Are break-ins down since Sentry mode went live ?

Are break-ins down since Sentry mode went live ?

I have heard much about break-ins lately. Does that mean Sentry mode is doing its job ?

dmanincali | 19 maart 2019

Break-ins come in waves. My guess is that they're at their worst around the holiday season. Think it's too soon to tell if Sentry is having an impact (although I sure hope it does!).

lunde | 19 maart 2019

Sentry Mode may be having a psychological effect, similar to areas where law-abiding people can carry a (legally) concealed weapon, in that thieves are likely aware that Teslas are now equipped with Sentry Mode, and they cannot tell at a glance whether it is enabled, so they find an easier (less obnoxious) target. The "holiday season" theory also makes sense. We won't know until this year's holiday season, I guess.

bpaul | 20 maart 2019

"Evidence that shall-issue concealed-carry laws may increase violent crime is limited. Evidence for the effect of shall-issue laws on total homicides, firearm homicides, robberies, assaults, and rapes is inconclusive."

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