Posting now limited to verified owners

Posting now limited to verified owners

It’s a pity it had to come to this. It will be interesting to see how many climate change trolls and other clowns disappear from these sites. The only pity is that it may limit the ability fro sincere Tesla buyers to ask relevant questions

reed_lewis | 21 maart 2019
rrjenks21 | 21 maart 2019

Great! Sick of the haters. | 21 maart 2019

Wish Tesla did it sooner. Very rare to see a new question from a non-owner. It's all been asked and answered before, but it is a shame this is necessary in the first place.

I think anyone can still add onto an existing thread. In the last 3-4 months, more spam has attached itself to a thread via a bot. Bot grabs text from earlier in the thead or another thread, reposts and and adds a spam link.

El Mirio | 21 maart 2019

Maybe Tesla could add that search function, seems like the most posted topic from non owners.

Tesla-David | 21 maart 2019

Works for me, tired of the Tesla haters and trolls posting BS. If it weeds out most of them it will be worth it.

jordanrichard | 21 maart 2019

Does that mean as in starting a new thread, or posting anything?

I guess this will force people to actually look through all of the threads instead of asking a question/subject that has been brought up a million times before.

TabascoGuy | 21 maart 2019

@jordanrichard I think just starting new threads has been limited.

I think this will cause more thread hijacking. It's apparent that many do not care to do any research before posting a question.

T35LAX | 21 maart 2019

Does statement "Posting to the Tesla Forums is now limited to verified Owners" mean (verified) Tesla products owners or (verified) Tesla account owners?


T35LAX | 21 maart 2019

Posting two or more topic about same issue is spam too, isn't it?

SCCRENDO | 21 maart 2019

@T35LAX. My bad. I did not see the other post when I posted. But I have some responses so I will leave my post up. Perhaps I am trying to prove I am owner. Because I own a Model 3 and a Model S I could perhaps do duplicate posts.

bp | 22 maart 2019

Next step could be to hide the forums from non-owners or even to eliminate the forums.

Since TMC's forums are better organized, have a search function, and haven't suffered from the problems Tesla has had with their forums, it may be better for Tesla to just shut the forums down.

Unless Tesla is going to actively monitor and respond on the forums - unclear what value Tesla gets from maintaining the forums, since there are alternatives.

jimglas | 22 maart 2019

FWIW: My superpowers appeared this AM