option was to place a custom order build which now sets me back another month. Sigh!!

So PSA for those delaying delivery, call Tesla for an update if you don't want any unexpected surprises. Part of me I'm excited I'll be getting a new M3 off the factory line, but sad that I have to wait longer now.

Bloob | 15 maart 2019

Hmm, my guy told me they don't do build-to-order anymore, they just build batches of configs and you just wait for the inventory to fill up.

stodio | 16 maart 2019

Keep us updated. Ordered mine on March 9 & still showing the drafting contract. Also, where are you located? Do you guys think if you’re located in the bay area, its faster? Im in san jose so im hoping this would be a less of a wait. The site says within 2 weeks for the mid range black i got.

frederic.simon.... | 19 maart 2019

Ordered my model 3 Midnight silver LR AWD on march 8. Still waiting for a vin or delivery date or any kind of info.
Hopefully it does not take too long, hoping to be able to ride in it in mid april for my vacation. So much for the 2 weeks delivery.

gballant4570 | 19 maart 2019

BTW, a 2019 VIN is quite meaningless.....

k2012 | 19 maart 2019

the white on whites are more rare and will be a custom factory line. My DA told me to check back in a week.
I ordered my white on white MR M3 on 3/7/19

Sky Pilot | 19 maart 2019

I was also told they build in batches. I ordered my LR Blue/Black Prem AP/FSD on the 11th and it's showing my dlvy date as next Monday, this is the 2nd reschedule. If the 25th doesn't pan out, I will be cancelling the order (40 years in supply chain and tired of hearing BS reasons for suppliers not meeting promise dates). I have 3 ICE's and don't really need the M3, but was intrigued with the overall cost avoidance, i.e., gas, HOV lane vs daily fastrak fees.

frederic.simon.... | 19 maart 2019

I found a forum post that was deleted saying that apparently there was no batch of Midnight silver LR AWR produced yet.... Don't know if thats true.

Here is the wayback machine link :

crmedved | 19 maart 2019

I just accepted a 2018 VIN they had on site for Deep Blue w/ white interior, LR AWD 18". I think it may have been a demo vehicle... not sure. Got a $300 discount for it though. There's no difference between 2018 and 2019 VINs as far as I know. I guess it -seems- newer though.

Also, @Sky Pilot, if they match you to a vehicle, they'll keep your $2,500 if you cancel. Just so you know.

jjgunn | 19 maart 2019

gballant4570 | March 19, 2019
BTW, a 2019 VIN is quite meaningless.....
Can't be stated enough.

If you go to a Toyota lot, test drive a car, like it & buy it - do you think it's manufactured in 2019??

No, most likely it's manufactured in 2018.

Bottom's pointless to wait for your vehicle when you can get it & begin enjoying it now.

Sky Pilot | 19 maart 2019

@crmedved, right, no match yet. A match would indicate a near term delivery, and I can live with that.

sahil_udeshi | 19 maart 2019

So ppl who buy m3 now will be getting 2018 model 3 if purchasing from inventory .are you eligible to ask for incentive as Service Advisor in Oakville ,Ontario told us if you buy from inventory I can get any colour I like at no cost.i bought m3 which is coming from Montreal inventory but I was givin 650 discount on price and nothing else

lordmiller | 19 maart 2019

Inventory right now doesn't mean it's a 2018. I found my inventory car last month, it's a Jan. 2019 build. Year doesn't matter unless you're one of those dips who cries if it was made in Dec. of 2018. If you get a discount though that's awesome, get the white or red for free and be stoked!

mrburke | 19 maart 2019

If you look at the Bloomberg M3 tracking site, you will see that VINs are registered in blocks well before production begins. So a 2018 VIN (Remember Teslas don't have model years) may have been made in 2019. You don't know until you look at the manufacturing date on the driver's door. Also there seem to be this misconception that a car mad in Jan 1, is worth more that one mad on Dec 31. Got to love the internet. It makes everyone an expert.

