As of yesterday (3/17/19), no more midrange M3

As of yesterday (3/17/19), no more midrange M3

I noticed yesterday that the midrange M3 is no longer available to configure or order on the Tesla website...

schalla | 18 maart 2019

I wanted to order the midrange model before prices increased on 18th (today). I was forced to order the long range model last night as the midrange is no longer shown as an option.

I really do not need the extra range and would like to save the $3,000. I will call support tomorrow and see if they can get hold of a midrange model for me.

Note that Tesla did not increase the price of the models and also did not increase the price of FSD.

jimglas | 18 maart 2019

prices go up at midnight 3/18

Sky Pilot | 18 maart 2019

@schalla : That's interesting. I was contemplating the mid range, but figured if I went with the long range, it would pretty much take me back/forth to work for a week and enable me to make quick trips to San Diego :-) without having to stop to recharge.

donharvey2323 | 18 maart 2019

I got the mid-range in November but would gladly pay $3k more for the LR. Maybe look for used... or trade for mine...

ddorbuck | 18 maart 2019

I have a midrange model 3 that I also picked up in November 2018. For my daily commute and weekend trips its more than enough range and at the time saved me enough cash to get my states EV rebate so it was a win for me. Wife informed me the other day she wants a Model Y so I guess its a good thing i saved a little cash in the past ;>

schalla | 18 maart 2019

Everyone has a different thought process when narrowing down the vehicle they want to buy. Here was my reasoning to settle on the the midrange Model 3...

1) I need a HOV/carpool lane access as I live in Bay Area, CA where traffic moves very slow.
2) I liked BMW 530e as well as Model 3. But picked Model 3 as it is a better value in my opinion (purchase price & maintenance costs).
3) I wanted the Model 3 to have the Premium Interior option (better audio, live maps, power seats). Only midrange & long range models have this option.
4) My commute is 30-35 miles a day and have free charging stations at work. So decided to buy the midrange model as ~270 miles range is enough for my needs.

I do see the value of adding ~50 more miles as my commute may increase in the future. But the final price would also increase from ~53K to ~56K. This is not a deal breaker but something that is bothering me.

Thanks for reading!

rv2019 | 18 maart 2019

I think Tesla has a lot of mid range model cars in inventory. if you are interested in getting one, you should contact them. I ordered long range and the next day they called me and tried to sell what they have in inventory. This was on Sunday.

rv2019 | 18 maart 2019

To clarify, they asked me if I am interested in changing my order to mid range, AWD or Perf models that they have in inventory and ready to be delivered.

Icepucks | 19 maart 2019

I took delivery of a MR end of January. One week later they dropped the price $1,100. One month later they discontinued the MR. Now my car is obsolete?

TeslaWRLD | 19 maart 2019

I’m still waiting for my Mid-Range......

gballant4570 | 19 maart 2019

"Now my car is obsolete?"

Relax - you didn't buy an ICE.....

Hal Fisher | 19 maart 2019

it all makes sense to me why only the mr were offered at the end of last year. Everyone was buying LR and they had MR probably stacked to the rafters.

donharvey2323 | 19 maart 2019

"Now my car is obsolete?"

Now it is "collectable" or "rare"...

Rt002k | 19 maart 2019

"Limited Edition"

Those of us with LR RWD were collectors items for a few months before they brought them back.

jimglas | 19 maart 2019

I love my limited edition Silver P3D-

Rt002k | 19 maart 2019

In a couple years if your MR battery dies under warranty, I wonder if they'll just replace with a LR battery?

inconel | 19 maart 2019

MR for him, MS for her. Perfect!

Bighorn | 19 maart 2019

Lemur from before day 1

alphacompton | 19 maart 2019

interesting thought on the warranty replacement for the battery. They probably would give you a LR battery but software limit it to MR specs. We'll at least have the benefit of charging to 100% without worry.

BTW I just bought the Mid Range Model 3 last Thursday. It's my first Tesla and it's awesome. The mid range is a great deal in my opinion because I was planning on buying the premium interior anyway on the base model but ended up getting additional range as well. I really like it.

MyRedM3 | 19 maart 2019

Alphacompton, I did the same. it fit the bill perfectly for me. Better music system and additional media features alone sealed the deal for me. Not sure if there are any other.

Its Tesla, they can always bring it back if Elon feels the need. I was expecting they would keep a simple lineup with clear differences between each version. Should make it easy for folks to decide:


schalla | 19 maart 2019

I called the customer service number this afternoon and asked about changing from LR to MR. The lady agreed and told me she changed it in the system. I asked for a confirmation email or a change in my online account but was told it is not possible.

I will get a call within two weeks and will be provided more details at that time. Now I just have to wait.

Alley | 20 maart 2019

I tried to change my SR+ to a mid range yesterday and was told I couldn’t. There weren’t even any inventory.

schalla | 20 maart 2019

I just go an email with title "Confirming your Model 3 update". The model is now MR as I requested yesterday. Here are my details:

Mode 3 Midrange
Midnight Silver
19" Wheels
Black Premium Interior
Bay Area, CA