Rear Camera black for a couple seconds after going into reverse

Rear Camera black for a couple seconds after going into reverse

This started happening after going 2019.5.15. I've not done a post upgrade reboot. I did submit a bug report. I'm not sure if all the words made it across. I did one for something else later, and I saw on the screen it said "but report" and told me to try again. That was for a weird speed limit thing in my residential neighborhood. It wants to go 59 (i'm set to 9 over default) when I'm headed home. When leaving, it's fine and I can set it to current speed when it gets to 18mph. I've done a bug report for that before (on an older release level), so I didn't retry. I remember reading that this thing is supposed to read speed limit signs. Haven't seen any evidence of that...Anyway, sorry to get off topic. Really just wondering if anyone else has the situation where the backup camera stays black for a few seconds before kicking in.

RES IPSA | 16 maart 2019

Happens to me rarely, but has happened. Software is not perfect...

pankaj2000 | 16 maart 2019

Happens too

-TheJohn- | 16 maart 2019

It occasionally happens. It's a bit annoying but usually fixes itself quickly. Sometimes it does require a reboot. Amazing how fast the systems come back up.

jeff d | 16 maart 2019

I don't think it's specific to this software, I've had it happen months ago. Even got a crazy warning and beeps when I was rolling and the system thought I was driving into a wall or something huge.

beaver | 16 maart 2019

black screens have been happening more often in the last month, resetting my system helped.

texxx | 16 maart 2019

Noticed it for the first time after 2019.9.15. Think I'll try a reboot and see if it helps.

texxx | 16 maart 2019

Sorry, meant 2019.5.15

M3phan | 16 maart 2019

Yeah me too. Not software specific. Happens on and off for me since last summer. Not very often but once in a while. Relatively speaking, normal.

smyszko | 16 maart 2019

I noticed this very occasionally in the past, but since getting 2019.5.15 I now see it frequently.

ytr3wq | 16 maart 2019

it is much worse, on my LR. with 2019.5.15.

Yes, I'm one of those Tesla owners who can't backup without stopping, half-way there, to either fight with their car, or to suddenly look around seeming confused. ;-)

wout.brusselaers | 16 maart 2019

Happens to me too since previous update. seems to have improved with the latest update.

andrewsjra | 17 maart 2019

The latest software seems to be the culprit for me. I didn’t have this issue until after the latest update.

stochasticat | 17 maart 2019

I also only noticed this problem after the latest update. 9/10 times it takes the rear camera 2-3 seconds to go from black to working.

bearsfan | 17 maart 2019

+1 on this issue since new software update.

mattgr | 17 maart 2019

Also had this happen once after 2019.5.15. But it didnt last but a few seconds, and hasn't happen since.

texxx | 17 maart 2019

Tried a reset and still the same 3-5 seconds of black before the video comes on. I may have seen this once since I got the car back in November, but after 2019.5.15 it's every single time I shift into reverse.

thomas.husfeldt | 17 maart 2019

I have 2019.4.2 (Hope to get an update soon ....) but I also have seen this -- it is rare but I have it sometimes ..

rambler | 17 maart 2019

+1 since update to 2019.5.15

jim | 17 maart 2019

Since the last update, mine goes black for a few seconds almost every time I put it in reverse. Hopefully the next update will fix it.

pisto234 | 17 maart 2019

Usually happens once a week for a few seconds.

deepak.amireddy | 17 maart 2019


Bruingal | 17 maart 2019

+1 Happening now with 2019.5.15 update

leon2555 | 17 maart 2019

it started to happen with 5.15 update with me as well, at least now I know it's not only me, will wait for the latest update.

teddy.tseng | 18 maart 2019

Happened to me two times, one time I just hit the rear camera button and it went back normal.

jfaubl | 18 maart 2019

Same here since the latest update. Just a few seconds, then works.

eztider | 18 maart 2019

+1 2019.5.15 update fritzed it.

hpn | 18 maart 2019

i'm having the same problem...but it's usually the first time when i either reverse from the parking space..but later driving decide to put into reverse...the screen will be back to normal..instantly

paul | 18 maart 2019

I had this problem also, but it was a lot longer than 3 to 5 seconds. A soft reboot seemed to fix it. 2019.5.15.

canuck55 | 18 maart 2019

same here, after the 5.15 update. just got 8.2 update this afternoon. I will see if this fixes the black screen on reverse for a few seconds

tenfour | 18 maart 2019

on 2019.5.15. experiencing the same black screen while shifting into reverse. i feel like i do experience it more frequently when shifting from drive to reverse, while backing up into my driveway or backing into a stall.

Jeff Hudson | 18 maart 2019

2019.5.15. experiencing a 1 to 2 second black screen immediately after shifting into reverse

canuck55 | 19 maart 2019

follow up to my post from yesterday March 18. Firmware updated to 8.2 fixed my black screen in reverse. Not sure if it is the firmware or the reboot of the system fixed it, but it is fixed. Also, got a performance boost as well. The car feels more powerful on acceleration. I have noticed that display on the left panel of the screen shows more lanes outline when you are driving the car.

lordmiller | 19 maart 2019

@canuck55 Thanks for the update. Do you have RWD or Dual Motor? Us Dual Motor people are wondering about the power boost. Thanks!

Alameda EV Guy | 19 maart 2019

I’m on 2019.8.2, still getting multi second black screen on reverse. Good news is it does appear after a few. LR AWD.

reachtyrone | 29 mei 2019

in the past week, screen will go black when I go into reverse. I would repark and then try again and it would work. Today the screen just froze and didn't go black but touch screen was not responding or giving current information or playing music. had to reboot. Then on the way home, the screen started getting glitichy and skipping songs that it was streaming after playing each song for about ten seconds. Finally, the whole screen reset. This all occurred while driving in city traffic.