mrburke | 19 maart 2019

I forgot to include the link to the Bloomberg M3 Tracking site

Sky Pilot | 19 maart 2019

@sahil_udeshi: Here's the problem with that scenario. Until you get a VIN assigned, you don't know what model year you're getting (or getting stuck with), and at that point, as crmedved pointed out, you back out and you lose your $2,500. Also, once a VIN is assigned the car is either on its way to the delivery center or already at the delivery center being prepped. Do you think they are going to let you switch cars (for a different color choice) at that point? Nah… As for the measly $650. The current price of a 2018 with 100 miles on it is roughly $52,000. I’m being charged >$55,000 for my (assumed) 2019. That delta is a far cry from the $650 offered. @lordmiller, that’s my problem taking a leftover 2018 model year car – it may only be a month old (using the January delivery), but if the registration says 2018, it’s still a whole model year old and not worth a 2019 price tag. If I go back to 2017 and price out a low mileage unit, it's about $49,000, or ~$3,000 lower than the 2018 price. If you buy a new car in 2019, the perception and expectation is that it will be a 2019 model year car and not a 2018.

jjgunn | 19 maart 2019

mrburke | March 19, 2019
So a 2018 VIN (Remember Teslas don't have model years) may have been made in 2019. You don't know until you look at the manufacturing date on the driver's door. Also there seem to be this misconception that a car mad in Jan 1, is worth more that one mad on Dec 31. Got to love the internet. It makes everyone an expert.
Thank you!

It's a car....not an investment.

Drive the'll be mad at yourself for not buying it sooner.

Magic 8 Ball | 19 maart 2019

Turtles are fun.

lordmiller | 19 maart 2019

Thank you jjgunn!!!

hsandhu | 19 maart 2019

production date does not matter for resale OR warranty. Only in service date matters, ie when the first owner gets a car in hand. Don't stress on production date. Only exception is if the car was used as a demo or showroom model with a few miles on it. In that case warranty starts the day the first owner takes delivery and the miles at which you take delivery.

jeff d | 19 maart 2019

@jjgunn where did you learn this?
>It's a car....not an investment.

A car is an investment, look up the word and its origin.
Something in which someone invests (time, money, etc ) to acquire is an investment.
An investment doesn't mean it has to appreciate in value. That's silly... investments lose money all the time. People invest time in things which never appreciate in "value".

Yu71185 | 20 maart 2019

UPDATE: so got the text today that I'm scheduled for delivery next Wednesday. It's on it's way from Fremont. Didn't expect to hear back so soon... VIN # 192,610. Seems kind of low for AWD manufactured this month?

gballant4570 | 20 maart 2019

All this crying over 2018/2019 sure is getting to be a pain in the azz..... but then I never did suffer a fool gladly....

Yu71185 | 20 maart 2019


lordmiller | 20 maart 2019

Yu71185 you're fine. My VIN is 186xxx and it's a Jan. 2019 Dual Motor

Yu71185 | 20 maart 2019

Thanks lordmiller!

dmitrytrofimov32 | 23 maart 2019

I ordered 3/5, delivery expected top be 3/31 (dual motor). Out of luck.

gballant4570 | 23 maart 2019

Glad to hear a few more Model 3's are in the delivery pipeline! Enjoy your fine cars when you get hold of them. Uou will be grinning for a long time...

ti3t135 | 27 maart 2019

I ordered mine on 3/20/19 at midnight and I called on 3/23/19 to see what is going on because I have yet to receive contract or anything. During the phone call, I told them that I am going through third party and they made changes to the account and I have the check ready for $50,000. The next day, it showed to pay remaining balance before or on day of delivery. I paid it off and received a phone call next day saying that it will be ready on 3/28/19. I couldn't wait and ask to come in today (3/26/19) and was they said it will be ready that same day. Model 3 LR RWD Black Interior Aero Wheels 2019. 6 days! Orange County, CA