Sentry mode time stamp

Sentry mode time stamp

Time stamp on file name shows 1 hour above real time. Time stamp of file's date stamp show 5 hours above real time. Anyone else have this problem?

reed_lewis | 15 maart 2019

sounds like the date stamp is in GMT instead of local time. That makes sense

rxlawdude | 15 maart 2019

Date stamp is UTC. Filename contains local time, but I wonder if OP's example is ignoring or misinterpreting DST. Simplest solution is to write the filename with the time displayed on the screen.

accentcreate | 24 augustus 2019

Sorry @rxlawdude, but UTC? DST? OP? What do these mean?
I'm in Europe and the times on the TeslaCam files are way off even though the car is set to local time.
Can Sentry mode be set to local time so we have a chance to find the relavent files when needed?

Sentry mode seems to be very sensitive so even a couple of hours in busy carpark fills a USB with hundreds of gigabytes of boring footage. Without a USB installed the alarm is also way too sensitive and goes off without any apparent reason, maybe a fly in the cabin or shifting sunlight. A real nuisance.

EVRider | 24 augustus 2019

@accentcreate: OP is the original post(er). UTC is Coordinated Universal Time. DST — I’ll let you puzzle that one out for yourself.

The names of the folders and files used for Sentry Mode video incorporate the local date and time (same time zone your car is using), so you can use those to figure out when the video was recorded.

geotekds | 28 september 2019

My Sentry time stamp is incorrect as well. It is not UTC, but mine is stamped as PST, and I am in CST, precisely 2 hours off. I wonder if there is time offset from UTC that was set in the factory and not fixed locally.

dave | 1 oktober 2019

How do you use Sentry...USB what?? Help out a newbie....I had a message saying I had an event....where is it?

EVRider | 2 oktober 2019

@dave: Start with the manual and Tesla’s support site, for example this: