Navigation map: how to display it without satellite view

Navigation map: how to display it without satellite view

Got SR+ couldn’t figure out how to turn off the satellite view and only show regular roads. The map is way to busy. I am on the latest software with sentry mode, dog mode etc

pengguan1983 | 16 maart 2019

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Garyeop | 16 maart 2019

Tap right side of map. On bottom right the globe symbol will turn it off and on.

pengguan1983 | 17 maart 2019

Then it may be the new SR+ Issue. I can’t find the globe icon anywhere. I only see the supercharge icon on the bottom right

chrischowut | 17 maart 2019

Same thing on my SR+. Please fix, I find the satellite view difficult to read street names.

insfbayarea | 17 maart 2019

Same issue.

tigerkc | 17 maart 2019

Have you read the owner’s manual?

kaffine | 17 maart 2019

I have to touch the map somewhere to get the satellite button to show up. However since you say the supercharger one shows up but not satellite it could be a bug. To report bugs activate the microphone and say bug report then describe the issue.

davidhdiskin | 20 maart 2019

I think this is not a bug. Tesla is purposefully not allowing the option regular road view option. Please Tesla give us that option.

Rt002k | 20 maart 2019

Looks like Tesla oopsed. They inverted what the partial premium and full premium includes:

Partial Premium Interior Includes:
Standard maps & navigation

Premium Interior Includes:
Satellite-view maps with live traffic visualization and navigation

Rt002k | 20 maart 2019

The way it's worded on the order page, you should have ONLY the street view on the SR+ with no Satellite view option. I would submit feedback via your account page, I find those get the best response.

Pepperidge | 20 maart 2019

I think Tesla removed glove icon on the map for standard connectivity but mistakenly set the default map mode as satellite view.

MyRedM3 | 20 maart 2019

I heard it’s fixed in the recent software update. Replaced satellite with standard maps

AceHBee | 20 maart 2019

I can confirm that SR+ on 2019.8.2 update, the map is now standard maps for daytime and nighttime. Previously, it was satellite-view maps for day and standard for night. Latest update change it standard maps for both day and night.

christian | 26 maart 2019

So to confirm, even though I had and liked satellite maps on partial premium, they've now gone and I can't get them back?

rdavis | 27 maart 2019

@Christian... it is not part of the partial premium package.

ralphfiol | 27 maart 2019

I also have SR+ (this is week 2) and had satellite view only (no option to switch). Yesterday, after 2019.8.3, it switched to standard maps only. I think @Rt002k is right.

yy0603 | 27 maart 2019

I had the same issue, after updating firmware it's standard map only now. I hated satellite view anyways so this is a big plus for me.

brianliyang | 29 maart 2019

It seems like this is something I'm guessing they intentionally left out of SR+. I'm sure enough nagging will get them to bring it back. You can sort of work around this by persistently enabling dark mode on your display (Settings > Display > Dark), but then your whole screen is in dark mode which might not be ideal during the day but it at least gives you the standard rendered map. This is honestly a weird limitation for them to have implemented.

lbowroom | 29 maart 2019

There is no switch to toggle because satellite wasn't meant to be there on the SR and SR+. Don't worry, the next update will take it away.

doper | 16 mei 2019

Does anybody know if Tesla is going to offer a (payable) software update with some premium connectivity, to us Partial Prem owners?

Dodgersfan_38 | 9 december 2019

I have a standard tesla 3 and I’m trying to add the satellite image..enrolled to the premium 9.99 per month but still no satellite image...I did have it during my fist month as a trial but then disappeared and never came back.

tnowinatl | 9 december 2019

On the bottom right corner there are 3 little items (almost hard to see), click the earth button (the circle) that would switch it back to your normal view.

donharvey2323 | 9 december 2019

@Dodger, The $9.99 is for connectivity, AKA cellular LTE data. It does not add features that are not part of SR and SR+.

kimo | 17 december 2019

@donharvey2323 That is not how I believe it works per Tesla's documentation, which basically indicates if you sign up for Premium connectivity, you get all the functionality identified in their table. I know when I took delivery of my SR+, I had live traffice and satelite maps, as well as online streaming functionality.

EVRider | 17 december 2019

@kimo is correct. Anyone who purchases Premium Connectivity gets all the associated features, including satellite views. regardless of the model.

@Dodgersfan_38: I wouldn't expect Premium Connectivity to appear immediately after activating it online. Try rebooting your car. If it doesn't show up in a day or two, contact Tesla.

salzan | 27 mei 2020

I added premium connectivity on my 2019 S and I cannot switch to satellite view. Can someone tell me where or how to switch it to satellite view please .

EVRider | 28 mei 2020

This is in the manual too, but touch the map to display the icons, then touch the “globe” icon to switch between satellite and standard view.